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[Official Forum Event] Father's Day Testimonial Contest

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Every year at Father’s Day we celebrate fathers everywhere for the contributions they have made in the lives of their children. All children have a father but, unfortunately each year fewer children experience what it is like to have a dad.

I grew up without one but that doesnt stop me to become a good one to my two kids... My mother provided me everything what a family needs so I am thankful that I grew up like this... And I am willing to do the same to my two beautiful, smart and annoying angels... Big angels... Soon i can beat them...

Anyways ... In celebration of this yearly event, I want to hear from all of you what a Father is...

Share your Best Dad Testimonials and get a chance to win skins! Cheap ones though... Im not rich... Pls dun kale me... From today until the 13th of June is valid for submission of Entries ! Goodluck!

You may use any of these banners and tell is why your father is such on the stated bAnner...

My Father Supports Me!.png

My Dad Supports Me!

Tell us how your Dad have been a great support to you and to your family!



How did your Father became and Oto-ssassin and vanquished each problems that you and your family had struggle!

Dad is a Tank!.png

My Dad is a Tank!

Do tell us how your Dad defended you through the obstacles of life!

Papa Fighter!.png

My Dad is a Fighter!

How did your Father fight through the problems and stress that he had to go through just to secure his family...



How did your Father outsmart any troubles and resolves issue that has been hard in your growing up.



Tell us how did your Pop snipe down troubles and pop it away just to make you happy.

Be Honest! Even if you cant! It may be hard for you to say it in person but each father knows how much you care for each other... So you must appreciate each time you can be with him as it is not always that they will be around... Tell them while you can...


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Edited by LND_Elizabeth at 2018-6-6 06:20 AM

I'm sorry if I'm not exactly on topic for the thread. But I just wanted to explain that my dad is one of my biggest supports.

I can tell you a lot about what being a father is for child.

A father loves his child no matter what; he loves his child for who they are and not for what he wants them to be.
A father is there for his child; whether it be for school, life advice, or sports.
A father supports his child through thick and thin.
A father would die for their child.

But I can tell you about what a father is not.

A father should not a coward; he does not take his problem out on his children through spanking, kicking, or hurting his child. A father should be there for there kids unless fate decides against it, and should never doubt his ability as parent no matter the hard time.
A father should not be ashamed of their child. No matter what a child does, it is never an option to be embarrassed by them. Look up to them like they are your God, and they shall flourish under your hand.

Any one can be a father. But it takes certain qualities to be a dad.
I don't think I've ever called my dad a father. It's because he is more valuable to me than just the title of Father. He will always be Baba, or Daddy, or simply Dad. That's because as I said once, a dad is more than a father.

And so I repeat my previous sentiment,
I can tell you a lot about what being a father is for child.

A dad loves his child no matter what; he loves his child for who they are and not for what he wants them to be.
A dad is there for his child; whether it be for school, life advice, or sports.
A dad supports his child through thick and thin.
A dad would die for their child.

But only a father could be a coward, abuser, or simply a father. It doesn't take much to be a father, but it takes a lot to be a dad.

Word of advice to those with Dads out there: Love them, for if you don't, one day you will find your self regretting they are gone.
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When I was 10, my mum asked me if i want to meet my dad. I said no.
Post time 2018-6-5 10:18 PM | Show all posts
i supported, and went off rotation for your thread...aren't i awesome u better be thankful XD
Post time 2018-6-5 10:56 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
My dad always seems hard outside and kinda rude to me(same time he is kind and soft to my sister....).
But inside he is different.
No matter what he says, in the end if i want something he manages it no matter how expensive it is.
He always take care of us.
And when i say, i wanna take care of you.
He says, i have pension no need to take care of me. Focus on yourself.
I know every dad is hero to their child.
But my dad is best thats what i believe.
Sorey to hear that senpai. And glad to know that your children got s great dad.
Post time 2018-6-6 12:52 AM | Show all posts
i remember when i was a kid. my father always hit me with sinturon (belt) or walis tingting (Broom stick)
when i did silly things. yeah from the moment when i get hit, there was a time that i ask my self why does my father did this to me? does he didn't love me? hahaha but when the time goes by, i realize that what my father did to me makes me a better person.  i miss you papa

shout out to the batang 90's out there hahaha
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n4n4 replied at 2018-6-6 12:52 AM
i remember when i was a kid. my father always hit me with sinturon (belt) or walis tingting (Broom s ...

Although im not born in 90s,but i also get hitted by my father using that to lol
Post time 2018-6-6 09:57 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
My dad is MarksPop
Post time 2018-6-6 02:01 PM | Show all posts
HA! My dad stop the earthquake with a shotgun
Post time 2018-6-6 08:59 PM | Show all posts
Edited by NunoyGwapings at 2018-6-6 09:11 PM

'Papa', as I called him, has been the greatest tank/support I ever had in life, and it would be impossible for anyone else to ever replace him. My mother died shortly after giving birth to my third brother. It was devastating for all of us, but perhaps it affected my father the most. I often saw him weeping alone; hear him crying when we've all gone to sleep. Others may have given up at this point, wasted their life in different vices or alcohol, but not Papa. He knew that he must move forward and strive harder for us.

After just a week, he took a job as a night security guard and worked from 10 pm to 6 am. When he comes home in the morning, Papa prepares our breakfast and our lunchboxes for school, then he tends my baby brother while vending in a small variety store we had. When me and my second brother come home from school at about 2 pm, Papa would nap. After a few hours, he would wake up to cook us dinner, he'll eat with us, then he prepares and leaves for work. For months, this daily cycle just went on. There were times that Papa got sick, but he never stopped. He kept pushing forward.

A few, maybe 2 or 3 years later, my youngest brother had a very bad fever. School just got back then and I was doing my homework when I noticed my him. I called Papa who was currently at work. He immediately rushed home then we took my brother to the hospital. My brother was diagnosed with Dengue and had to be confined for days. I knew we had savings, but I also knew it wouldn't be enough. Almost all of Papa's earnings from his job and the store go to our bills and rent. As the eldest, I saw it my responsibility to help provide for our family. I asked Papa if I could stop my studies temporarily so that I could help him earn. He replied, "Son, there's no need to. I'll just get another job with a short afternoon shift." I told him it would be tiring and he'll be the next to get very sick. He just said "I'd rather  be the one on a hospital bed if it would mean that you're all living prosperously and away from sickness."

At first, Papa asked his friends for cash that he promised to return eventually. Then he applied as a janitor in a food chain. To help, I would always come home early from school and tend to my brothers' needs. I would be the one cooking and buying groceries. But that is still so very little work compared to what Papa was doing. He barely had anytime for sleep. He gets sick more often, but he just brushes it off and continues.

Just 2 years left and I'd have graduated college. All of what I have today was made possible by Papa, who, figuratively and quite literally, took all the damage for me and my brothers just so we could continue to live on. I am so grateful that I was given such a father like Papa, and someday I'll be just like him when I have a family of my own.
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