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Author: yjubilosa
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Post time 2017-3-5 03:19 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Dear developers,
Post time 2017-3-5 03:24 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
hey ML teams, here is my suggestion about new hero(SUPPORT), hero's name is GOBLIN, first of all, this hero made not to kill but to support GOLD for teams, his bassic att is low like only 108 but his role to make team rich, (and he has fast movement speed like yun zao), here some skills = 1. passive; his basic att do 20% phys dmg as additional dmg to monster, minion, turtle, lord, and all teammates got 4% gold whenever goblin get gold from jungle or kill minion/turtle.. 2. 1st skill(pickpocket): goblin do dash movement (just like saber' charge or bruno's tackle) and enemis along the way will loose  75 gold and get 100 phys dmg(CD; 7s it's also good for goblin to run and avoid enemy att) 3. 2nd skill(generous) if rafaela give teammates HP, goblin instantly give all allies 100 gold(CD; 18s at all level) 4. 3rd skill(poison bite); at least give this cham little offense skill, this skill make goblin anger and bite enemies continuously until goblin can't find next target(like bruno's ulti ball) and every bite do 50 dmg and give bleeding effect like yi sun sin.. ok guys that my suggestion about new hero, we already had rafaela for boosting HP, now we need goblin for boosting gold, next we will need support hero for boosting CDR, and Mana.. and if u agree about this goblin, u must slightly reduce gold acquired from jungle and turtle, so this GOBLIN will be booming.. btw my IGN is "elpino" and my ID is 12742943(2013)
Post time 2017-3-5 03:28 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
dear developers! frst of all, congratulations for your succesful game moba mobile legends, and my only suggestion is that make a new skin for kagura on this march or april..we all would like to see new skin for kagura with title epic and brand new model and brand new skill effect..and why do you keep nerfing hero that already balance like for example : kagura : she is a reaper/damage which have speciality of skill combinations . there are lot of skill combinations that we can do with kagura skill..but week by week , she got nerf which including her passive with her ultimate that can no longer stack with seimei umbrella open (the slower effect) she's a mage and she deserve that. let's say if she using her ultimate and players easily dodge it and escape?it's very mastering kagura and im not complaining about her but what are the special that she is a skill combinations if the effect are no longer stack with her ultimate/her skill? she is reaper.. well tho i keep waiting for the new skin for kagura this month hope the price will be around 599-799 diamonds ..
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Post time 2017-3-5 04:02 PM | Show all posts
Edited by DPloi at 2017-3-5 16:07

Dear Developers,

Please space out the towers in mid lane so that you can walk between  the mid inhibitor and mid 2nd tower. This is so people can sneak from behind enemy when in mid lane as those two towers are too close. That goes for every tower to have space between each tower. Another example is the inhibitors and the base tower do not have much space in between. Make it so that the towers area of attack is not overlapping another tower.

Push the mid bushes out more so that you don't get seen entering those bushes at the side by the mid lane enemy before entering the bush.

Make the jungle have more creeps instead of one in each area.

When enemy kills someone with blue or red buff, they get 3/4 remaining time of the buff but with half the buff's effects. Example, Saber kills Fanny with blue buff, Saber gets 25% CDR and 25% mana reduction instead of the normal 50%. If Saber gets killed by someone else, the buff remaining time would be 1/4 original but 25% of its attributes still.

Add more spell vamp items with different attributes like spell vamp with cdr.

Make Lolita Shield negate 99% tower damage from her 2nd spell. The second hit, she negates 66%, third hit and over is 33%. I doubt shield would be up for more than 4 hits anyway.

Adjust the hero pick by categories on their main role. Notify on screen that says "There is no mage" or "There is no tank" so people can realize what roles they can pick.

Some heroes are not being played by the role you set out for them when promoting. I suggest you move those heroes to the roles they are mostly used in game like you did with Franco who used to be on a fighter role. Examples are Ruby and Balmond. Move them to the tank section and adjust their gears accordingly to that role. Do not make their damage weaker as Balmond lacks stuns but is a good offensive AoE tank.
Post time 2017-3-5 04:14 PM | Show all posts

The only thing I can contribute to this is to report the constant lag. Despite the many updates, there's still no fix to the lags (In matchup or rank) I'm even being flagged for lagging despite having a decent ping, between 98ms & 110 ms. :@
This is seriously keeping alot of players unhappy with the gameplay. Would be great if this issue is finally answered.
Post time 2017-3-5 04:37 PM | Show all posts
Edited by apriori3010 at 2017-3-5 16:39

Hi, developers. I very love this game and i love Akai chamption, but he have a bug with his ulty (thank you for fix his first skill range bug!).  Bug description: when i ulty with Akai, i start to roll and push opponents, but after Nana uses second spell on me (or Saber use his ulty on me), Akai continue roll,but without pushing effect. It's sad, because Akai start to be useless until ulty end.

Pls fix it. Thank you.
Post time 2017-3-5 04:55 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Good day, ladies and Legends. I, like you, really like this game. But, alas, the last time a match for the game seems all the more monotonous. 30 characters - not the limit, so I would like to give an idea on the 5 heroes, whose skills are unique to this game (maybe not only in this). Go:  1) Ice Mage / Yeti (on the name and appearance do not insist) magician, a support.  Bottom: Chill - Aura lowering speed attack enemies. ICED - when in the water, all the river freezes, causing minor damage to all who are in it.  A) Skating Rink - creates an icy lake. Each enemy closing in on him, transferred (slips) to the opposite edge of the lake. You can drive a turret or the crowd of their  B) Whiteout - freezes all enemies within, the trick is that they are invulnerable to this point, which gives only the possibility of the team reconstructed / escape / run up.  B) ice wall - shot on the line which forms the wall.  Ps .: since magic is not particularly martial, suggest to make it a good base damage that is paired with a liability will make it powerful in the first half of the game. ----_------------- 2) Cyclops / Orc. Tank, Ranged.  Liabilities: + additional splash damage to towers  A) Howl - scream, causing all enemy heroes / units run in the opposite direction from the side of the hero. You can add some sort of bonus  B) Throw - throws the hero / unit in an enemy hero / tower unit. Priority: the enemy hero into an enemy hero - enemy creep into enemy hero - his creep into enemy hero - their hero in an enemy hero, in the absence of a radius of an enemy hero, save the creep / tower. While pressing the keys, you can come up / aim with the "shell" in the hands. (Already I hear swearing towards beginners)  B) Strike - rolls a stone boulder, which randomly scatters the enemies for a short distance. And inflicts physical damage ---------------------- 3) Theft / Stalker. Killer, physical, melee.  Bottom: theft, with each blow knocks the opponent with a few coins in his piggy bank.  A) Mina - throws mine. (Or suggest to limit the minimum distance from mine to mine, or timer)  B) Badabum - makes a jump on an enemy touches a bomb to him and pushes (5 yards), where he was 3-5 seconds explodes.  B) Strangulation - clinging to the enemy's throat and chokes him until recently, any attack the hero or victim breaks strangulation. Damage should not be large. Pressing skill interrupts strangulation. ------------------  4) Necromancer / Warlock / Obsessed (by name / appearance I do not insist). Mage, Melee  Bottom: Reincarnation - after the death sheds its skin and, in the form of a vampire (unmanaged ... although ...), rushes to the nearest character to inflict, in the absence of the hero does a trick with a tower :). You can add any kind of aura eats magic armor.  Of magic: A) Spitting poison - it's simple, gradual magic damage  B) infects creeps - after death turn into skeletons (cast on an enemy hero in question)  B) Totem - puts a gloomy tower that shoots enemies (physical damage) --------------- 5) for gender equity): a female ghost (Transparent lady with a sickle). Mage meely. infighting  Bottom: bias 30-40℅ + magic armor. Each shot consumes enemy mana  A) Control - makes use of an enemy hero hit (1, 2, 3 - depending on the level) to the nearest partner.  B) Rejuvenation - a single shot (magical damage), causing damage and converts it into health.  B) Silence - mass.
Post time 2017-3-5 05:03 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Not synchronized friends with only one contact while playing together with many but non-displayable
Post time 2017-3-5 05:43 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Hi dev i have seen alot of markman hero being use laterly with an stupidly high basic damge (over 4000 in so case),  i would like to see this nerf as i seen been in many tanky and assassin hero die before they can do any damge and if they get to the marksman hero they still die as most tanky and assassin hero do only about 400 - 500 basic damge. Also  some heros do not stun, knockback/up or freeze on there ability and some heros having two of there effect
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