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[Play together for fun] Tank!

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Hello Everyone!
Im A Solo Player and im in Epic Rank
The Only thing i notice is everytime i play,my team keep arguing about Who is gone to be the tank,Every Single game! so i had to pick the tank but the problame is im not good with tanks that why i keep losing :( so im looking for someone who is good at playing tank so whenever i play a game i can play with what im good with,Im trying Really hard to get to legend
when the season ends,i will start practising tanks so i can be good with them

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Edited by Cloudstrella09 at 2018-3-10 05:35 AM

Hi There, Yep that usually happens.. and makes you wanna cry when no one picks a Tank, and the worst part you're on S5 so you don't have a choice. Well, Since you're alreayd using a tank, Why not try practicing some tank heroes on A.I and then once you;re already familiar with the skill, builds and tricks.. try it on classic. who know you might be one of those good tank user soon.. right?
you can actually join our Discord group and I'm sure you will be able to find a good tank user there and squad so you dont need to go solo.
Here's the link: ... 9&highlight=discord

And Im adding a Tank Guide that you can use this might help you: ... d=51520&from=portal

btw, I'm a Tank user myself. Lolita.. =) Enjoy

Post time 2018-3-10 01:01 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
You should start off with Lolita. Tank on training wheels. Then you can go on to the more difficult tanks. Currently I'm having fun with Gatotkaca (but I still can't ser where I'm landing  my ultimate q.q)
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Well lately with some buff & nerf thing, Tank getting more fans like Akai, Jhonson, Hilda, Balmon, Hylos. Not mean to mock u or something but what tier r u on EPIC? Im also somewhere between EPIC 1 - LEGEND 4 but today many ppl want to be Tank by himself without any other ask for it. So that makes me wonder why no TANK on 1st 3 pick.
An advice from me, why not u learn to be Tank. Higher tier require u to fill any role needed & adapt well especially if u solo all the time. I main Tank but lately as Tank become fovourite pick, im starting to learn MM as the last 2 month i find myself stuck to fill MM role. Well today i hav YSS in my card to fill the role when needed & starting to learn Iritel for my 2nd MM.
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Tank list
1. Akai - good mobility & cc. Timing & patient is needed for him to know when to jump & roll
2. Hilda - massive regen. Always try to fight inside bush.
3. Hylos - the most tanky so far with good cc.
4. Gatot - quite tanky with provoke skill. Quite tricky as most skill has delay cast before activate. 2nd skill + flicker is the trick here for easy hit.
5. Jhonson - very mobile Tank that can help team on any location on map fast. Learn on custom AI to learn driving there. If u can drift well, u rock.

Thats the good choice to learn Tank. Try search for a guide here as i & many other hav post some guide here. Maybe 1 of it fit ur play style or u can find ur own style by combining all our build (hybrid one). My last word... Good luck & happy playing^^
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maistral replied at 2018-3-10 01:01 PM
You should start off with Lolita. Tank on training wheels. Then you can go on to the more difficult  ...

I agree with this, Lolita is tank on training wheels. XD
Post time 2018-3-10 05:52 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I would recommend learning Johnson  since he is meta atm. His game play is simple. The only problem most player have is driving and if you want to learn to drive all it take is a few game in custom mode 1v1 with a cd reduction build.

understand gearing
To make it simple  I recommend creating “cook cutters builds”  one that focus on magic damage, one that focus on physical damage and  one that focus on mix damage. After a certain amount of game change the gear but keep it to the cook cutter style. By doing this  you’ll start figuring which item you would want  for certain team composition.

Example  my cook cutter build for Lolita
Magic resistance
Tough boot, Oracle, heart of steel, rose gold, Athena’s shield, cursed helmet.
Warrior boot, blade armor, Athena’s shield, heart of steel, dominance ice, demons advent.
Warrior boot, Oracle, blade armor, Athena’s shield, heart of steel, dominance ice.
( i  only follow my cookie cutter build when my team is destroying . If the game is fairly matched  I try to be geared for the current game.)( I change my cookie cutter builds often)

understand what damage  type  are hero’s
For example
  akai has 2 physical skill and 1 magic skill.
Harley skill  are  magic  but in his passive  he also does physical damage.

understood how other hero’s play.
This is where watching the pro play is important , and I don’t just mean the tank hero, I mean all hero’s.

Also play other hero’s helps as well.

When it comes down too it  when you understand your hero and other hero’s your game play will improve. You’ll know the tricks that hero’s are bounded to use and you can adjust you game play accordingly.
Post time 2018-5-23 11:32 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Not all people can play tank so just add me and I'll play with u...Here's my ID = 167177198
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