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[Talk With Developer] Weekly Suggestions [06/25/2018 - 07/01/2018]

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Weekly Suggestions [06/25/2018 - 07/01/2018]

Dear all,

The following are reply and solution for recent feedback from players. Thanks for your feedback, please check.

1. Hayabusa

We realized that most comments are against his Skill 2, but it should be easier to use compared to the skill before revamp. These complaining players are likely to be players who already gotten used to the previous version of Hayabusa; they might feel uncomfortable as they have to learn the new style of skill 2. We will keep on observing it, in order to bring a better gameplay experience to everyone.

2. Feedback (Advance Server)

Summary Description Reply

Suggestion for Argus’ background story and skill.

Story: Argus has been swallowed up by the greed for power that makes his soul corrupted; but Rafaela can help Argus, who turned into a demon after destroying the seal and taking the demon's sword. Immediately, Rafaela went to Argus. After meeting Argus, she could not stand the form of demonic Argus. Rafaela tried to heal and restore the soul of Argus that was consumed by the demonic sword by taking out all of his abilities. Rafaela finally managed to take the soul of Argus and return it back to his body. However, Argus still cannot control the demonic sword. Thus, Argus lives with two halves which are opposite: half angel, and half demon.

Passive skills: When Argus’s HP is less than 30%, Argus will be immune to all attacks. Effect is valid every 5 minutes.

Skill 1: Argus will dash in the specified direction, giving 100 Physical Attack (additional 300 Physical Attack). If the enemy was killed using Skill 1, Skill 1 will reset and add 200 Physical Damage.

Skill 2: Pierce the target with the demon sword, giving 650 Physical Attack (additional 400 Physical Attack). When target is hit, target receives bleeding effect every 1 second, giving 40 Physical Attack that last for 5 seconds.

Skill 3: Increase Physical Attack by 40% and 10% lifesteal and make opponent fear and slow their movement. When killing the target with Skill 2 while Skill 3 is active, increase the bleeding effect by 5 seconds and stun the enemy who was exposed to fear.

Will think about it.

Suggestion for new hero

Arthur Pendragon

In the war of the dark elves and the humans, Arthur was the leader of the human army. With his sword Excauliber, he was invincible against the elves but Karina appeared. He was no match for her and was nearly killed; but Karina showed mercy and left him in the battlefield. When he woke up, he saw his army dead and was devastated. He said to himself that one day he would avenge his Army of Camelot. Since that tragic day, he started his quest to eliminate every dark elf and seek Karina.
SKILL 1- Execution cooldown-6.0 sec
It will increase Arthur’s Physical Attack and Attack Speed and slow down nearby enemies. Lasts 5 seconds
Skill 2- Pierce
Athur waves his sword and a huge stream of light appears, dealing 300(+150 Physical Damage) to enemies
Skill 3- Light of Tommorow
Athur will heal himself using 50% of the enemy heroes’ life, according to the lane that the heroes are in.
Passive- Strong Shield
Every basic attack will boost Arthur’s defence by +5. Stacks up to 10.

Player already owned all heroes available in Fragment Store; suggest that letting him to have option of selling the extra hero fragments.

Suggestions for hero fragments to be sold because user already has all the heroes. As a result, hero fragments piled up too much and cannot be used. Thanks.

Will pay attention on this issue.

Rework Freya’s outfit color.

Please rework freya with blue hair and white clothes

Make Survival Mode permanent

Please make survival mode in Mobile Legends permanent.. everyone loves it and it would make your ratings higher.. because everyone plays PUBG

Gord is too weak

I think Lunox (name of hero) is too strong. When gord is normal there's come new hero with crazy skill.

Will look into it.

Selena is too OP. Suggest to reduce stun duration of Skill 2 or make the projectile easier to be spotted.


Will take it into consideration.

Hayabusa’s ulti and skill 3 are too weak. Suggest increasing damage of ulti.

I have a problem with Hayabusa remake. Everything is fine but his ultimate is too weak now. Many players are not satisfied with the new Hayabusa Ultimate. Previously, Hayabusa’s old Ultimate is fine and balanced but the new Hayabusa’s Ultimate (Skill 3) is too weak. You can improve his Ultimate (Skill 3) or restore it back to the way it was, like the previous Hayabusa before rework.

Will think about it

Able to collect weapon in Survival Mode

Please allow the acquisition of weapons so that there’s better stats. Only in survival mode

Name: idree
1st skill: unsene<
2nd skill: huchindene
Ulti: hohuulnr

Against Hayabusa, Skill 1 is better, but the Skill 2 is weak.

The revamped version of the hero Hayabusa is not satisfactory... the previous Hayabusa was better tha this.. only the current first skill is good.. but the previous second skill was better

Will think about it

New hero with bomb

How about a new hero with bomb, that would be awesome.


Jade Path – Can the player achieve to next area although they didn’t purchase diamond or sharing the game?

Although it is the event of jade path, can you release the next area? Is it possible for people who do not charge and do not share the solo that the next area can be banned? I am as it is.

Yes, as long as they complete other tasks.

3. Hero Skill

Summary Skill Reply

Make Selena’s Skill 1 can be only hit on hero.

Can you please make selena's first skill a 'skillshot' so that my first skill can't attack minions or turrets?

Not in plan

Channel period for Lolita’s ulti is too long, and the CD is 40sec but can be easily canceled by other skill. Suggest improving her ulti.

I stopped playing Mobile Legends, because I’m so dissatisfied with Lolita's ultimate skill, which cancelled so easily because the enemy hit her while she takes too much time for saying rockeeeeeeeet haxxxx (i got hit and waited
for my cooldown which is 40 seconds and they just canceled my rocket hammer in just a second?). It is irony since she is a tank but her ultimate skill can be cancelled so easily. Compared to other tanks like Akai, Johnson, Hylos etc, their ultimate skills can't be stopped. This is so unbalanced, I think and this affects my playing experience. I hope that Lolita’s Ultimate Skill can be improved to be more durable but I think it’ll never happen. Please note that Johnson is banned too frequently and Akai or Hylos is used too frequently by players. There must be a reason why they always pick them.

Will think about it.

Improving Skill 2 of Unarus (i.e. able to stun after shield duration is ended). He is too weak compare to other tanks, no cc, no damage, and no skill to protect teammate.


In planning

Saber – adding passive to skill 2: mark the first hero hit by skill 2; an extra spinning sword will attached to the marked hero if he is also hit by skill 1. Spinning sword dealing damage to the hero (same as skill 1) and also enemy nearby, but in half damage of skill 1.

Hi. I want give a suggestion about SABER, I hope to buff his Second Skill. The buff goes like this: When the dash hits the first hero, the hero will receive a mark. When First Skill flying sword hits the hero, the hero will 'receive' a flying sword that surrounds the hero. The damage of the flying sword is the same as the 1st skill and deals half damage to the enemy troops beside(minion,jungle,hero). Also, if Saber hits the 'marked' hero, he will deal extra 5% physical damage . I hope MLBB can improve SABER, Thank you.

Selena is too OP.


Increase the range of Moskov basic attack, skill 1, and skill 2; for at least 30%.

Range / distance of the markaman of the mosque's markaman added a little longer, at least 10-30% for basic attck and skill 1-2. Because I think range / mosque distance is too short and skill 1-2. That's just a suggestion for me.


Will be buffed soon

Minatour - Change name of skill 1. It’s weird to see him smash the ground by leg instead of hammer where the skill name is Sacred Hammer.

Can you change Minotaur’s First Skill name or maybe change the animation (up to you)? I mean like, really? The First Skill name is Sacred Hammer, but why would he smash the ground with his feet instead his hammer? Doesn’t make sense to me.....

Will think about it

4. About Recent Change

Because there is a lot of repetitive feedback this time (i.e. 44 feedbacks against Hayabusa), we will combine certain feedback together for easier reading. We are sorry if there is any inconvenience.

Summary About Recent Change Reply

Make Featured Emblem refresh daily

Make the featured Emblems refresh daily, because I need to wait for ages for the emblem that I need.

Not in plan

Mage is too weak in new patch. Player needs more item with magic penetrate.

Bring back the Disaster Truncheon, the 15+ Magic Penetration. On the glowing wand. Mages are at a disadvantage in this new update that you made, tried every trick that I know and I even tried a new set of items and applied new points to different attributes of emblem and it just doesn't work :(

Please try the new item: Soul Scroll

Pharsa is too op in Brawl Mode

Hi, would like to request that Pharsa be banned from Brawl due to imbalance of power. I have tried two games against Pharsa and both are unable to be won because of her ability and the short distance gameplay in Brawl. Would suggest that a formal in-game email be sent to all players to notify the reason as to why Pharsa is not banned in the recent update or would be banned in the future ones. Thank you and have a pleasant week ahead.

1. Will check the data

2. Maybe reduce the chance of getting Phrasa

Suggestion: Sun – Can roll with skill 2, like previous design.

Hi moonton. If im allowed to suggest. I would like sun's skill 2 which is instantanous move. Please change the move like before the update that could rolls. Because this is very hard to attack or run away from enemy. I prefer the rolls that would makes the hero perfect. I love to use sun as my best hero. I would appreciate your concern. Thanks

Not in plan

Make some mana regen item that is suitable for Alice.

I need some Mana Regen item for Alice with buff ,because if I buy Mana Regen shoes it will be sold at late game ,and calamity reaper it's not perfect for Alice ,she is just spamming skills not basic attack ,and i don't for book of talisman ,because if I play with my squad I'm get blue buff as always .So how I get Mana Regen at late game?

Will observe

Gatotkaca – new skill 2 is bad, slow charge and easy to be counter. Adjustment on item – Wings of the Apocalypse and Oracle is even worst for him.

Please bring back the old 2nd skill of Gatotkaca, the new one is freaking ugly as *.If you want your players to play gatotkaca please bring back his old 2nd skill. He doesn't need that freaking so *ing slow charge and its so easy counter and you destroyed his freaking core items like 'Wings of the Apocalypse Queen' and 'Oracle'. Inshort you *ing DESTROYED Gatotkaca. Goodjob moonton Goodjob for destroying tank items and my MAIN Gatotkaca.

Please try the new item

Opinion on revamped Gatotkaca:
1. Skill 1 is better
2. Channeling duration of skill 2 is too long, and the area of effect is too small; it’s even considered of casted and go into CD if cancelled during channeling.
3. Ulti is better

Im a gatotkaca user and after the recent update, after the rework, unfortunately i find it rather dissapointing, i want to give my opinion about the rework,

The first skill is magnificent enough no complaints for this as it is better than before

This where i find the most difficulities. The charging is not a problem but the taunt is not as good as before as it is less in duration and area of effect. I used to be able to taunt lots in a longer duration. And also while charging if i cancel it, it is counted as used and i have to waitnfor the cooldown. Ergh annoying

the ulti point of view is easier to use its good.

WELL MY SUGGESTION, change the secondskill like before or even better modif then the durationb area effect of the town like the old one.


Will take into consideration.

Bring back the old Disaster Truncheon, and adjust attributes of Soul Scroll

I do not like the updates with magic items. I would suggest that disaster truncheon will be back. And soul scroll will be adjusted its attributes or just bring the old stats back of glowing wand.

Not in plan

The design of the chest is ugly than before.

The design of the chest is ugly than before.

Which one?

Need more defensive item, especially against critical attack.

Hello developer;all of my friends said the critical reduction in defence item..we can't find critical reduction item;(iron steel or heart of steel..with critical reduction..I forgot the name).Now only 1 item have critical reduction with low percent.We need that defence item critical reduction..pls add that item.

Will adjust Lesley

Why remove HP regen from Oracle. Many Tanks are relying on it, now the tanks are weaker because of it.

Please don't kill other tank players out there especially who play solo. I'm a solo tank user and it's hard to use tank now without the help of oracle. I always buy oracle and it is my favorite tank item. Why does removing it's regen effect while giving phy/mag items such buff like spell vamps and life steal. You're just making solo tank users to quit ML. This update is good but only one thing makes me disappointed. The remove regen effect of oracle. I'm not satisfied on that changes where most tank rely on that item to be mo effective on team fights. Now tank can easily die while other hero's class has an item buffed. Fix it. More solo tank users will quit if this would continue

Please try new item: Sky Guardian Helmet

Battle performance – display effect of killing notice.

The new items and recent updates are pretty good in thd meta.I just have one suggestion.When ever you have slained an enemy,make the pictures above exchange with the skins that the user or enemy has.This might be confusing to new players as to identify what hero was it,so adding a feature in the settings where you can see the hero skins if you'd like to will improve this suggestion.This wouldn't improve the battle,but it would come off as a neat detail.That is all.I hope you see and understand my suggestion.

Not in plan

Gatotkaca – skill 2 went into CD when interrupted by other or cancelled by player. It’s horrible.

Gatotkaca has such a horrible 'Unbreakable ' skill. You have to hold the button to charge it to increase the duration, then it's ridiculous that you have to wait a couple more seconds for taunt to activate! The worst part about this skill, once interrupted while charging, you lose the skill as it begins its countdown which means you never even used it and it's already back to countdown. It's so horrible it's such a bad skill design. I wish the developers would test it out thoroughly before updating and letting users use the character. I hope this gets fixed.

1. It’s normal if interrupted by enemy’s skill
2. But we will think about to reduce the CD if it’s cancelled by player.

Passive of golden staff didn’t triggered if using Clint

the x3 basic attack, passive of golden staff didnt triggered if you use clint pls fix it

Xie Bin please check

Please bring back the item that can reduce critical chance, otherwise no one can stop Lesley.

Please give back man of steel armor 20% crit reduce. Because without that lesley and other marksman is to op

Will think about it

Increase HP of Lancelot

Help me bring back lancelot's his power back. He's weak. so reconsider to bring his powet back. Now lowered his HP with the new update. Seems unfair. Bring his HP more or give him more burst to attack

Not in plan

Adjustment on Scarlet Phantom make Natalia becomes weaker.

It is about changing wind stalker with scarlet phantom I am the user of natalia fell like nerf cause critical damage on natalia is falling down

It’s not real.

Nana’s skill 2 is too difficult to use, please rework it.

About nana's skill 2 i think it's too difficult to control. It's better past skill 2 Morp spell than now, I hope you can back it again.

Thank you

Not in plan

Sun’s clones run very slow when moving, it should be same as Sun according to the skill description. Attack speed on Skill 1 is decrease. Sun is weak.

I found the problem on clone sun (skil 1 and skil 2)\u000aThe developer writes on the list of updates the clone sun gets buffs at the same attack speed as the original sun. But when I tried it happened instead. Clone sun actually runs very slow when moving. Clone body size becomes larger than the original sun. Speed of attack on skil 1 sun decreases. Very slow like never before. Whereas in the list of updates clone sun get buff. But the opposite happened. I feel disappointed about this .. I feel uncomfortable when playing using sun.

Need to test and check, De Cai please look into it.

Unable to add or invite friend.

This is a dumb update. Yes, you can like and follow others just by heart and thumbs up, but after that you cannot add them and invite them. You just see their names. Dumb update!

Will be improved

Gord’s adjustment is bad. Animation effect of the old one is better.

The new remake of Gord is very bad
No Sound effects
Animation effect of the old one was way better
Please its a humble request change the newgord to old.
Hope mobile legends keeeps our request noone is liking it.

Will add on the sound effect of animation

Passive of Oracle is the core for tank, please bring it back

Previous version of oracle's passive effect is CORE ITEM FOR TANK. please bring it back

Please try the new item.

Minotaur – Skill 2 is good but Skill 1 is bad. Ulti is bad too, because only last two shockwave have the stun effect; Minotaur’s def & magic resist is weaker too.

Suggestion – all three shockwave of ulti can stun and bring back the old skill 1. As well as increasing the charging speed of rage.

Please return the 1st skill of minotaur to his skill before the update swinging around is absolutely fine latest updates made him too weak, i felt it his physical and magical def reduced greatly and his ultimate skill only last two shockwave makes hero went to the air should he all three shockawves. So my suggestion is get back the 1st and ultimate skill of minotaur to the previous update and just to make his gathering of rage faster than before, beacuse when i read the update about him its the rage factor the needs to be deveolped not his other skills, the 2nd is good for the latest update, but please return the 1st and the last skill im using mino all the time, im a tankplayer and i really need mino pls do something about this thank you so much.

Plan to improve in future

The new Blade of Despair is imbalance, with this item, many hero can simply eliminate squishy target.

The old blade of despair is amazingly balance. The new one is *ed up.
Saber ultimate is literally auto kill when targeting mage/marksman.
Lance second skill can almost kill any squishy target when their health below 50%, not ultimate, just 1 freaking skil and it can kill.
Natalia can almost make a sure kill. Once she silent and use second skill, any squishy target will die.
Marksman damage is too high now. Once any squishy target get below 50% health, most of marksman can 1 hit kill them.

The old ones is better because it can only be activated when enemy in immobilize state, which mean that high damage hero like marksman/assassin wont get the passive by themselves (which is really good). It should be still like this so high damage hero wont abuse this item.

Beside, this passive is the same like one item from *.

It’s how it should be, will further observe performance report.

Gord – new passive is weaker. It’s hard to hit target with new Skill 1.

My most fav. Hero is Gord. The old gord is indeed so powerful with his passive amplify magic. And you nerfed gord the way is it before this update (im still not try gord this update). But one problem , in my opinion my nemenis for gord in my old days are fanny and natalia cause their mobility. Hard to catch them. As for now. Seems like you nerfed gord again (maybe?). Because his skill 1 not targeting directly anymore right? It jump twice before it hit the target. And you keep release new hero with high mobility like gusion and lancelot. Most problem is gusion. Theres no way to stun him. And now the skill 1 is revamped. I think its more impossible. Thats it. Just my opinion : )

Adjustment in future.

Sun – clone’s moving speed is slower than Sun itself.

The new patch says that the doppelgangers of Sun have now the same attack speed of Sun himself BUT after a test i noticed that the attack speed of the skill 1 doppelganger is SOOOO Slow (1 basic attack every 1.5-2 sec) and the attack speed of ulti doppelganger is also slow compared to original Sun... this bug makes sun so weak now

Please check. De Cai follow up.

Minotaur skill 1 can easily slow enemy.

Why change mino first skill. Mino first skill before the updated should be better. Easy to slow the enemies and run from enemies since show how you designed the hero(mino) with the hammer.

That’s the purpose.

Need more magic vamp item, disappointed to the new/updated mage item.

I just wanna ask, where the life steal item for mage? I really disapointed with all rework equipment, especially for mage. Now there is no life steal iten for mage. Moonton i really disapointed

Mage is strong, please try to experience it.

Critical chance missing during gameplay.

Recent update causes the crit chances to gone so sudden. Sorry I do not have screenshot of it. Played in custom to try out the nee item. Do please check about the error on *Sudden Crit Chance Gone*

Is it referring to the critical chance or the floating notice? Golden Staff will convert the crit chance into attack speed.

Hayabusa – Skill 1 looks like Lapu Lapu’s skill. Skill 2 hard to control, ulti not good as old one.

Hi Moonton,

Base on the latest update on Mobile Legends, we're as a player of this game ao happy, ccause the dev release such a big update that make player feel more comfort to play, but, not all the updates is good too, like the latest remake of hayabusa, with skill 1 like skill lapu-lapu, and skill 2 wich is unfully controlled again, and skill 3 not as good as before.
Honestly, im a hayabusa player, was so dissapointed with the latest update, and i got reported from other player cause i dont know if hayabusa was remake, i know thats my fault cause i'm not read the notif, but still, hayabusa is not fully control hero again, not at all.
So, please, can you make hayabusa like the original hayabusa? You can change the statistic of the hero, but dont with the skill, cause its not hayabusa again, i hope you know what im saying. Please, give us the old hayabusa.

Thank you,

Mobile Legends player

Replied as item 1.

5. Equipment

Summary Equipment Reply

Knives MPsteal cost 2120

+80 physical attack
mana steal 15%
+20% Critical Strike Chance
Mana regen 15

Unique Passive-More Mana: if mana drops to less than 25% will have additional mana for 4 sec.

Golden Staff is too OP, especially when Karrie is using it

The update was very good. But the golden staff is too OP if used on Karrie. Pls nerf this item. Example nerf it's damage and passive. TQ for listening to my suggestion.

Will keep observe performance data

Triggers effect of Golden Staff passive with Zi Long and Bane.

Golden Staff Passive - Triggers effect x3 on every 3rd basic attack, shouldn’t it work on passive of zilong and bane as well? “cd reduction on every basic attack hit” should have triggered effect x3 as it is not damage based but effect based to deal more skill damage (like karrie).

In discussion

New item with effect of reducing lifesteal.

Can you please make an item for tank role that have an ability to reduce lifesteal? It's not fair that we (tank players) had to change one of our tank item to anti lifesteal item and that makes our hero less defense and squishy against powerful hero with crits and lifesteal. Please make one anti lifesteal item for tank to balance the game. I really appreciate if you like to respon my suggestion.

In discussion

Don’t neft Rose Gold Meteor

Dont nerf rose gold meteor item, 30 seconds is fair , if you put 40 second to active its eff is too long

Planning to nerf it… sorry.

Wind of Nature: make it allow to immune all sources of damage instead of only physical.

Subject: suggestion about the new gear wind of nature.

Only immunity to physical damage is totally incomplete and its 100% gurantee this item will become useless against mage and its sure to incounter one mage as we play so please add both physical and magical immunity and reduce its duration to one second and cooldown to 60 seconds. By making this item in this manner it will gain retion. Please look forward to my urgent request.

Thank you, may your app mobile legends soon become the top 1# MOBA in coming future, transcend.

That’s how it should be.

Why only Calamity Reaper has the effect of manage regen?

All mage need mana regen. Only Calamity Reaper have +30 mana regen. Does all mage should use Calamity Reaper for mana regen?

1. Other: Demon Shoe or Enchanted Talisman
2. Will keep observe and check if there is any necessary adjustment.

Why remove Boot of Tranquillity. Should make item to improve healing effect for support hero.

Why did Boots of Tranquility got removed???
I think it help Estes to have more heal. Is there alternative for it? You should create or update an equipment that will help healers to increase their heal effect or hp regen please. Healers should be considered more since their mainly be going to be targetted alot and so they could healnand support better!

Optional item: 1. Oracle
2. Demon Shoe

Download original files : Suggestions 06/25-07/01

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More thug life, sry. ML troll.png
Post time 2018-7-14 08:49 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Hi, ML BANG BANG I would like to give suggestion about the Hero, Fanny. It seems that when she is flying from her cables and she is stunned, knocked up or being petrified, her mobility from her cables is still there which is unfair. Imagine a character from the anime Attack on Titan, when they use their maneuvering gears. When they are hit with something along the way, they fall. Not being realistic but it needs to be adjusted. Fanny should be adjusted for that. Thank you ML BANG BANG :)
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Always ignoring Rafaela
Post time 2018-7-12 09:39 PM | Show all posts
Thug life
Post time 2018-7-13 12:06 AM | Show all posts

deym Moonton killed the drama in just three words lol.
Post time 2018-7-13 04:27 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
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How do I post to forums to show cheaters
Post time 2018-7-15 08:17 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Special Skin Gatotkaca
Post time 2018-7-16 01:49 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
make THE NEW HERO SAMURAI.. enough for mage and ninja (lol)
i think the last survey show the samurai guy.. please make this hero..
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