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[Hero Concept] [HC] Elicia | Mechanical Inventor (MM/Tank & MM/Mage)

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Edited by DevAqua at 2018-7-15 12:52 AM

[Hero Concept] Elicia - Mechanical Inventor

Role : Marksman / Tank & Marksman / Mage

Type : DPS / Burst

Elicia Hartfiel, a genius girl. At a young age, Elicia has been recognized for her talents on innovating simple items into large-scale machineries. Dr. Rooney, another famed person was her inspiration for her creations- she became his assistant after many events, this led to her creating the infamous Knoxx Machina, a destructive weapon of mass power infused with magic, this was not favored by Dr. Rooney so she created the Freich Machina that hid the Knoxx Machina, the Freich Machina contained cells which act as a defensive barrier that when enhanced, will be able to protect a huge portion of land from any conventional weaponry by redirecting it to another position, this was therefore recognized by Dr. Rooney unknowingly that the Knoxx Machina resides within it.

Years passed and Elicia came to a slump, she decided to go to the Land of Dawn to further ehance her research and to test the capabilities of the (Knoxx and) Freich Machina, this was approved of by Dr. Rooney, he gave her a necklace that contains his name and insignia at the end of the string to signify her acquiantance with him. She then bid goodbye and promised to return and help him create "the best machine ever".

Passive (The Light of Freich)
- Every 15s that Elicia is damaged, she gains a shield that absorbs 1000 (increases by level) damage. In turn, this loads the Freich Absorb skill and resets the cooldown. When Knoxx Machina is in hand, her physical damage and attack speed is increased by 20%.
75% of Elicia's Total Magic Damage is converted into 60% Physical Damage and 15% Attack Speed (does not deplete her magic damage)

< Freich Machina >
1st Skill (Freich Absorb) [CD 8s]
- 50% of enemy damage will be absorbed by the Machina when in range and will load Knoxx Burst with additional power making it last longer for (damage received / 2000) seconds. Skill lasts for 3s. The time increase will last for 30s and will disappear when not used.

2nd Skill (Freich Displacement) [CD 5s]

-  Will station the Freich Machina at an area, this will provide a shield that absorbs 250 damage on every ally in range upon casting for 2s and will enhance allied health regeneration by 5% in the area that the machine is placed in. Elicia's Attack Speed will increase by 10% for 3s

3rd Skill (Freich Release) [CD 8s]

- The Freich Machina will turn into the Knoxx Machina and will return to Elicia, enemies within the path will be dealt with 500(+25% total health converted into physical damage) physical damage that increases by 20 every lvl.

Ultimate Skill (Freich Animatronix) [CD 30s / CD joins with the Knoxx Animatronix CD]

- The Machine will turn into an animatronic entity that will force every enemy basic attack and lock-in skills to target that animatronic for 5s, the animatronic itself does not have any health so every ally within the animatronic may be damaged by the enemy, else the damage will just disappear in the animatronic. (Displacement does not affect the skill. Animatronic does not deal any damage. Area Skills and Global Skills are unaffected)

< Knoxx Machina >

1st Skill (Knoxx Burst) [CD 10s]
- Divides the Knoxx into 4 Parts on every direction. The parts on the left, right and back rapidly closes in to the front pushing enemies to the front while the front remains stationary and will deal 300(+100% total magic damage) damage per second for 3s (+ Freich Absorb Seconds), when the left and right parts collide with the front, it stuns the enemy for 2s and will deal 750/770/790/810/830 magic damage.


2nd Skill (Knoxx Improve) [CD 12s]
- The Knoxx Machina will move back to Elicia and will provide 350(+250% total magic damage) magic damage to enemies within 50% of her maximum range (range increases every 3 levels, damages every second). while enhancing her attack speed and movement speed by 20% for 5s (when 1st skill is active, the enhancements are activated and will last until the end of the Enhancement Time while the Knoxx will only activate upon returning for the same duration)

3rd Skill (Knoxx Containment) [CD 8s]
- The Knoxx Machina will turn into the Freich Machina (when skills are active, the 3rd Skill cannot be activated) regenerating 25% of Elicia's total health for 5s while activating the passive.

Ultimate Skill (Knoxx Animatronix) [CD 30s / CD joins with the Freich Animatronix CD]
- The Machine will turn into an animatronic entity that will chase the first target and immobilizing it for 2s and dealing 350(+175% total magic damage) Magic Damage to all enemies in range (every 2 seconds) while stealing 25% of enemy health,
providing Elicia regeneration. The Animatronix cannot be harmed since it has no health bar, however, it can be Stunned, Pulled, Knocked Back or Immobilized. Animatronic will last for 10s (increases by level, up to 15s)


"Seems like a testing ground to me!"
"Ugh, Knoxx, come on!"
"The Doctor won't be able to find out what's inside now!" *giggles*
"Puppet Girl, Puppet Girl, will you be able to find your way?"

Upon Death
"Needs some improvement"


Been wanting to create the design. Here, have a look.
It's alright to "use" it or improve it in some way; but at the least, please redirect it to me, thanks :3
and yeah, I'd appreciate it if you do steal it (I need someone to digitize this) XD

Elicia :
Basic Idea of Elicia, Freich and Knoxx.

CC's Words
Yeah, time to add someone to the Rooney Mystery :3
Any thoughts? leave a comment down below.

Should I suggest this to the Devs?
Post time 2018-7-15 01:56 AM | Show all posts
oh what the...

this thread is so detailed and nice...i really enjoyed reading it, the character is really nice too i like to see a character with more than 3 skills tho haha so yeah gj
 Author| Post time 2018-7-15 09:07 AM | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2018-7-15 01:56 AM
oh what the...

this thread is so detailed and nice...i really enjoyed reading it, the character is  ...

Post time 2018-7-15 11:38 AM | Show all posts
the skill look complicated XD but i love the role idea she can become tank mage and tank marksman :D
Post time 2018-7-15 12:55 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Why do anyone create such powerful hero suggestions?? 1.skill-no cc, permanent buff, ulti, stunn every enemy for 5s, and like all the skills has some kind of ballance problem.
 Author| Post time 2018-7-15 07:19 PM | Show all posts
DeathBrain replied at 2018-7-15 12:55 PM
Why do anyone create such powerful hero suggestions?? 1.skill-no cc, permanent buff, ulti, stunn eve ...

Mind telling me what you find unbalanced (specifically) to further improve my hero suggestions? thank you
Post time 2018-7-15 10:04 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
The passive is much better then any other tank passive. Ulti: stealing 25% of enemys For a hero with 6 skills and such great passive??  Just think about every skills. Its far far away from ballance.
Post time 2018-7-15 10:05 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Wait...its 8 skill+a great passive......
 Author| Post time 2018-7-16 04:15 AM | Show all posts
Edited by DevAqua at 2018-7-16 04:16 AM
DeathBrain replied at 2018-7-15 10:04 PM
The passive is much better then any other tank passive. Ulti: stealing 25% of enemys  ...

Oh, regarding the passive : It has 2 states - Freich and Knoxx with different effects for the current set.
The Freich Passive Loads the 1st Skill of Freich which absorbs damage and loads the 1st Skill of Knoxx.
And since Freich is a Stationary Mechanism, it absorbs damage that passes through it's area/range.
(Hero is seperate from machine)

When in Knoxx, the Freich Passive won't be active.
the Damage Conversion is to supply her with Phys and ATK Speed since she's mostly going to use Mana and Magic Power over regular Marksman Build.

The 25% Health Steal is from the Ultimate (Knoxx Animatronix) that functions solely in the Knoxx Set, this only applies to when the Animatronic is attacking (Similar to Vexana and Sun, but mostly Sun) and it only activates every 2 seconds, The Animatronic stays in the Knoxx Machine's Range and is single-target with area effect. It can be inflicted with debuffs (slow, stun, freeze, confuse)

And since Knoxx is a Mage Role, it goes along with Burst Damage and User Amplification.

While Freich is mostly supportive to the hero's survival; skills cannot be spammed because the Machine is a Singular Unit and will not commence all at once (you can't use Ultimate when using First)

Also, none of the buffs are permanent and will disappear over time when not used.
Post time 2018-7-30 06:34 PM | Show all posts
This seems like an intresting concept XD
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