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[Unclassified] The Innocent Red Hood (Full Ruby Guide)

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Edited by PjTyrant at 2018-3-21 05:33 PM

There was Once a little girl wearing a red Hood, she skipped through the forest with a picnic basket until a big Wolf jumped in front of her, the wolf excused himself for scarying her and asked where she was heading so the little girl told the big wolf shes heading to her grandma's House, the wolf pardoned himself after asking where her grandma lived and went on his way, taking haste to grandma's house to prepare his Sweet meal.

Little did he know..

whats hiding behind the darkness late at night as he entered, was a swift sound of steel CHOP! goes the big wolf's Head as it rolled off his shoulders and onto the floor stopping at the little girls feet, she took his head and placed it in her picnic basket and then she skipped.... to bait another victim.


Hello! Pj here bringing another Scary twist of a guide about the little "innocent" girl by the name of Ruby.

you can find how to Build ruby, a thorough Skill Descriptions, Strategies and more in an organised Layout so scrolling down skipping through to find the info you need is simple.

Ruby Introduction

you must be asking why the heck i started this Guide with a weird fairy tale story, and the answer is simple, that story explains exactly how you should play ruby, and that is by being a psychotic murderer acting like an innocent Prey to bait in hunters (enemy heroes) then easily turn the tables showing them who the real Prey really is.

Let me explain by gameplay sense, at Low HP she baits heroes away from safety then quickly turns the tables thanks to her massive life steal and tons of CC, enemies have a hard time to kill her and disengage or escape so they have no choice but accept death or have their allies to come help.

and even if more enemies show up its pointless because all of her skills is Aoe so she gains more Health the more enemies show up.


Passive: Lets Dance!
with every skill cast ruby has the option to bounce to any direction, with every bounce she gains 10 defence and resistance for 2 seconds stacking up to 3 times (30 total) it also converts Physical life steal to spell life steal and increasing the potency by 125% (Example: 10% lifesteal = 12.5% lifesteal) the increase does not affect actual spell life steal items like BloodLust Axe.

- Opinion -
Lets Dance is why you will never have to worry about tank items and safely build your life steal, she gains 10 Def & Res with every skill, a good mobility to easily disengage AND increases life steal of her items by 125% which is amazing mid to late game.

the only problem is that the def and res buff easily wears off unless You time your first and second skill without spamming, early game its a lot harder since you dont have any CDR.

First Skill: Be Good!
Ruby slashes forward sending a wide medium range Shockwave dealing DMG and slowing enemies hit for 2 seconds, if Struck upclose the Slash triggers twice dealing double the Damage, but the slow wont stack.

- Opinion -
rubys strongest spammable skill, its almost as strong as your ULT if you use it upclose which is highly Advised, because you wont just deal double the damage but also heal twice the amount, so even if your trying to survive and run away if your enemies are up close at your tail, going back to use your first skill upclose then bouncing back will help you gain a lot of health to survive until your skills are up again.

Second Skill: Dont Run Wolf King!
Ruby spins around with her Scyth pulling in heroes caught in the spin stunning them for a short time.

- Opinion -
Rubys basic affective CC, it doesnt deal as much damage like your first skill so using it to heal up will be just half as affective, but it will give you time for your first skill to come up and helps you stack your buff to survive.

you can also use it to pull enemies away from your more squishy allies or disturb enemies who are using troublesome skills.

ULTIMATE: Im Offended!
Ruby Hooks enemies from a medium range pulling them towards her, dealing a good chunk of Damage.

- Opinion -
Ruby's Ult is like Francos Hook, it lacks range but it can pull more then just one enemy so minion block is never a problem.

most of the time enemies will be too scared to come close to you or else you can pull them so most of the time not using this skill just to zone enemies is pretty useful.

but if you do find an opportunity using it in a bush to pull in enemies for a surprise gank or pulling them away from their turrets for your allies to take them is the best way to gain an advantage in game.

If by chance your being ganked, use your ult when your health is low to Gather the enemies up close to use your first skill, you will easily get all of your health back, plus your enemies wont Believe you will use your ULT to pull them closer to you since they believe it will only benefit them.

the trick i use sometimes is ULT, First skill then bounce behind them, their first instinct is that you will bounce back so for a split second they will move away from you giving you more distance, the only  downside is you will move away from the safety of a turret or allies so this trick is only beneficial in certain circumstances.

Max your first skill, you need as much life steal you can get and your first skill will have its cooldown reduced as you lvl it up unlike the second skill.


Basic Knowledge
remember the more enemies there are the more life steal You can get, minion waves will benefit you when you got a bunch of life steal items in your belt, and if ganked you will only get more health the more enemy heroes come to deal with you making it harder if your a fed ruby.

Early Game
Ruby has the weakest early game, she wont do any damage but it will be hard to kill her so 1v2 is still easy if you stay close to your turret, just make sure you let your lane mate understand you wont be able to do much until lvl 4

~ 1v1 ~

the Basic ruby strategy in a 1v1 fight is first skill up close, Auto attack then bounce run away for a second then go back to use your second skill then bounce towards them, Auto Attack and wait for your first skill, Wash and repeat.

you dont want to spam your skills or else your skill will be on cooldown letting your 30 DEF boost wear off.

if your prey realises its a hopeless fight and decides to turn tail, ult them to bring them back and bounce towards their escape route.

~ 1v2-3-5 ~

by chance you are ganked use the same strategy as 1v1

run away, go towards the closest enemy when they dont expect it and use your first skill slowing and gaining your health back, bounce back then run for a second then go back and use your second skill, bounce back and repeat.

if your about to die Use your Ult to drag all of them together (Dont Bounce), First skill then bounce, Second skill and bounce again, Run away, all of your skills will be in cooldown but you will definitely get all of your health back giving you more time.

Building ruby you want to max your CDR and get as much life steal as you can get along with Max HP to go with your natural high defences.

First Item: you want to get BloodLust Axe as your first item since it gives 10% CDR and 20% spell Life Steal, the downside is that the skill passive 125% increase wont take affect, with Haas Claws you get the same amount but because of rubys passive it increases to 25% (plus 12.5% more under 40% HP) so really its about the CDR, if you want more life steal early game get Haas Claws.

- Boots -

Magic Boots: if the enemy team is well balanced so focus on CDR to maximise your Trade Off.

Tough Boots: if the enemy team has more magic Damage for the Res and to lower CC against you by 22% allowing you to continue life stealing sooner to survive.

Warrior boots: if the enemy team is stupid enough to not include any major magic DMG hero.

- Oracle or Gold Rose Meteor -

personally i use oracle to get max CDR the downside is it doesnt have 60 ATT, thats the only downside because oracle gives you just as much max HP as gold rose Passive shield, and the 5% life steal and extra ATT will give you just as much Life as oracles Regain Passive.

so you simply have to decide more DMG or max CDR.



Flicker: Great Utility spell for disengage or engaging to easily use your skills and CC the enemy team.

Iron Will: to survive longer when your skills are at cooldown or when a burst of ULTS and DMG is coming at ya

Petrify: to further CC a group of enemies you pulled with your ULT to chain with your second skill.

Retribution: to easily steal Gold crabs or buffs with ULT + Retri. and gain Extra HP if minions or monsters are nearby when fighting enemy heroes.


Tank with Tenacity, since you wont be building armor and res this will let you survive VS burst giving you more time to get your health back.


As mentioned before ruby is the perfect bait and thanks to Haas Claws, Wings of the apocalypse queen and Tank Tenacity emblem you will be able to survive and recover from under 40% HP to easily turn the tables from prey to Hunter.

the under 40% Affects include.

30% Extra Life Steal (Ruby passive included)

35 Extra Def and Res

40% Extra Def and Res (with max ruby buff and tenacity emblem you get 91 Max Res and Def)

when your team doesnt have much CC potential or when the enemy team has no Stun to stop you from life stealing, best scenario is both.

Overall Opinion
Ruby is a lot of fun, toying and playing with your enemies as they try to kill you is a heck load of Joy, and the climax of entertainment is to easily escape a 1v5 while running across the map until the enemy gives up which is basically why i ended up loving Ruby.

the problem is that while im highly expecting all of it to work out the high expectations blows away by you dying from being too *y.

the problem is Ruby has a hard time getting fed since she lacks DMG, she can deal a good chunk and kill enemies if their stupid enough to keep trying but overall you just chunk heroes and CC for your ally team to take the kills.

and well if ruby isnt fed then she cant exactly do these amazing fits, but she is still a pretty good hero to play thanks to the item synergies
and her kit.

so should you get her?
well shes easy to use but not too easy so mastering her will raise her potential

she is still decent even at high rank

and she is Just a "Gem" to have if you want to regain your respect and enjoy MLBB all over again.

This is all for this Guide, if you got any! Strategies, Builds, and more about how to play ruby Comment Below!

This is PjTyrant
And Thank You For Reading!
 Author| Post time 2018-3-16 02:49 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2018-3-16 01:34 PM
Thanks a lot for the ruby guide. This will help me as a beginner. I got lucky today that i got tyran ...

Thank you so much for reading my guides, i Appreciate the support.

im hoping to find a partner to make a video in custom game to give a more visual Guide on how to use rubys skills, so if you want to help that would be great.
Post time 2018-3-16 01:34 PM | Show all posts
Thanks a lot for the ruby guide. This will help me as a beginner. I got lucky today that i got tyrant reg as my team mate in rank game. Btw really appreciate your works as a guide writer. Thank you so much again.
Post time 2018-3-16 03:30 PM | Show all posts
PjTyrant replied at 2018-3-16 02:49 PM
Thank you so much for reading my guides, i Appreciate the support.

im hoping to find a partner to ...

Sure. No problem.
My id 35746720
Thanks for the invitation
Post time 2018-3-16 06:27 PM | Show all posts
Yes, I will try to use her soon. Thank you. I want to use her too because I am very lucky get free ruby (without ticket) in lucky spin (4 month ago).
 Author| Post time 2018-3-16 06:40 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by PjTyrant at 2018-3-16 06:43 PM
Ar3neKn1ght replied at 2018-3-16 06:27 PM
Yes, I will try to use her soon. Thank you. I want to use her too because I am very lucky get free r ...

lucky *o, i only got natalie skin from 3 free ticket spins from buying diamonds
Post time 2018-3-16 10:08 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Zakiachmad5 at 2018-3-16 10:11 PM

just some additional info and suggestion:
- for early sustain, you can buy elegant gem for its effect (20% mana and hp regen every level up). you wont find this item on prep screen, you have to buy it manually. just go to item shop → magic → Clock of Destiny. It’s a tier 2 item on the right branch
- her passive armor and magic resistance increase every level. At level 15 its 29 armor and magic resistance, can be stacked 3 time (87 armor and magic res at max stack, its like having blade armor and Athena shield as your 7th and 8th item). Remember to always maintain her passive in team fight (dont just spam her skill, give it a delay for about 1 sec) -you can also use flicker for spell, this spell has so much utility. it can be used for gank (hook+flicker if you are close to tower, flicker+hook+skill2 for surprise attack and disable your enemy for around 1,5 sec), escape and pulling enemy backline (flicker in the middle of enemy formation → hook to pull enemy backline, then you can use skill 2 for disabling entire team)
- for emblem you can also use tank's brave smite (5% hp regen when using disable skill,synergize well with elegant gem and have cooldown of 10 sec), fighter's disabling strike (slow for 2 sec, can be used on multiple target and no cooldown so you can just spam it), or support' focusing mark (after you deal damage to 1 enemy, damage dealt by allies will increase by 6% for 3 sec, 6sec cooldown)
i think thats all, hope you wont get bored by this essay

Post time 2018-3-16 11:28 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2018-3-16 01:34 PM
Thanks a lot for the ruby guide. This will help me as a beginner. I got lucky today that i got tyran ...

You can also try using tank emblem with brave smite.
Post time 2018-3-17 03:44 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I skipped al of that lol
Post time 2018-3-18 01:03 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
PjTyrant replied at 2018-3-16 02:49 PM
Thank you so much for reading my guides, i Appreciate the support.

im hoping to find a partner to ...

I main Ruby before on my old account. If you would like, I would love to be your "lab rat" for the sake of the video you want to make.

I play on the original server by the way.

My IGN is [7S] Rexion
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