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Author: PjTyrant
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[Unclassified] Top 5 Tanks & Guide!

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Post time 2018-2-21 08:05 AM | Show all posts
PjTyrant replied at 2018-2-20 05:06 PM
alright let me change the topic.

how many times did you back with hylos by putting points on seco ...

coz i looking another Hylos Player
Post time 2018-2-22 12:18 PM | Show all posts

(this is coming from a tank user as well):
1. Despite Tigreal's passive change, it's still not enough to place him on the top 5 tanks as his kit has never really changed anything.  Tigreal becomes a sitting duck whenever a Chou, Ruby (which is pretty much common in the higher tiers), or any mage with an instant stun is on the enemy team making his Flicker+ULT strat rather risky.  He is only good if the enemy is dumb enuf to go full damage team without any CC (I see teams like this even in Epic tiers).

2. Lolita shouldn't be in this list since your statement with her means she isn't really a reliable Tank (needs someone to charge in for her to actually do a thing). Her ULT is also a CC-magnet and loses it's effectiveness if she gets CCed or she pulls it off rapidly.  Lolita has a niche role as a Marksman/Ranged hero counter, but with the the silent meta going "NO MM" in a team (since more often than not, marksman's are a burden because of them being assassin or ganking food), she really doesn't shine that much especially on a Melee-focused enemy team.  She's extremely situational comparing to other tanks you haven't mentioned on this list.  I would also note her lack in the AoE department, she isn't reliable without her ULT when it comes to random clashes unlike other tanks who have their skills majorly AoE focused.

3. Grock and Gatotkaca are even better tanks than those in the Top 4 and 5.
>>>Grock's utility is very good and is a silent counter to Fanny who is common in the upper ranks.  His kit also is very versatile since he can tank rather well when nearby a wall or clear waves and push faster than any tank bar Balmond who is a hybrid Tank/Fighter.  He is also very hard to gank given his CC immunity whenever he is near a wall (which isn't really that hard to achieve in-game) coupled with his ULT, he can actually turn any gank to his favor if the enemy engages without thinking of his damage capability.
>>> Gatotkaca is also a runner up due to his kit being able to force ambiguous set-ups which can easily turn tides if the user is good enough to capitalize on his second skill.  He also becomes a better setter compared to Tigreal as his Flicker+2nd Skill is safer to pull off without worrying of any CC canceling it.  He is also a good counter versus a myriad of physical damagers present because of his passive and it also gives him good lane sustain thanks to it's regen ability.

Regarding skill maxing, I think you should provide options since people have differing playstyles with each hero.  Some like playing safe, some are gank-crazy, some are aggressive, and some love playing mind games with their opponent.
1. Lolita - I think maxing out her second skill so that it counters ranged heroes as often as a possible is better since  it's her bread and butter.  You shouldn't think about damaging people when using Lolita since her damage is nonexistent.

2. Johnson - Which skill to max out is pretty much debatable with him.  If you love playing safe and poking people, his first skill is a to-go.  But, if you like to go aggressive, which really isn't a problem for  him, his 2nd skill is better since it scales in the damage department rather well and helps a lot in pushing lanes.  He can also 1v1 anyone early to mid with a 2nd-skill focused build.

3. Hylos - I find his 2nd skill maxed out plus Petrify is better on him as his damage potential as a tank is rather good as well.  There are also instances where he can 1v2 ganks and turn it against the enemy with this build.

4. Akai - the same reasons as above, you can opt to max out his 2nd skill if you're damage-focused, which is actually great with him.

PETRIFY is hugely gamebreaking when used on tanks who need an extra CC.  I prefer it on Akai instead of him using flicker as he already has a reliable gap closer and can be substituted if somehow, the user failed to frog mark the enemies before his jump.  Same thing with Hylos.

that's everything i have for now.  Kudos and good guide by the way! Loved the detail and effort you spent on providing the photos for each skill.


Err. her first skill isn't an AoE, but rather a single target damaging skill. I don't think Lolita needs 5 melees to counter her. A single Alpha is enough.  Post time 2018-2-28 04:18 PM
All of Lolita’s skill have aoe effect. And she is vary good against all melee teams because 5 people are trying to just counter Lolita which mean Lolita team has advantage.  Post time 2018-2-27 06:03 PM
 Author| Post time 2018-2-22 10:21 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
aAep replied at 2018-2-22 12:18 PM

(this is coming from a tank user as well):

effort without much research. it was based mostly on my opinions, thank you for reading through.

i never really considered getting petrify or skills that have CD over a 100 unless its ghost or flick. its an inconvenience and the affect seemed lacking compared to iron wall, but i can see why it would be great to have it in a team fight when your charging in with gatok especially.

maxing out skills does depend on play style, im more conservative so i max our first with hylos and honestly i can still 1v2 pretty fine without lvling up second, it all depends on how long until the enemy realises its pointless and tries to run to their turret.

you also have to understand that skills CDR lowers as you lvl them up, so having a faster dash for lolita and constant poke that can stun from johnson is pretty good no matter what playstyle you play.

Tigreal i can agree was a stretch, it was either him or franco, but thanks to everyones input im starting to realise how good gatok and grock can be, i just dont own them and rarely see them im my rank matches so i couldnt recollect any good experiences with them, i saw their skill sets and i have played them atleast a couple of times and figured they have potential with a broken kit, like gatoks passive with a somewhat useless first and a delay skill ult, his ULT also gives time for enemies to run thanks to the big circle that appears before he lands but its a good way to charge and break enemies positions, so again a hero who is more ult reliant or so i thought.

grock seemed more like a brute like balmund with a good wall skill for utility, he just seems to fall damage wise late game making him only good at making walls at the right moments, his ult has knock up and good engage sure but compared to other tanks ult it seemed lacking.

anyway i better get this post updated as promised. thank you for the highly detailed input, compared to everyone who replied to this post im probably inexperienced, i did rank up fast but i only got to lvl 30 recently so my experience of the game isnt as long as you guys, i learned a lot and appreciate the replies you guys made.
Post time 2018-2-24 01:55 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Crixce at 2018-2-24 02:28 AM
aAep replied at 2018-2-22 12:18 PM

(this is coming from a tank user as well):

In regards to Lolita.( Lolita main)

If enemy team has more of range damage is when you max skill 2, if enemy team has more  melee damage is when you max skill 1.

If enemy team is split melee and range.

that is when you max a skill out base on hero’s aka if they have a cyc and a fast attacking mm skill 2 will be able to get the stacks max for a powerful blast.  

Lolita max stack blast is strong do not underestimate it

If enemy team has melee heros that has great gap closers  such as hilda and karina that’s when skill one becomes better maxed 1st.  Because skill 1 dash is great at peeling enemies from teammates so increasing the damage from that skill will provide better deterrent to the enemy attacker.( the lower the enemy health the more likely they’ll back off)

Aka when enemy team is split melee/ range max out skills base on threat levels. Or level the skills up evenly.
Post time 2018-2-25 02:27 AM | Show all posts
aAep replied at 2018-2-22 12:18 PM

(this is coming from a tank user as well):

Not agree.. lolita is the best tank out there.. she deserves 3 spot under johnson and hylos for this meta..
1. She has a more reliable lock on stun than the panda does.. sure panda can stun a whole area but he need some additional situation in which you should hit enemy with 2nd skill first
2. As a lolita main, i can say that she can open the war with minion opening ways with her flicker ulti.. and it is very compatible with support talent which add 6% damage for team mate after u deal damage to the enemy and it can be done if u catch enemy with flick ulti..
3. She is more reliable than gatot and grock in terms of CC enemy.. grock dont have cc and by the time being his first skill and ulti become less reliable compare to lolita first skill which deal damage based on enemy hp.. same as gatot her skill unreliable because his long cast time and see how many hero can blink or jump before he even finish his cast..

Cannot argue for johnson he is the best tank right now.. but i think lolita deserve a second or third place in those rank..
Post time 2018-2-25 08:10 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Crixce at 2018-2-25 09:13 AM

Yes Lolita is a vary reliable tank. You can open war with flicker ult or taunt The enemy team range to attack her( poke damage) blocking the damage with shield follow by dashing in and stunning the damage dealer and hitting them with the energy blast.
Opening war with any hero requires awareness, have to know how fast your team is going to react to what you do. Have to know how the enemy team will react to what you do.

Many time I opens war and my team fail to react properly. They’ ll  Be either to slow to react or cack out right during your opening. Hope that they don’t cack out. XD

Here is a tip, for all hero.

Opening war with lord( I normally do this when I play hilda)

Just by attacking lord the enemy has to scramble to get to him.  Which can equal to damage dealers arriving to lord (by themselves) to get ganked.( surprise!!! )
I normally do this strategy to allow for my team to clear waves and / or  to gather the enemy in one location.  Sometime the enemy team won’t even go equaling to a early lord push.
Post time 2018-2-27 03:57 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
ples .really team i ples.
 Author| Post time 2018-2-27 04:06 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Crixce replied at 2018-2-25 08:10 AM
Yes Lolita is a vary reliable tank. You can open war with flicker ult or taunt The enemy team range  ...

that lord strategy is really smart, enemies can hear lord from wherever they are and it does lure enemies to come and steal it, temptation is an easy trick.
Post time 2018-2-27 04:53 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
PjTyrant replied at 2018-2-27 04:06 AM
that lord strategy is really smart, enemies can hear lord from wherever they are and it does lure  ...

Yes and it is a vary reliable strategy.
I highly recommend to this strategy when the games are evenly matched.
Also recommend a mobile team or a team with a lot of cc skills.

I normally start attacking lord while clicking retreat. I believe that is more then enough of a  indication to give your team to understand the point isn’t to kill lord.

My best success with this strategy is a combo of karina and hilda.

Hope you all luck with this strategy( cheers)
Post time 2018-2-27 09:09 PM | Show all posts
i believe Franco is better than Tigreal and Lolita.
when your tank is other : charge, kill all of enemies
when your tank is franco : kill enemy 1 by 1
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