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[Mod Post] The Land of Dawn Compilation

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This story has been written by a user of MLBB forum user Halbikx. I have just complied all the chapters he has written till now in to this thread, that's all. I am kinda late in appreciating his effort so sorry about that buddy, i have pm'd you and still waiting for you reply lol. I hope others can read the story and appreciate his effort and love for Mobile Legends, and i urge more users to share more such stories with us. (may be in near future we can gift the skins to choosen ones, who knows )


Chapter 1 : Intertwined Beginnings

When this land was created, there was only one purpose, and it was to become God's sandbox for creating life. His experiments brought newmorous weird creatures into this world, but when God abandoned it for a better one, life evolved to create beautiful landscapes and creatures that were never seen before. The first pre-modern entity that roamed the Land of Dawn that still exists today are the Stone Titans. Grock, one of the few stone titans that survived, now roams the land, in search of his now-deceased friends. These stone titans emerged from the rocky mountains of the Land of Dawn, their bodies consisting of rocks, vines, and a special kind of power source that made them what they are today. They had a special affinity for nature, though Grock likes to carry his fortress tower around more. When Grock was hibernating for a few thousand years, life thrived as never seen before, but this brought no good, as his race was almost completely wiped out. Luckily for Grock, he was hibernating inside of a mountain, so he wasn't affected at all. After his awakening, he found a mysterious race of horses with a human body, which were the centaurs. These centaurs feared Grock when he approached them, thinking he was a threat because of his immense size. Fortunately for the centaurs, Grock was particularly friendly and patient. Their leader, Hylos, was going to negotiate with Grock, but due to his huge body and slow talking speed, it was a tough negotiation. In the end, Grock agreed to help the centaurs with defending their home, in exchange for what had happened during his years of hibernation. In the other side, where darkness roamed the dead lands, were where the mysterious race of creatures that could fill spaces with darkness and erasing light out of existance lived. They were said to be extinct now, but they're slowly emerging again, ready to feast of revenge. These creatures were gifted with the power of bringing darkness from thin air, and they had the ability to blink through space as well, making them very dangerous. Even more, they had poisonous tails with sharp stingers that could shoot out and instantly kill anyone, no matter if they were poisoned or stabbed by the stingers. Thus, they became a very dominating force way back then, though nobody knows the reason of their fall and why they went extinct - but that was what they thought. In the two poles of the Earth, there lived moon elves on the north and night elves from the dark south. These night elves were born killers because of their gloomy surroundings. Unlike their friendly moon elves, night elves were very skilled and killing, and they lived in jungles, so they have high skills in roaming and trackking around the jungle. One of the best night elves was thought to be Karina, and she was the best of the best. She had the ability to make herself invincible to attacks, which was an ability that her race had never seen before, hence making her very talented in the art of killing. She also had exceptional mobility, and unpredictable yet strong attacks, moreover the fact that she could become invincible. One day, while Helcurt was roaming the lands, he was spotted by Karina, and was captured, soon being brought to their jungle, where everyone could see the captured little pet. But, what they didn't know was that Helcurt was just as good as them in killing people. So, Helcurt blinked out of the cage and killed more than 5% of the total population of the night elves at the time. Karina, who was just back from her roaming duties, spotted Helcurt again, but this time, it was Helcurt's turn to capture her. Helcurt had two decisions for Karina to decide, either to obey him and become an ally, or to be let free but her race will be executed. Karina, being a loyal night elf, had no choice but to obey Helcurt, sacrificing herself for the greater good of her race. But Karina had other plans. She wanted to gain enough trust from Helcurt so she could be let loose for just a while. This would give her a chance to hide and jump out at him, killing him in a slash of her swords. Helcurt on the other hand, had absolutely no interest in Karina as she was borderline useless when in clear one on one fights. This is because Karina is supposed to be skilled at surprise attacks, not face to face battles. Helcurt decided to keep her anyway, thinking she could be useful one day. When war broke out, they migrated north, making them closer to their fate and leaving both Helcurt's and Karina's race behind. While Helcurt and Karina were migrating north, Grock and Hylos along with his race were journeying south to find a better suited land for both Grock and the centaurs. This is where they met Helcurt and Karina. Even though Grock gave them a warm welcome, Helcurt and Karina had a suspicion due to Grock's huge size. Hylos on the other hand was busy leading his race, but when Karina saw them, she immediately froze, wanting to leave ASAP. Helcurt didn't know why, but he went along with it anyway. Hylos didn't notice Karina, so he never knew what happened just then. Suddenly, a large explosion came from the east, though they were unsure of what caused it. So all of them decided to venture into the heart of the explosion.

Chapter 2 : Chain Reactions

After a large explosion that was coming from the east, Karina, Grock, Helcurt, Hylos and his race all ventured east towards the explosion to check out what had happened. While on their journey, they saw a lot of animals running away from the explosion. They thought that Alice had came to the place again. Though it turns out to be something more different.. When they reached their destination, they sensed a very overwhelming source of energy coming from a laboratory that looked like it was half destroyed. A large crowd circled around the explosion area. They saw someone lying on the ground, and another person, a girl to be exact, holding a large gun, though she was weeping over the peron that was on the floor. Turns out, the weeping girl was Layla, and she was mourning over her father's death that was caused by the explosion. While Layla's father was working on a gun that could use malefic energy, he absorbed too much and created a truly universal explosion, but surprisingly the impact area was much tinier than expected. Layla, who was kneeling on the ground, stood up and grabbed her gun. She spotted them, quickly running away into another direction. Due to the heavy amounts of malefic energy around that area, it was hard to find her since the malefic energy is known to be able to push people away swiftly. They stopped looking for her after a few minutes. When they though this was it, that explosion actually caused more damage than it should have. The explosion caused a ripple in the fabric of space. In another galaxy where Saber was created, he sensed the withering waves of the explosion, so he decided to check it out. He sliced through space and arrived on Earth, afterwards landing in the middle of Scholar City. Saber was a bit wounded by the impact of the landing, but it wasn't too much. One thing though, is that his flying swords could not activate, leaving him defenseless. A huge crowd encircled Saber, some are news reporters filming the scene. Rooney, being the mad scientist that he is, wanted to help Saber. He offered him help, in exchange for some highly advanced technology formulae. Saber agreed, and thus Rooney fixed Saber's swords surprisingly quickly. Saber in return gave him a formula for creating a portal. Although it was much too advanced for Rooney and his current technology, he was determined to solve this puzzle. Saber left, not before giving a goodbye gift for Rooney, which was a lightsaber. Saber flew across the world, searching for the explosion area. He found it in a matter of seconds. He saw Grock, Hylos and his people below him. He wanted to ask what had happened, but he feared that they would be ferocious against him. He hid behind a building that was seemingly destroyed by the explosion. He analyzed the scene, and concluded that it was caused by a large explosion, created from absorbing too much malefic energy. As Saber was preparing for takeoff, Grock saw him, so he approached Saber, asking what he was doing. Saber, who seemed a bit nervous at the time, told him that he was from another galaxy and traveled here to investigate on the explosion. Grock, out of pure curiosity, asked how the explosion was so big that it reached another galaxy so fast. Saber could not really answer that question as he was too unsure of why that explosion was so large. Saber said, "If an explosion that big could ripple the fabric of space, then imagine what could be lead from other galaxies to this little planet of yours. Be prepared, since an invasion might begin. For safe keepings, I'll stay here and try to protect you all if an invasion of aliens ever happen." Well, surprise surprise, that was exactly what would happen soon after. A few days after the arrival of Saber and the creation of that explosion, a weird portal opened up in the center of the impact area, and what came out was something literally out of this world. A swarm of alien-looking creatures emerged from the portal, holding a staff and was able to spawn these minion of theirs. Their leader, summoned a huge minion, dwarfing the other aliens. Of course, this meant no good to Grock and his friends, same for the people of the Earth. The leader of the invaders annouced, "Inhabitants of this planet, we are the Kastiyans, and we come from another galaxy. We are here to investigate the explosion and conquer this little planet of yours. Be prepared, because things are going to get worse once we summon our Nightmaric Spawns." Afterwards, they started off by pillaging the land of malefic energy, destroying whole buildings in just a few shots from their spawns. The leader, who was still in the center of the explosion, announced one last thing: "Grovel before your new king, humans! Because I, the leader of the Kastiyans, Zhask, is here to conquer and dominate your sad little land." Grock, Hylos and his people decided to fight back, though they were pushed back since they were immensely outnumbered. Helcurt and Karina on the other hand were hiding behind bushes, killing the Kastiyans one by one using ambush techniques. Suddenly, a large blue beam shot out, killing a few Kastiyans and a whole heap of spawns. Furious, Zhask and his crew went to the mountains where the beam was shot from to investigate and kill the person who shot it. As the invaders were leaving, Zhask looked at Grock, trying to scare him away. Though, Grock was still in confusion, so he didn't notice. Layla, who was out of breath running all the way from the mountains to behind Grock and Hylos, said "Good thing I escaped, or else I would've been a goner." They turned around, eyes widen, a bit surprised, and Hylos asked, "By any chance that you were the weeping human over at the core of the explosion a few weeks ago?" Layla nodded, and showed them her bruises and injuries, some were major like her arm having a big scar, though most of the injuries were minor. Grock helped her bandage her arm, then asked Layla to join them. Layla agreed, though she said she wanted to change her outfit, since there might be a chance that the invaders saw how she looked like. Befor, she had blue hair, a blue shirt and basically a lot of blue. Even her gun is blue. Now, she has blonde hair, a yellowish-brown outfit, and her gun changed from blue to a faint gold as well. They started to venture off again, this time going the opposite direction of where the Kastiyans were heading. Helcurt and Karina were both following them close behind. But little did they know, even more things changed when the explosion happened. Were they good or bad changes? Who knows.

Chapter 3 : The Awakening

Weeks before the invasion and when the malefic explosion was created, a lot more things happened. Amidst Nost Gal, the frozen warrior, Franco has been released from his eternal freeze. The ice cracked due to the explosion, freeing Franco. Hundreds of years ago, there was a dispute over who gets the territory of Nost Gal between the Vikings, Aurora's ancestors and Bane, lord of the seven seas. Aurora's ancestors didn't have strong weaponry like Bane nor were skilled in fighting and pillaging like Franco. But, they had one power, and that is their ability to control ice. When they were nearly conquered by the Vikings, Aurora's mother froze them, and none of them were able to escape the harsh freeze. Bane, who though they would pose a threat to his army, immediately retreated, waiting for the right time to strike one more. Franco, who is the only survivor now, is going to take back his once great army after being free from his icy cage. Bane also has felt the explosion, and after learning that one of the vikings is now free, he now plots a plan to dominate Nost Gal. This is when the Blizzard War happened. Franco and Bane are alone, since all of their armies are now dead. Aurora on the other hand has a few comrades. Franco and Bane decided to team up and work together to fight Aurora's army. The fight was not very intense, that's because of the cold harsh winds of Nost Gal and the limited amount of people fighting in the war. Aurora, the leader of her army, was fighting for her life when nearly half of her army was destroyed by Bane's cannons from his pirate ship. One of the cannons hit the ground Aurora was standing on and she fell down. Bane, standing near her, holds his blade up, and slice.. Aurora survived by freezing Bane on the perfect moment, though because she got her hand decapitated by Bane, she created an artificial one with ice. Aurora immediately surrendered her land and retreated with only a few of her people left. Once a young and prestigous queen that could control ice is now a cold and heartless queen, seeking eternal vengence. Bane and Franco rejoiced their victory, splitting the land half. Bane had to leave not long after so he can conquer more islands after his slumber of a hundred years. Aurora now resides in the icy woods south of Nost Gal, near where the Moon Elves lived. She only saw ashes and remains of broken buildings. She thought that the Moon Elves were completely wiped out. Though she didn't know that they actually won the war, though they left their old place. To the northern part of Africa is where the great Megalith Wasteland resides. In this land, food is very scarce and the conditions are the polar opposite of Nost Gal, being scorching hot. The Megalith Clan is one of the only few clans of people in the Megalith Wasteland. Hilda, who is a very skilled hunter in the Megalith Clan, has just become the new leader a few weeks before the explosion happened. Her clan was rising up very quickly. Though, things went downhill after the Malefic Explosion happened. When the Malefic Explosion bursted, it created a very loud sound of course, and it shot out large waves of Malefic Energy as well. This caused the monsters in the Megalith Wasteland to be scared and they migrated away from where the Megalith Clan resides. Hilda wasn't happy about this. Finding food to eat in the Megalith Wasteland became much more challenging, so Hilda decided to embark on a journey to find a better place for her people to live in. After choosing a new leader for her clan, Hilda went on her mission alone, thus arriving in the Land of Dawn. Back to the southern part of Nost Gal, where the Moon Elves live. Hours before the explosion, the Moon Elves were being pillaged by Alice's army, declaring that she now owns this sacred land of theirs. Though, the leader of the Moon Elf Army - Miya, did not give up hope as she held her head up high and shot her arrows through the enemies' veins. She killed them one by one, but when she faced Balmond, she had some difficulties, making her needing to retreat. Things weren't looking good for the Moon Elves, but just then, a large explosion happened, awakening the king of the Moon Elves, King Estes. He supported his army with his powers that were blessed by the moon, giving them a clear victory at the end, killing most of Alice's soldiers and making them retreat. King Estes has now been awakened, ready to protect his people at any time after an eternal slumber of over two centuries. Miya has vowed herself to protect King Estes, even if it means risking her life. King Estes has also made a promise to stay by Miya's side and support her at all costs. Now united, Miya, Estes, and the rest of the Moon Elves have went to find a better place to live now that their old place is destroyed. When they accidentally wandered into Malefica, they saw numerous destroyed buildings, much like their own place. They saw some weird alien-like creatures lying dead on the ground, which were the dead Kastiyans that fought to dominate Malefica after the explosion. This is where they saw Grock, Hylos and Layla. Grock also spotted them, giving them a big wave. Hylos, a little bit surprised, gave them a warm welcome. King Estes immediately recalled the times when he fought alongside Hylos, trying to overcome their difficulties against Alice. Hylos, suddenly having his memories flooding back, also remembered their time when they were together. This was the sole reason why Karina was scared of Hylos. Hylos and his people are allies of the Moon Elves, which the Night Elves had a passive-aggresive history of them. Karina strayed farther away from them, fearing that she could be spotted by them while Helcurt was forcefully dragged by Karina all of the sudden, which was what Helcurt was doing to Karina earlier on. Going back in time, almost 200 years ago, a great war between the Moon Elves and the Night Elves dominated the land of Africa and Asia. The Night Elves were winning against the Moon Elves, even with the leadership of King Estes. At the end, they had no choice but to ask the centaurs for help, which was when Hylos was just a little centaur. The centaurs fought alongside the Moon Elves, giving them a big advantage and a victory at thr end, leaving the Night Elves to surrender. The Night Elves went to the southernmost part of Africa to live their lives in, while the Moon Elves lived in the southern part of Nost Gal. Karina, who was told the story of when the centaurs helped the Moon Elves in the war, became very angered towards them, sometimes even fearing them. Karina has vowed herself to never get close to a centaur as they are her enemies. She thought that if a mere race of centaurs could turn the tides of a war completely around, then they would be very powerful indeed. Even though now the population of centaurs has decreased, Karina still fears them to this day. After meeting with Grock, Hylos and his people, Miya asked what happened here in Malefica. Grock stated that there were invaders coming from another galaxy who were keen on conquering our planet after the explosion got to their planet. Miya froze a little, but seeing that some of the invaders were lying on the ground dead, she was a bit more relieved, thinking that they aren't very tanky in particular. Layla said, "Actually, I shot a beam which killed some of them." Miya was impressed at the strength of Layla's gun when she said that. She asked if Layla wanted to join her army, though Layla refused, asking Miya and her people to join them. Estes agreed, stating that the more allies there are, the merrier.

Chapter 4 : Fate and Betrayal

A new force has arrived to the Land of Dawn. Though, nobody knows who these people are. Who were they sent by? Where were they from? What was their purpose? They thought these people would bring peace to this world, but things went out of hand quickly after their arrival... A bright light shines down from the sky, creating a ray of light that slices through the thick, gloomy clouds. Three figures emerged from the light, slowly levitating downwards towards the ground. One had a silhouette of a halo on their head holding a staff, another has a shield and a sword that could become an axe, and the other had a sharp shining sword that is emissing a yellowish substance. Though, what they had in common were wings, each one of them differing in design. They could be seen clearly after landing on the ground. Two were girls, while the last one was a man. They each announced their names. "Let your wounds *ne as I, the Wings of Holiness, Rafaela is here to heal you." "Every speck of evilness shall vanish within my range, as I, the Light of Dawn, Argus has arrived to slay the evil spirits." "The Gods have bestowed this quest on us, leaded by me - the Valkyrie, Freya, to protect every living soul of this land." "We - the Holy Angels of the Land of Dawn is here to complete our mission." Their arrival sure was dramatic. Rafaela raised her wand up high, and in a split second, all of Grock, Hylos, Layla, Miya, Estes, Karina and Helcurt's wounds were gone, though no changes occured to Saber. Hylos approached the angels, thanking Rafaela in particular for healing them. Freya asked what had happened to this land which had a large hole in the center. Hylos explained everything, then Argus said, "So that was what caused that overload of energy. I felt so powerful!" Freya, surprised, asked who were those two creatures hiding in the bush. After hearing this, Helcurt and Karina came out of the bush, revealing themselves. Karina was shaking due to the presence of her enemies, Miya, Estes and Hylos. Miya and Estes immediately recognized Karina, and they ran behind Grock with their weapons ready. Grock asked why, and Helcurt with his big mouth explained it. Hylos, just remembering it all, also felt a bit angry, but since he is a forgiving centaur, he wasn't very angry. Karina felt her pressure going away after her fear being explained, but it came flooding right back knowing that her enemies are just right in front of her. Argus interupted, asking if they could speed up their 'reunion' in a haste so that they could continue their mission. Freya said Argus isn't very patient. After all, he enjoys killing evil things with his almighty sword. Argus wants power more than anything. He has his own little resolution to find the mythical Draconic Armor. Argus immediately cried out that it wasn't a little resolution, and thus Freya and Argus were fighting about it, while everyone was watching in confusion. Rafaela stopped them, saying, "Remember why we are here." Freya and Argus apologized, quickly returning to their positions. Grock asked if they wanted to join them on their mission. They said that an invasion of aliens has taken place a few hours ago. Freya gasped, quickly agreeing to help them, while Argus couldn't hold his excitement to slay all of the invaders. Grock also asked if Karina and Helcurt wanted to join, though Miya, Estes and Hylos weren't very keen on the idea. Grock said to be open minded and forget about their past so that they culd reestablish a new future together as one united race. And so they agreed, recruiting five new members. While they were preparing to fight the invaders, Argus spotted Saber with his swords and lightsabers. In curiousity, Argus asked if he could use those. Saber said it might be too adavnced for him but Argus thought otherwise. He grabbed one, though he could not figure out how to activate it. Saber showed it to him, and Argus asked just what he was. Saber explained that he is a laboratory escapist from another galaxy. Argus was surprised. He asked Saber to teach him new fighting techniques, Saber agreed, and so they started their training together. After two days of preparing, they were finally ready to face the invading Kastiyans. They ventured into the forest, where the invaders headed off to find the person who shot the beam. They were found in another town, though this time they were pillaging a much smaller and peaceful town. They killed off many of the residents and most of the buildings were destroyed. Grock and his allies hid behind several bushes and trees, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Layla plotted a plan to distract them while they could launch a sneak attack. Layla went to the other side of the town and shot her beam, afterwards Saber quickly flew away with her. While the invaders were distracted by the blast, Grock and his allies striked from behind, launching a devastating attack on them. Grock made walls around the area to incase them, while Karina and Helcurt were silently killing them off one by one. Miya shot them from the top of a tree, all of them landing a bullseye. Layla shot her rays of malefic projectiles on them, while Estes healed her as she went on. Argus, who was on a massacre, killed of almost half of the invaders. Freya and Rafaela were together wiping them out quite fast as well. The plan miraculously worked. While fighting, Argus spotted a sword that was full of pure energy, and he was blasted away by it. He slowly went up to it, craving the overwhelming power that was being emissed from that sword. His whole body turned dark the moment he touched the sword, and now he became one with the sword. The sword got full control over him, making him evil. He started to fight ultra fast, slaying each and every enemy. Without noticing, he was now fighting his allies as well, blinded by the magnificent wonders of this truly powerful hell of a sword. Rafaela tried to heal Argus, but she couldn't do anything since the sword was too powerful. Argus, realizing his mistakes, ran away alone, leaving his comrades behind. After that horrendous incident, only one invader remained after the attack, and that is the leader, Zhask. Saber, low on energy, used his last Triple Sweep move on Zhask, but he managed to escape even though he was severely wounded. While everyone was chasing after Zhask, Rafaela and Freya were worried about Argus. And so, Freya decided to end their mission. After the fight, Saber said that he has to find Rooney to refill his energy, and soon he left to find Scholar City where Rooney lives. After Saber left, they were left with Freya, Rafaela, Grock, Hylos, Miya, Estes, Helcurt, Karina and Layla. They decided to go somewhere else better to find more adventure. As Saber was flying to Scholar City. he would never know what gets him next...

Chapter 5 : Big Dreams With Small Starts

When Saber returned to Scholar City to find Rooney so he can recharge his lightsabers, he saw another person with Rooney who was sitting on a wheelchair. When Rooney saw Saber, he quickly introduced the person in the wheelchair. "Saber, you might be wondering who this is. Let me introduce you to Bruno. He has always dreamt of running around the fields and kicking a ball into a net. He came to me for help since he was disabled, and you came at the perfect time! Saber, help me create a machine so Bruno can be a happy boy. I'll give you anything I can, so can you do it?" Saber agreed, but he said he wanted to get recharged first since his energy was low. After recharging, he alongside Rooney worked together to make a pair of prosthetic legs for Bruno. They also made other accessories like glasses and a suit for protection. The whole thing looked very futuristic and promising. When they were finished, Rooney was already full of excitement to see his creation being used. Bruno put it on, but he still was unable to walk since he had to get used to the suit first. At first, the suit felt uncomfortable, but long enough he should be able to get used to it. It didn't take Bruno long to learn how to walk, run and jump. He was as happy as he could ever be to finally be free of his dreaded wheelchair. He could now finally live his dream of being a soccer player. He used to admire the people who kicked the soccer ball so accurately that it goes into the net. He wanted to be like them, and he dreamt of it ever since he was a child. Even though he was stuck in a wheelchair, he had hope one day that he could be just like those people on television and his friends as well. And that day - is today. Bruno thought it would be easy to kick a mere ball into a giant net, but once he found out that there was more to that, he almost gave up hope. But he remembers that deeply in his heart, he will become the best soccer player in the world, no matter what obstacle he faces. Soon, he learned advanced soccer skills that only some elite players could pull off. Then, he discovered a secret technique, allowing him to win almost every game. But alast, there's a catch to all this. Bruno could not express his gratitude towards Rooney for achieving his dream. So, he vowed himself to protect Scholar City, escpecially Rooney from any evilness at all costs. A large ceremony was held at the center of Scholar City to celebrate a new guardian of the city. When he got more and more popular, people started giving him nicknames, the most popular one being 'The Protector'. Bruno knew he had to live up to this name granted by the sole people he protects. He promised that he would never leave any living soul behind and to always protect anyone in need. The city became more peaceful after Bruno's arrival, him defeating all crimes and evil that could potentially ruin the city. Rooney even created a special ball for him, making him even stronger. At the ceremony, a particular little fellow was trying to get Rooney's attention. That person, or birdy, so to speak, was none other than young Diggie. Diggie holds the ability to control the flow of time, but people underestimated him just because of his size. Although tiny, Diggie had big dreams. His biggest idol is of course - Rooney. He admired how broad his ideas are, and he wanted to become just like him, a popular yet smart scientist. Diggie wanted to meet Rooney very badly, so he stalked Rooney all the way to his laboratory after the ceremony ended. At the lab, he saw two other people beside Rooney. One looked very robotic, and holding two lightsabers. Another was the person who was just being celebrated, Bruno. Diggie being the egg-head he is became jealous of them and wanted Rooney to notice him, and only himself. So, using his little bird house clock, he froze time and pushed Saber and Bruno into the trash bin area and proceeded to unfreeze time. Confused, Rooney asked what happened to Saber and Bruno. Diggie acted like he didn't know anything and just shrugged. A few seconds later, Saber and Bruno approached Diggie and picked him up, asked him if he moved them into the trash bin. Diggie, acting like he didn't know anything, just shrugged. Rooney told them to place Diggie down and asked what his name was. In a burst of excitement and nervousness, he shouted out "DIGGIE!" and then quickly ran away. Saber, Bruno and Rooney just stood there, watching Diggie running off into the distance. They chuckled a bit, and went back to their discussion. Diggie ran all the way from Rooney's lab to the center of the city, gasping for air as his heart pounds rapidly from both nervousness and running. He started to cry a bit, thinking that he made a bad impression on himself. He literally shouted his name into his biggest idol's face and ran off like a little coward. After a little while, he decided to go to Rooney's place so he could apologize to him. Upon reaching Rooney's lab, he slowly knocked on the door and waited for them to open. After a few minutes of waiting and anticipation, the doors finally opened, with two people coming near him saying goodbye. Diggie quickly ran and hid at the side of the lab, He thought that he probably knocked too lightly at the door. Once Saber and Bruno left, Diggie dashed into Rooney's lab and introduced himself. Rooney got scared and turned around to see just what is happening. "Horology is my craft, and Diggie is my name!" Rooney recognized Diggie as the funny little birdy that ran away just now. Rooney felt empathetic so he let Diggie stay for a bit. Diggie felt so excited that he could burst out flying. Diggie first said that he was his biggest idol and he wanted to be just like him. Rooney asked what talents he had, and Diggie replied that he could control time. Rooney is very impressed and asked if he was the one who pushed Saber and Bruno away in just a blink of an eye. Diggie nodded and Rooney made Diggie his personal apprentice. Diggie became so happy. Since he is now Rooney's little helper, he decided to move in with Rooney. While that happened, Saber was flying back to return to his friends. He found them wandering around inside a forest. Before landing, he saw a figure riding on something. When he tried to approch them, they swiftly ran away into the darkness. They felt weirded out, and decided to investigate. They saw many arrows that are stuck into trees. Then, they heard a loud growling sound that seemed like it came from a tiger. They also heard faint explosions nearby. When they arrived, they could only see broken trees and lots of arrows. On the ground lied some strangers with masks, their hands holding a blowpipe. In the misty distance, Saber was able to see someone riding off their mount, holding what it seems like a crossbow. Karina and Helcurt wanted to find out more about this anonymous person so they left the group behind to try and find the mounted person. After a few hours of searching, they could only find arrows bombarded at tree trunks and some footprints of a tiger. They ended the search when Grock and his friends found Karina and Helcurt. All things said, they got into some hot water of trouble. But alast, they couldn't find that mystery person.

Chapter 6 : Inside the Waterfall

The mist from the forest gradually thickens as Grock, Hylos, Layla, Miya, Estes, Saber, Karina, Helcurt, Freya and Rafaela venture deeper into the forest. The mist makes it much harder for them to see, but luckily Saber has his ultraviolet glasses to see the way. Using the UV light, he could spot the footsteps of the person that was riding a mount. It seems that they had fled to the north. Everybody followed the trail as Saber led the way. They slowly followed the trail that soon led to a dead end with a waterfall. The mist slowly cleared up as the water rapidly splashed down from the waterfall. Everyone decided to stop there and rest for a while. Saber on the other hand seemed to be confused. There was no way that the mount nor the person riding the mount was able to jump up above the waterfall. Saber investigated the site as everyone else was relaxing. Freya came to help Saber as well after seeing his troubled look. Saber flew up above the waterfall to only see that there is a whole new land filled with blooming flowers. Even though it looked very beautiful, Saber didn't let the flowers distract him. He could not see any footprints along the river that flows down the waterfall, nor does Freya see any signs of footprints around the pond. With this, Saber came up with a very outlandish yet clever conclusion. Saber concluded that the mystery person jumped through the waterfall. He said that there must be a secret cave behind the waterfall, and it is most likely the mystery person's hideout. Everyone seemed skeptical about his conclusion, as it sounded like something coming out of a comic book. Saber said that he could detect life behind the waterfall. Freya also said that she could saw movement behind the watefall, even if its very faint. Rafaela decided to test something. She lifted up her staff and prayed. Instantly, everyone felt much better and all of their wounds are gone. Rafaela said that she could sense life not only from her friends, but something from behind the waterfall. Karina, who was still skeptical, said that if there was life behind the waterfall, then her blade would light up. She put her blades near the waterfall and lo and behold, it lit up. Everyone praised Saber, Freya, Rafaela and Karina after their discovery. Grock, using the fortress tower that he is always carrying arund, blocked the water from flowing so that everyone could enter. Grock himself stated that he could not fit into the cave since he was so huge. He ended up waiting outside and kept guard of their surroundings. Hylos felt bad and decided that he would be out side with him. Although Grock kindly refused, Hylos still strongly insisted on his decision. As everyone got deeper into the cave, Karina's blades slowly become more and more bright, indicating that they're closer and closer to the person. Miya and Layla felt more and more crept out as the darkness lingers around the cave. Fortunately, Estes was beside them for their support, and they felt much less worried. Saber sensed movement and he suddenly stopped. Everyone froze behind him as well. He could sense that two creatures are coming closer to them. Karina's blades were also getting brighter. Suddenly, the sound of a loud and powerful roar echoed through the cave, and the stalactite on the ceiling of the caves begun to fall down. Everyone swiftly evaded the falling rocks, and they ended up deeper inside the cave and trapped by the stalactites. Since Hylos and Grock were gone, nobody had enough might to lift up the stalactites. They had no choice but to go deeper into the cave. Light became less and less bright as Karina's blades slowly dimmed down for some reason. Maybe the creatures are feeling away from them. At last, they reached an opening, which only lead to various entrances to other cave systems. They only have two choices- that is to stay together and venture each opening one by one; or, to split up and go into all of the entrances alone and group up at the end. They decided to split up after concluding that it would take too long for them to search each hole one by one. After all, there were only a few holes. They split up into pairs, and everyone went into their respective holes with their pair. Miya and Estes went into the hole furthest to the right. Helcurt and Karina went into the darkest hole as they are experts at maneuvering around dark places. Saber and Layla went into the lowest hole, since Layla cound not climb up high with her heavy gun. Freya and Rafaela went into the last hole together. Inside the hole that Miya and Estes went into, it seemed to be flooded with water that tasted surprisingly fresh. Estes could see water very slowly dripping down from the stalactites and fell into the water hole. They went around the flooded area and at the end, they came out to see an amazing site. Beautiful, shining crystals with numerous different colors are hanging from the ceiling, with a waterfall that is flowing down at the opposite side of the cave. A large pond is at the middle of the cave, with rocks sticking out of it. Fireflies began to fly out, making the site even more beautiful. Miya and Estes felt enchanted by the site, so they decided to explore the cave even more. They saw a few buckets lying around the walls of the cavern, some filled with water, while some were empty. They also spotted a table with nothing but towels on it. The towels seemed like the had been used recently. There were also some towels hanging on a string, with water dripping down into the pond. They instanly realized that this must be a bathing place for the mystery person, hence why there were towels lying around the area. With one last glance of the enchanting crystals, Miya and Estes quickly fled. On the opposite side where Freya and Rafaela are going, the cave seemed like it was getting brighter. They saw windows on their left, showing a beautiful part of the forest where rays of sunlight shined down into the grassy floor. The view looked spectacular. They continued their search after sightseeing for a little bit. They couldn't help but smell a kind of animal-like smell in the corridor. At the end of the cave, there seemed to be a room with a bed, a few picture frames, two feeding bowls, a chest filled with what seems like toys, and some claw marks on the wall. The room seemed very cozy and well-kept. It also smelled like a tiger for some reason. This is when they realized that this is the room of the mystery person's mount. It was very obvious already just from the smell. They walked out of the room with their information ready to be shared. Into the cave right beside Miya and Estes' is where Layla and Saber went. They saw a room full of equipment such as crossbows, arrows, a leash, some packed food, armor, an anvil and some potions. Saber picked up one of the crossbows and some parts fell onto the table. The crossbow seems like it is broken. Layla got curious of the potions, so she took a look at them. There were tree potions, a green potion, a blue potion and a purple potion. The blue potion was glowing brightly while the other two were bubbling. Saber thought for a while and concluded that this room must be the weaponry room of the mystery potion. The leash is to control the person's mount and the crossbows and arrows are the person's weapons. The potions are there most likely to heal them. Without a second thought, Saber and Layla left. Layla secretly took an arrow that was inside a quiver and slipped it inside her pocket. As Saber and Layla got out from the opening, they could already see Miya, Estes, Freya and Rafaela waiting for them. Everyone except for Helcurt and Karina were present. They thought something bad had happened to them. They all decided to go inside the cave of where Helcurt and Karina went inside of. What happened to Karina and Helcurt? Find out in chapter seven of this story.

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This is interesting
*Grins evilly* Seems like I have a story to read now.


Haha. I'm in chapter 5 now. It has a relatable, clear connection with the story. Which just makes it more interesting... >~<  Post time 2018-4-30 04:02 PM
sure, read it. the story is gud :D  Post time 2018-4-30 03:56 PM
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So as im here and Google is useless. Anyone has HD splash art of gusion moonlight sonata skin?


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Thanks for doing this, I really appreciate it. I'm having my exams right now and can't write much more chapter at the moment. I'll be back once I'm done with my exams! <3


take your time, once u done lets work together to make something amazing :P  Post time 2018-5-8 03:16 PM
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When will  the chapter 7 is comming out?
I cant wait it lol
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Already at chapter 2 and i really like it! Could be better if Halbikx collabs with some artist in order to make it like a comic or an animation.
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