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[Mod Post] 【INFO】Customer Service

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Edited by =Xeno= at 2017-6-30 19:53

Hello ML Players,

If you encounter any problems or issue on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang feel free to contact our Customer Service to solve a issue regarding on your Account Problem.

Here's the complete Information about Customer Service:

Customer Service can be found right below of your screen.

1.Account Problem
This section allows you to recover your Lost Account or even Binding Problem

Account Lost
In this section, you are allowed to recover your lost account.
Retrieve Account- Allows you to retrieve your account by sending an information to identify your account such as In-game name, Server, Current Device, etc.
How to Retrieve Lost Account- If you think CS can reply immediately you can choose this option. There's some tips that can help to recover your account faster.

Create New Account
This section contains information on how to create your new account. Best if you want to make a smurf.

Why can't i transfer my account to an iOS device?
I read a lots of threads about transferring account from different platform. If you have a same question, this may help you. This sections includes a lots of questions and answers or Q&A about transfering accounts.

Account Binding
Answering a Questions about account binding. Its also includes tips on how to bind your account.
Binding Failed- If the tips didn't resolve you problem, you can send your information like Ingame-name, server, etc. and tell exactly about your problem regarding on this issue.

How to Switch Account to Original Server
If you have a problem on switching account from Advance Server to Original Server, Dont Worry, this section can help you to fix it.

2.Payment Problem
This section of Customer Service focuses on Payment Issues, Recharge Problem, Etc.

Payment Methods
Shows a method that you can use on iOS and Android to recharge or purchase. Theres also a tutorials and instructions on how to recharge that can help.

Payment Issue Feedback form
Still can't recharge? Feel free to send us your exact problem together with your In-game name, server, id number, payment time, etc. by filling up the forms.

I have not received an item that i bought, what should i do?
Didn't receive the items? Don't panic, there's a lot of factors listed there and some information about it so read it carefully.

High Risk from Google when making a Purchase
If you encounter this issue don't worry, it is just  a additional security. You can read more and get some information regarding on this problem from this section of customer service.

3.Loading Problem
Having a trouble on loading issue? here's some tips that you can do when you game stucks at the loading screen.

How can i fix it?
Here's some instructions and tips that may help you to fix and answer this question. This is also answers the questions "Why my game is Laggy?"

If you apply all the tips and your game keeps crashing, you need to contact our customer service by sending your account informations like I'D, Server, etc. to see if there's a problem on your account.

Same as crash that you need to send your account information to see if theres a  problem on your account.

4.Bug Report
If you found or encountered any In-Game Bugs, please report it on this section including Did not get a star or lose a star bug, the replay error bug, and even Facebook Friends List error.

Did not get a Star or Lose a Star
If you didn’t get a star after winning on Ranked Game or you lose a star without any reason, please fill up the form includes the identity of your account and let the Customer Service fix it for you.

The Error of Replay
If you experience an error or can’t play the battle replay, please complete these forms and let the CS check your account if there’s some error and bugs on it.

Facebook Friendlist Error
Having a problem on Facebook In-Game? Please follow the instruction inside of this section of Customer Service and let us know by filling up a forms and additional information regarding on your problem.

Do you have any suggestions for the game improvements or even heroes and skins? Share with us by sending all the information of your suggestions.

6.Hot Activities
This part of CS focuses on Bugs and Informations of these events shows on the picture below, if you think there's a bug you encountered on those events, please send a feedback.

7.Latest Notice
If you encounter the Notices like "Unknown Error" or even notices from Advance Server, please give us a feedback regarding on it so that they will fix the issue as soon as possible.

About the Problem of Unknown Error
Did you ever experience this problem? Give us a feedback by filling up those questions like In-Game Name, Server, I.D. etc. to check if theres an issue on your account.

Notice for Advance Server
This section of our Customer Service shows some advance server's information that you need to know.

Notice for Delete Long-Time Inactive Characters
Shows all the information regarding on Delete Long-Time Inactive Characters. If you are inactive player, you must read this.

8.Player Report
If you think there's a players got cheating, you can send a reports here by sending his/her In-Game Name, 3 Screenshots, etc.

9.Other Issues
If you still have a questions that didn't answer from those selection below, feel free to send us your issues.

You can also cooperate to a Business with Mobile Legends Team by sending an email to

By Xeno and Element

Thank You :)

Post time 2017-7-4 12:19 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I need Help on Getting my account back pls the retrieve account option  
Post time 2017-7-4 12:36 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Please help my game won't load and i'm getting pissed about it. I don't want to delete the game and reinstall again just to play it again i want to fix the loding error!!!
Post time 2017-7-5 11:13 AM | Show all posts
Edited by uMons at 2017-7-5 11:39
maetot replied at 2017-7-4 00:36
Please help my game won't load and i'm getting pissed about it. I don't want to delete the game and  ...

Hi maetot ^^

Do you mean you're stuck at the game loading screen?
Try force closing and clearing cache data. If the problem still persist, you can try reporting the issue to
Post time 2017-7-5 04:00 PM | Show all posts
i remember see that you will help transfer android id to ios once time only. How we do it ? because my android broken and i cant play again at my android. only ios left.
Post time 2017-7-5 04:22 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Hi ML CS mi star its stuck when i play my ranked status is elite 1 star 1 after it i play again n i win but i dng get star but my rank its going down feom elite 1 going down to elite 2 star 0 n i try to make it lose n win after i win its up n lose star going lose but pls cek why after i rch elite 1 star 1 if i win i just back to elite 2 0 star i have screen shot but i dnt know to upload my idn its "occuria"pls cek it
Post time 2017-7-5 04:25 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
where i can fill up my idn ?
Post time 2017-7-6 08:55 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
help me to retrieve my account...I have the details of it...thanks in advance..
Post time 2017-7-6 06:05 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Customer service gave me a bad impression. My problem is that i unbinded my account with my fb. My fb friends still appear on my ingame list. I briefly described my situation and necessary infos. And guess what the half assing worker replied to me? "U can unbind it yourself , thx" LIKE WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU? I'm here to seek your help and thats the answer that i deserve? I replied to the representative that for the second time, i said i unbind it already. Then IT (yes IT) asked me to update to the latest version like(???) how can i access the game if my game is not even updated. It's giving ne goosebumps as to how you hire incompetent staffs. Not to mention the overly informal reply like "thx" can you be more appropriate?
Post time 2017-7-8 06:03 PM | Show all posts
Jiro23 replied at 2017-7-6 18:05
Customer service gave me a bad impression. My problem is that i unbinded my account with my fb. My f ...

Hi there. We apologize for that matter.

What seems to be issue here?
-You've unbind your Facebook account but you're still having your friends' list.
The reason as to why you're encountering those are probably you added your FB friends that is why you still have them on your list.
If not, try restarting the game/re-installing the game to see if there's any changes.

-If you mean that you want to unbind your account but you can't instead, try restarting your game or reinstalling it. Normally by reinstalling the game your accounts will be unbind automatically and so your accounts will have to bind it manually again.

There are other way to contact the Customer Service. You can ask for help of your issue/s by contacting through email

State your issue clearly and provide your Game ID, ID no., Server no., game version, the device you're using and a screeshot/video to support the issue.
And if there's anymore issue or problems that you're encountering, please post up a new thread in the Feedback section
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