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Edited by Akre at 2018-3-24 08:50 AM

This season, I climbed from grandmaster all the way to mythic right now so far. A little bit slow but still worthed clebrating. YAYY
Back to the topic, personally, I have seen many players stuck at Epic V and occasionally went back to grandmaster for a while. Epic IV and V is also the place where i struggled the most last season (eventually I stopped at Epic V last season). For some players, after a certain time of struggling, they gave up for the rest of the season and started chilling in classic, and some players even gave up the entire game. Only few made their way out. So im here to share some tips to help yall out the situation asap.

1. Never over-estimate yourself.

As soon as you won a game when you're Grandmaster I 5 stars, as soon as that epic animation came out on your screen, you just went from the best to the worst. You may ask: Why?

Imagine, for ranked below epic, all you need to do is picking those solo carry heroes, kag, cyc, lance, gusion, harley, and fanny maybe or even karina and you go mid and carry like a boss getting mvp every single match cuz you know you're the best. But now, you just hit epic and you're Epic V 1 star and you're in a draft pick mode, your teammates, your enemies, they MUST be better or at least equal to you. This is the time you should stop picking those heroes and adjust your position. You should learn to let others carry you as smooth as possible. Just don't be arrogant. Things you've been doing in gm, they're not working in epic any more.

Try to learn a more supportive role, like a tank, support or a fighter like chou and ruby.

2. Buy ALL Meta heroes

I hate saying that but you have to own all meta heroes. You don't have to learn to use them but you have to, have to buy them. Imagine when you're the first pick and the third pick said he want to use gusion, 70 wr 200 matches. If you dont pick it for him, the enemy is going to take it right away then its gunna be a tough situation. Right now the meta heroes are: kagura, johnson, gusion, and lancelot. The most common first picks in high elo games. So make sure you have all four of them.

3. Don't take grandmasters with you

Just dont fkin do it ok? It does not matter how good they are or how close you guys are, just don't fkin take them to draftpick. Just imagine how frustrated your teammate will be when they see a silver frame in the loading screen. When im legend i still pair with grandmasters in my team and when that happens, it's always a loss. Taking a grandmaster to duo is worse than solo q just keep that in mind.

4. Learn from pro streamers and THEIR TEAMMATES

You always want to watch how pros play to analyse whether you did right or wrong. However, pros are nothing without their teammates. I know a lot of you guys are watching gosu general. He's the best adc in North America, but are you? Not even close. You don't want to mimic what general's been doing cuz you're not at his level yet. When watching stream, you should pay attention to what gosu Miracle's doing. Watch how he peel for general so general can do some amazing things. Next time when a pro marksman player in your team, you should do the exact same thing to prove that you're a legit player. That gives you the chance to play with that pro player in the future instead of alienating yourself.

That's all what i can think of. If you have other amazing tips, please reply below and I will add to the post. Hope it helps


5. Practice before continuing ranking    ----@steven8991

He has a good point. Classic games are there for a purpose. They're there for you to practice. I said before you should adjust your role. To fit in your new role, the best way is doing classic. For example, you are an assassin player and you went to epic with lancelot, saber and karina. You might want to try other roles like mage and tank to fit into a team. You may want to learn cyclops, he's a popular and powerful mage. You may also want to learn johnson and hylos, they are both good tanks. Anyway, go play classic, master most of the roles, and go back to rank and you will do a good job in ranked games.

--------------------------------------------------------------------UPDATE X2-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

6. Never instant lock (Unless you are playing 5 man in voice chat).

Again, just don't fkin do it ok? You have 30 seconds to think about whom to pick and whom to ban, so TAKE YOUR TIME. Even if you really have a strong desire and you are really sure that this hero will be the best pick for both you and the team, still, pick it but DON'T LOCK IT, especially when you are the 1st to 3rd pick. You should listen to what teammates advice you to pick, or whom they want to pick that can be a threat if enemy took it. It is always your choice to either take their advice or not, but still, you have to at least listen to what they say.

Below epic, it does not matter if you instant lock or not, because you can always unlock it and make adjustments. However, in draft pick, once you locked, you cannot undo anything. I have seen even mythic players doing instant lock and i was like... Why are you so impatient? You don't fkin get another star for picking it fast! Last game I was the 4th pick, Gusion and Kag banned, and enemy first pick picked Fanny. I was typing "pick lancelot or johnson or Fanny counter first". And right at the middle of typing, two instant locks, karina and miya. Then the enemy took johnson and diggie and then I knew it was a gg. I can't even pick panda to stop fanny if that fanny was really good. At last this miya went 2/9 and most of her deaths are from fanny and johnson crash. What kind of retarded player will pick miya right infront of fanny? If you really want to play marksman, moskov is a solid pick. Just be patient, think twice and think about what the team really needs and don't act like this retarded miya.
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orangitu replied at 2018-3-28 03:58 PM
For point 2, i smell moneymaking machine here :v

Ekekekekekek zlub

This game is not doing you a charity. F you think 130 k bp is too much, delete the game and go back to Warcraft iii where you don’t pay anything
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I'm about to reach Epic and this will help me a lot, thanks.

Apart from this I have a question what happens if I (GM) invite an epic player to my ranked match (obviously created for me), will it transform into a draft mode or will it be like any normal ranked match above epic?
 Author| Post time 2018-3-23 11:09 AM | Show all posts
PipexHbk replied at 2018-3-23 11:05 AM
I'm about to reach Epic and this will help me a lot, thanks.

Apart from this I have a question what ...

you will be playing in a draft pick mode with teammates/enemies with epic rank or higher. just don't do it
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Yeah i struggle a lot in Epic rank and now i am in Legend V already, thanks to some of my teammates and also hard soloing.
Post time 2018-3-23 11:43 AM | Show all posts
if they're good their rank don't matter much honestly.
Post time 2018-3-23 12:29 PM | Show all posts
when you reach new tier, just practice to become better first. play classic with your favorite heroes. if you often dominating and got MVP in a match, that means you are getting better and have a big chance to step further, at this time go play ranked
 Author| Post time 2018-3-23 12:46 PM | Show all posts
steven8991 replied at 2018-3-23 12:29 PM
when you reach new tier, just practice to become better first. play classic with your favorite heroe ...

good one here, im adding it on the post
Post time 2018-3-23 02:13 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Im agree bringing GM is disaster since most of them only can use 1 or 2 heroes and mostly mm (not tank which very crucial)... i think Epic should be separated with GM in ranked since they are very different imo (legend is epic with better playing knowledge and more versatile, just epic with more advance skill), but GM is mostly n**b right now (sorry to say)... but i hate to say lot of players in epic plays like warrior (as i experienced by myself).. and in thankful reaching legend now, but still some of them cant play well... lastly, bringing smurf GM friend or GM who often in draft pick (has good skil ll but cant climb) will makes you have huge advantage..
 Author| Post time 2018-3-23 02:21 PM | Show all posts
Eileen88 replied at 2018-3-23 02:13 PM
Im agree bringing GM is disaster since most of them only can use 1 or 2 heroes and mostly mm (not ta ...

"lot of players in epic plays like warrior"

Im here teaching them how to play like an actual epic lol
Post time 2018-3-23 03:44 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Banana, this is so true.. I'm an assassin player, and thx to gusion, I make everyone cry in GM, but when I hit epic, things become though because no one want picks tank. I got kicked out of epic back to GM, haha, it still fun, still making everyone crying as I pushed back to epic. Once I reached epic, I bought hylos and win 3 times in a row, now I understand why you need to be versatile with all roles...
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