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Author: Adrianne
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[Poll] Who have the WORST nerf ever in MLBB?

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Post time 2018-3-14 03:59 AM | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2018-3-14 03:45 AM
I never said that, my point is, a mechanical nerf wouldnt be fun because people wanna try harder h ...

Fair enough.

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Post time 2018-3-14 06:08 PM | Show all posts

Maybe Argus, Tigrael & Mino.

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Post time 2018-3-15 03:38 AM | Show all posts
Edited by DarkoDante at 2018-3-15 03:41 AM
Adrianne replied at 2018-3-13 06:14 AM
I just think her damage should be the one to be nerf and not her energy consumption in the first pl ...

Também concordo que ela precisa ser nerfada no fator dano, mas também se vê necessário o atual nerf na energia, pois o ponto supremo da Fanny era o fato de ela cobrir duas lanes Rapidamente.TOP -----------MID----------- BOT
FANNY <-> FANNY <-> FANNY (Quando ela tinha muita energia cobria duas lanes facilmente)
hoje em dia:
TOP -----------MID----------- BOT
FANNY - OU - FANNY - OU - FANNY (Agora ela só cobre uma lane e parte da selva)


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Post time 2018-3-15 03:46 AM | Show all posts
Ryouva replied at 2018-3-14 02:47 AM
Moskov piercing is still a joke right now,no matter how good the positioning is the piercing won't h ...

Com o aumento na velocidade de ataque do Moskov ele poderá farmar mais rapidamente e portanto crescer mais rápidol. Sem falar que suas habilidades dependem da velocidade de ataque.

Então ao meu ver o Moskov ficará bem mais forte.

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Post time 2018-3-15 03:49 AM | Show all posts
Argus precisa de um buff.

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Post time 2018-3-15 06:59 AM | Show all posts
Edited by maistral at 2018-3-15 07:01 AM
chung2 replied at 2018-3-14 06:08 PM

Maybe Argus, Tigrael & Mino.

Natalia deserves that too.

I don't understand why people are asking to buff something that YOU CANNOT SEE. That mechanic is totally broken in a MOBA type of game.

If anything, they should just fix her ultimate. No buff or anything else needed. As it is now, the ultimate is incredibly and hilariously retarded you're even better off doing a basic attack.
Maybe change that thing to an attack speed effect to make it actually usable.


Where did I ask a buff for her though? I just said hers was the biggest nerf of them all IMO as it made her significantly weaker compared to now. Yes, her ulti is stupid and crap.  Post time 2018-3-15 02:46 PM

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Post time 2018-3-15 03:52 PM | Show all posts
maistral replied at 2018-3-13 02:31 PM
No, the cut cables thing when CC'd. IMO the damage should be left untouched because she's an assas ...

A bunch of weirdos suggested that, not me. Looks fair to me if we're talkking about being CC'ed. My point about the damage is to reduce the damage ratio if she hits multiple enemies, but the damage stays the same when facing one enemy hero. For me, an assasin is dominant on 1vs2 , not 1vs3 or 1vs4.

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Post time 2018-3-15 04:37 PM | Show all posts
@chung2 Nah, I didn't direct that to you. I just keep on reading posts here demanding to buff Natalia to astronomically high levels due to her being 'useless' apparently.

And yeah, the ultimate is crap and is in need of fixing. Who the hell did that anyway, and does anyone still use that? It's so retarded you're better off doing basic attacks


I don't think buffing her is necessary as she's still very good. Yeah. It's only useful if you're minion clearing or killing jungle monsters. Using it in teamfights or 1v1 is a death sentence.  Post time 2018-3-15 06:18 PM

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