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[Archived & Unclassified] [Full Discussion] - Hacked Account

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Edited by Demigra at 2018-5-5 06:37 AM

Hello Everyone.

I'm certain that more and more players are complaining "My account was hacked!" Do you think it's only a coincidence? Do you think somebody really did hacked your account?
To be honest, your account won't get hacked unless you did something that is improper to the game. And what are those? Let's find out.


As you can see, today's hackers are... quite different. Instead, they use several websites to scam a certain user. Like telling them "Free Skin!" or "Free Diamonds Giveaway, Just Fill up the Form Below!"
These are all scam. Unless, if you can see the "Diamond Event - Win 500 Diamonds!" mark made by Moonton or is located in the Official MLBB Website.

To be precise, Hackers are expert programmers a.k.a coders, from which they've mastered the art of programming by using several different code languages (HTML, Javascript, etc.) To make a website.
And in this website, they state "Free Diamond Giveaway ! Just fill up the form below" And if you scroll down, you can see a form, asking for your InGame Nick/Name (IGN), Gmail of your account, your Facebook account password and email/CP number, and even put the amount of resources you want to receive. Once you've successfully filled up the form, pressing the "Enter" button. The data will be delivered to the system of the hacker. Enabling them to discover your account passwords and to hack into your account.

Scam Website
(Link Deleted)


Figure 0.1


Figure 0.2


As you can see in Figure 0.1 , the screenshot appears to be an example of a Scam Website. The website states all the necessary information you need to know before resuming your hack. Meaning, they are trying to achieve your trust. Once you've trusted the website and intended to fill up the forms, then your account is screwed.

Hackers will try their best to hack into your account, once done, they'll use your game account and change its binded platforms. Enabling you to be unable to use your current account.

( Screenshot of an Account Being Hacked I found Earlier from a User complaining in the forums)

Figure 0.3

Figure 0.3 appears to be a screenshot example of an account being hacked. I'll state the ways of how these hackers hacked into your account.

1. Through Scams

Scam Websites (See Figure 0.1 and Figure 0.2) are only trying to detect your account, once you've provided the necessary informations, they'll achieve the power to hack your account. Through the answers you've added to the form they've inserted in their websites, they'll use it to enter through your account and change your binded platforms. So its better to avoid and ignore these scams. Or else you'll get your account hacked.

2. Through Deals / Communication Scam

Facebook has been a very useful platform to us, it enables us to communicate and converse with different users worldwide, including the hackers. If a person intended to converse with you, saying that they'll add the necessary resources you need if you give them your account informations. Instead, they'll use your account and will try to detach it from your system. Such as unbinding your binded platforms and bind their accounts instead of yours.

An example of a conversation deal scam being stated below :

Hacker : Give me your account, I'll give you free Starlight Member
You : Really?
Hacker : Yes, I'll give it for free now.
You : Okay
You :

IGN : Bla bla bla
Facebook Email :
Facebook Password : bla bla bla
Gmail : blablabla
Gmail Password : bla bla bla           

Hacker : Alright, wait, I'll add the resources. Come and check your account tomorrow
Hacker Hacks into your account.

So. If you've ever encountered with someone whom you don't fully trust thus you don't even know, its better to ignore them and block them. They might be trying to achieve the informations of your account.

3. Using your Account through different devices

Yes, this one is one of the main reasons why.
Have you ever tried of using your friend's device to play using your account? If Yes, then is your account hacked? If Yes again, then your friend who's owning the device where you recently played, is the one who hacked your account.
Mostly, we use different devices to use our account and will certainly forget to log out or unbind them at the device. So I prefer you to NEVER use any device that's not YOURS. A slight tendency your account will get hacked.


So if you've encountered the problem of getting your account hacked, maybe you've tried one of the following things (Accepting Scam Deals ; Use the Scam Websites, etc.)
Btw for those who are having trouble that their account were hacked, and the binded platforms were no longer yours, try to unbind theirs, and bind yours.
Then send a feedback to the InGame Customer Service, mention your IGN, Account ID and Server Number also mention that your account got hacked. Wait for a response from the team (It'll usually take days or weeks, so just wait patiently).

Or use your Gmail account to send a feedback in this email : /

Happy Gaming Everyone ~

Note : If your account got hacked even though if you haven't done the following (Accepting Scam Deals ; Using Scam Websites, etc) Then I suppose that you'll really need to send a feedback to the Game Customer Service. You'll need help immediately.

PS : The screenshot you can see below, is the comment section of the scam website. They use the bots to comment, trying to prove that their system is trustworthy. So if you see positive comments, pretty sure they are bots made by the programmer.

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Good guide and thanks for making this. Let's hope that this thread raise awareness that there's no "free" in this world. Also, don't fall for phishing sites.


True. Only those players who are Foolish enough to fell for it are the ones who cannot attain true success and get through the real challenge of the game.  Post time 2018-5-5 11:59 PM
Post time 2018-5-5 10:43 PM | Show all posts
Good discussion. I think they should be more aware of this, I think most of them try to shortcut everything and wants to get everything for free. I know, not a lot can afford diamonds but please just be aware of these kind of things. They should be reminded that they shall never give their account information (especially password!) to anyone or anything especially in those fishy websites.


You got my point ;)  Post time 2018-5-5 10:44 PM
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Hmm...i’d like to redirect people to this thread see that its their own fault but mehhh would be mean xD


XD  Post time 2018-5-5 11:58 PM
Post time 2018-5-6 12:07 AM | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2018-5-5 11:30 PM
Hmm...i’d like to redirect people to this thread see that its their own fault but mehhh wo ...

Welp, it's never our fault in the first place as they're looking for something easier than working hard. Besides, they should know that the game will never ask for your account login details.
Post time 2018-5-6 01:27 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2018-5-5 11:30 PM
Hmm...i’d like to redirect people to this thread see that its their own fault but mehhh wo ...

lol you r fad* pal! You were saying its best to start from beginning at my switch android to ios thread! Its not my fault, its your games fricking failure
Post time 2018-5-6 03:01 AM | Show all posts
Burakcan replied at 2018-5-6 01:27 AM
lol you r fad* pal! You were saying its best to start from beginning at my switch android to ios t ...

This is a totally diffrent topic
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4. Use third party program.

Trick is simple. Description of the application will say something like this: using this app will reduce the ping during the game, or play smoother, or get free diamond every time log in the game, or whatever you want with the game. When you install the app and run it, it say: please enter your game account and password for us to synchronize with you game. Few days later, your account gone.


Oh my somebody got it. I was about to add it up to 5 of them, but.. nah. I'm procrastinating :) Thanks for summing it up  Post time 2018-5-6 04:10 PM
Post time 2018-5-6 09:22 PM | Show all posts
nice just avoid it. all about skill not skin just save your BP to collect your new hero
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