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Author: troy01
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[Official Forum Event] Father's Day Testimonial Contest

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Post time 2018-6-6 09:03 PM | Show all posts
My dad is a troller.
Post time 2018-6-6 09:30 PM | Show all posts
My Dad made me what I am, even I get stronger and wiser when he insults me, he is the best
Post time 2018-6-6 11:47 PM | Show all posts
I know I can't tell my dad that he tries to be angry outside but I know he somehow cares about me and the family from inside but I can tell him he still the best person who not only appreciated me in my Success but also appreciated in my failure.
Post time 2018-6-7 02:37 PM | Show all posts
I love my dad so much.

He was always there for us.

My dad is an simple, sweet and nice dad.

I call him Papa tho.

He never left our family..

Your dad loves you so much no matter what he does to you.

My dad always protect me along with my other sisters. (my mom to..)

He teaches us good manners.

Your dad will support, love, and protect you always.

Happy Father's Day..

Dad and other fathers out there.

Post time 2018-6-9 03:57 PM | Show all posts
If I were to compared my father to an MLBB champion, it would Clint, because he's able to quickly shoot down all of our family problems. Although yes, he doesn't have a very fast attack speed like others, but his aim and resourcefulness is unmatched when it comes to overcoming challenges speedily.

One time, I really wanted a remote-control helicopter for my birthday but my dad din't have money, so instead he built me a kite, and that kite flew higher than all of my classmates' helicopters. Another time I needed a warrior costume for a school play, but again we had not enough money, so my dad sew me one using old rags and leather; I was the coolest-looking one at school.

We might not have a dramatic story, but that doesn't change my love for my dad. Thank you so so much for everything dad, I am very proud of you and I love you very much! Happy Father's Day!
Post time 2018-6-10 08:50 PM | Show all posts
My dad? He's not a tank(although he has a big belly) He's not a weak guy either. He's a warrior, a strong and bold man who is there for his family and for God. THANKS DAD WE LOVE YOU
Post time 2018-6-10 11:51 PM | Show all posts
Edited by someredditguy at 2018-6-16 01:25 AM

I just found this thread shared on reddit... From the Official subreddit og MLbb!

Hope that i will win
MY DAD is a TANK (sorry it wont let me add image, permission error)

How did I reach this top? This, this world, it showed me the beauty of life and the beauty of having a family.

Remembering the days of the story of my life is also remembering how great my father is. The story may not be that heavy but one thing is for sure, all of us will learn a lot, from us, from my FATHER.

I grew up believing that I have the best family. Raised by a not so smiley, not so talkative, and a strict father. He is my father.  We were 8 in the family and I am the youngest. Growing up as a kid is quite different. We were govern by rules and norms implemented by my father. From eating which before he will, he’ll make it sure that all of us must be done eating.  He will arrange us in a vertical and one by one he will be the one to put the food in our mouth. That’s how he is.
My father started to work as a Barangay Tanod and soon became the Purok President. It wasn’t easy reaching the top since a lot has no trust on him. So he worked with all his heart and run as Barangay councilor. Later did we know that he will replace the Barangay Chairman due to personal reason. A change of position is a change of lifestyle. Being a daughter of a Barangay Chairman is not that easy, one of these is when you want to shout while watching a basketball game and then suddenly someone will just look at you in the eyes and then the message is already clear “ STOP SHOUTING”.
Our experience is really an object for us to do well and continue fighting in this very competitive world. My father’s family is not that rich, he wasn’t able to finish his studies and he is not that good in school also. He got married to my mother so early that’s why everything is different. He wants to prove to himself and to the people who judged him that he will become the best father to his children. The whole journey taught him the ideas in life. Even if it’s no longer good, he will still not gonna try other options unless he is already crawling in the dust.
Few years back, my 3 siblings went to college together. It was one of the heaviest things that happened, why? Because it’s  not easy to send 3 children in a big university.  That time, business wasn’t doing well and it left them with no choice. They borrowed money just to make it sure that 2 of those 3 will graduate in that year. The family went to ups and downs like one of the college students planned to transfer already to a cheaper school.  Business was closed due to lack of proper management. We ended up having nothing but full of debts. That was the turning point of every event. My father went to life’s great battle, a battle of saving the family he worked hard for in his life.
He is so independent, as long as he can save us by himself, he will never call for a help. Years passed by and the struggle is giving him so much pain.
A lot said that he was and is one of the greatest Father of all time. His values and norms are cleared in each one of us in the family. From the way he acts and move is what we have. We learnt how to bring ourselves in front of others. He taught us that the value of life is not only the happy moments but most especially those moments that bring out the best of who we are.
My father is my great hero, not because he save us and provided us of what we want in life but also he taught us not just knowledge but also WISDOM.
A living testimony of his great efforts is the result of his works. Having 8 children graduate from a university is a no question of effort and hardwork. My father has 2 policeman, 1 working in government, another is an assistant branch manager of a bank,one is a teacher, 2 is in business and having their lives and lastly, the one is writing is a very proud daughter of her working here in Cebu.  I can never be prouder of having him and with the support of my mother.  Their great love is always and will always remain within us.
Writing beyond the price of this letter but the effort of letting you know how proud I am as a son!

From Philippines!

Post time 2018-6-12 04:43 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Menurutku semua ayah di seluruh dunia adalah seorang ayah yang sangat berjasa untuk anak anaknya :)
Post time 2018-6-13 02:48 PM | Show all posts


Come with me to the dark side... Or so I thought.

I used to think of my dad as my hero when I was little. As soon as he comes home from work, I come running at him while crying my lungs out just because I disagreed with someone around the afternoon. Then I remember having lots of fun and laughter during moments of playtime and storytelling, coupled with an audiobook which he tries really hard to imitate. He deepens and lightens his voice if the audiobook does it too, while reading it to me and letting me see the pictures, as the cassette plays.

Years later, though, it seems that the dark side had him influenced. Harsh verbal words everyday, as if you feel being force-choked directly to the heart. Words that scar the child that was once gleefully singing and dancing about the wonders of life. Corrupting everything that has been good and fun, leaving little to none of these things behind. Then after the rain of terror from these burst of harsh and powerful words that makes you feel being force-choked, he brings out his lightsaber to light his cigarette. Only for everyone in the house to get force-choked all at once, coughing here and there, wishing that the lightsaber didn't light up, or that The Force blows the smoke to another direction where we aren't silently sitting at.

Come my late teenage years, I've learned to use The Force to my advantage, and many times tried using it against him, only to fail miserably. He was so wise and powerful, and I was so weak. Many times I wanted him dead. Or asked The Force why he won't just die already. Nothing ever happens. I just end up isolating myself even farther away from him.

But every sith, even a vader, is only evil until you realize why they are the way they are, or when you hear their side of the story...

Robbery, arson, gangs - everything that I never experienced as a child, he experienced in his own. When he was a kid, he watched their house burn down with all their precious belongings, until a relative decided they could stay with them. Of course, not for free. He had to work for it, every day. He assisted in a mechanical shop before and after school. He had friends who once declared a hold up on his commute to work, and they took the passenger's watches and money. This young padawan gave his wristwatch and wallet as well, though he is not an accomplice. The robbers did return him the watch and cash some time that week, and he gave it to them so that the people won't get the idea that he is an accomplice. And walking on the way home, somebody usually leans in on him asking if he has something to give them because they're currently celebrating a birthday while drinking on the streets. He chose giving some spare change rather than fighting the random dude with fists or whatever they had in their pockets.

One day you'll just realize what your father shielded you from. And slowly, maybe, you just accept it. Because it's probably for the best. Maybe your father could have been a monster if he hadn't have left. Maybe he could've dragged the whole family down with him. But what's important is that we realize that they're humans, too. And that they make mistakes. But we still get to decide what to do with our own lives, with or without their guidance.

Post time 2018-6-13 03:05 PM | Show all posts
My DaD jz likes Jawhead..... is a SuperHero or DevilFighter

when he tell me go front, i say NO.... He will using skill 2 throw me likes a BALL

when i tell him i hungry, he will using skill 2 throw enemy(food) to me

if enemies bully me, he will using skill 3 (Ultimate) Charge forward to enemies

how about skill 1?? jz like chit chat wif enemy, talking my bad story
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