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[Poll] Have i been thinking it wrong for so long?

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Post time 2018-3-15 07:39 PM | Show all posts |Read mode
When we discuss about which hero should go mid, marksman is a big NO. For ages, mid laner is the pace controller of the game. They're the one to decide which lane to invade and which lane to gain early advantage and side laner's job is watching enemy mid laner and waitig for team mid laner. When some new players asking me why mm cant mid, I will tell them the job of a mid laner, and the inability to roam as a marksman to convince them that a marksman should not go mid.

However, I have been thinking, am I wrong? Can things be done the other way around? Can mm stay at mid and wait for the side laner to rotate to mid so mm can be fed faster? I think this is actually doable. List of reasons:

1. mid laner will level up quicker than side laners, which fits the "side laner protect mid laner to farm" play style of the team.

2. the length of side lanes are approximately 1.5 times the length of mid lane (square root of 2), and mm cant clear jungle fast early on(especially without retribution), so mm can have more time to clear jungle and dont have to share exp with teammates. Also, when enemy try to steal jungle, team can also react fast.

3. marksman all has good tower pusing ability, which is the  reason why they should be placed and stayed at mid to push the most important lane. A team who lose md tower will lose protection of both sides of their jungle.

4. mid lane has more oppotunities for side laners to rotate and gank, especially with a tank like hylos and johnson who can rush the enemy with the entire team.

5. mm being fed is the thing that the enemy team doesnt want to see. If mm goes mid with good protectiion, he can be fed earlier than enemy mm and have an advantage of more continous damage on the team.

So for example miya mid lane vs cyclops mid lane in a game and both team do 212 team setup. When both miya and cyclops got to lvl 4, cyc started rotate and gank bot lane. The moment he reaches the bot lane, top lane got lvl 4 and went mid lane. cyclops missed an entire wave and the mid tower has only 1/2 hp because 3 ppl are pushing. The fight in bot lane still goes on and meanwhile, the two top laners keep rotating while Miya go back to top to defend the tower and clear the jungle. all mm can zone pretty well except moskov. Meanwhile at the bot lane, becuz top laners rotate to bot also, a 3v2 situation suddenly became a 3v4 situation where miya team gets the full advantage. It can be even easier if one teammate picked johnson.

That is all my thoughts, please let me know your ideas. I actually tried to go mid with Miya in one game and all I got is trash talk from teammates. (Its a classic game) And i will let yall know when it actually works out in high elo games
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Post time 2018-3-15 07:47 PM | Show all posts
Mm can be mid laners but should have to be carefull and watch for the right moments to stike, mid laners cant play like other lane players the most skilled player should go mid lanes even if they use mm then the game will be good if not mm in mid lane will always get to hear trashtalk from team.
Happy gaming

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Post time 2018-3-15 07:59 PM | Show all posts
When Im using mm I'll always be mid laner. or when others use mm I'll leave him alone in the mid.
My reason is:
# mm is range attack, mid lane is good for heroes that can attack from afar. so its also good for heroes like cyclops, lancelot, kagura etc.
# mm is weak, with range attack they can avoid an ambush from the bush and stay safe near mid turret.
# mm position is close to the jungle. so they saves time to level up and gain the golds.
# when the mid lane is safe and top/bot lane need help, they can roam faster.

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Post time 2018-3-15 08:01 PM | Show all posts
Playing Mobile Legends like you play DoTA or LoL.
Carry must know how to be carry.

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Post time 2018-3-15 08:11 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
MM should be in the mid period

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Post time 2018-3-15 08:17 PM | Show all posts
I don't know how you get to think otherwise but generally mm should be mid regardless.

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Post time 2018-3-15 09:12 PM | Show all posts
for me mm should be mid. why? they need to level up immediately since as we all know mm is a mid/late gamer so having them with some one on the top and bot will actually delay them from reaching level 15 and getting more money, example for YSS, he needed to reach level 4 immediately for his last skill and that is actually very helpful, since that will give damage to all enemies + slow effect and will also show all enemies where about...


You'll need to clear 2 minion waves + spinners (Blue buff) in the midlane as well to reach lv.4. Just in the midlane you get the risk of getting ganked early.  Post time 2018-3-16 01:42 AM
I don't agree. Bottom lane - Buy hunter's knife, kill the reaper you'll reach lv.2 (red buff) then clear the minion wave (lv.3), then clear the next minion wave (lv.4). You can reach it very fast.  Post time 2018-3-16 01:40 AM

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Post time 2018-3-15 11:59 PM | Show all posts
i dont think mm mid is a good idea in this meta. here is some of the reason:
1. right now many player (especially Legend+) use early game hero (lancelot, gussion,cyclops,kagura, johnson,etc) to finish game early and avoid late game (15+ minute)
2. mm are the easiest target to gank, especially by lancelot, harley, johnson, gussion and kagura. basically mm are their food
3. if you choose mm, you will be the no.1 target to kill or gank throughout the game (especially irithel, moskov, and karrie. dont be surprised if you are ganked by 3,4 or maybe the entire team)
4. their ganking ability is weak (except lelsley, maybe clint too), its better to place assassin or mage in mid and snowball hard on early game

yeah so in conclusion, the only mm that is good for mid lane is lesley. just threaten to afk if any other mm insist on going mid (but seriously, in my experience if any other mm beside lesley insist on going mid, the game is already as good as lost. the mm will usually get ganked and feed throughout the game)


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Post time 2018-3-16 12:13 AM | Show all posts
i forgot to add this. in mid game, mm is still weaker than assassin and mage. their time to shine is only in late game, where they can win 4v5 or 3v5 if they have a tank, there is no mm on the other team, and they always managed to have good positioning in teamfight

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Post time 2018-3-16 12:55 AM | Show all posts
Lol, agree with Zakiachmad5  
I think mage or assassin is better at mid lane than mm. But most of the match I encounter, the mm basically will go to the mid lane //andleftmewithtop/botlane// *cough. Welp. It's not like mm aren't suitable in midlane... as long as they know rotation or go to top / bot lane for helping/jungling again. Even the mage or assassin will waste their potential if they don't know rotation.

Anyw. Even if I said that...
Sometimes if I chose mm, I'll go mid tho-- if there's no Lance or Kag or Cyc or Harley (or Gossen too)  X"D //eheh. Or no one spamming the "I'll go mid lane" XDD.

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