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[Hero Concept] Hero Idea [ Nyrix | Ethereal Librarian ]

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[ Hero Concept ] Nyrix - Ethereal Librarian

Role : Mage / Fighter

The Records of Naxus Etherial, the Floating Library. People who take random glimpses at the sky have better chances of seeing it.
There seems to be no explanation as to why it remains afloat atop the skies, however, it was known that the library appears in the dreams of people and there they meet the Librarian, the person who manages the Floating Library. Fanny was a young girl when she saw a glimpse of the library and later that night have dreamt of it. Nyrix opened the doors and saw young Fanny crying, she welcomed her to the Library and told her many stories about the sky.
Each night, Fanny gets to dream more and more about the tales Nyrix is telling her. It lasted for only so long and the dreams stopped coming. With her deep desire to soar the skies, ages passed and she succesfully found a way- Nyrix, for the first time in his life, stepped out of the Library doors.
He witnessed the girl he once welcomed to the library become a spectacle to behold. And so, he kept the doors of the Library open and set foot for an adventure to the world beneath him.

Passive Skill (Secrets of the Clouds)
Nyrix has 15(+1) skills overall, all of which are randomized. He starts with the first 3 skills, for every different skill sets he use there will be a different buff based on 3 skills (5 buffs in total). Only his ultimate is unaffected. He has 4 skill icons active.
Base Skills appear more often than Random Skills which is more often than Rare Skills (Rare Skills only appear after specified mins of Gameplay)

When the same skill has been used 3x in within 5 skill uses starting from the first skill use, he will activate the skill's passive.
Mana Consumption increases by 30% as the same skill gets used.
All skill cooldown (refresh) aside from the Ultimate is 5s (unaffected by CDR)

Base Skill #1 (Medical Learning) 30 Mana
Recovers 5% of his total health for 1s
Passive : Recovers an additional 50% of his total health and regens 5% of nearby allies health

Base Skill #2 (Feather Weight) 30 Mana
Movement Speed will increase by 15 for 3s, Attack Speed will increase by 3%
Passive : Movement Speed will be increased by 70 for 10s, Attack Speed will increase by 15%

Random Skill #3 (Vital Points) 70 Mana
Will deal an additional of 50% of current damage to enemy for 3s, Will deal 150% to Jungle Monsters.
Passive : Will inflict true damage and an additional of 75% of current damage to all targets.

Base Skill #4 (Sky Mirror) 50 Mana
Will blind enemies within skill casting range rendering them immobile for 1s and dealing 30/40/50/60/70 Magic Damage
Passive : Releases a burse of light wave on skill casting range that will deal 300/320/340/360/380 (+150% of Hybrid Damage) Damage

Base Skill #5 (False Image) 50 Mana
Teleports to a distance and creates an afterimage that will deal 20(+50% Total Physical Damage) Damage
Passive : Teleports to an allied hero/turret and leaves an afterimage that will deal 150(+75% of Hybrid Damage) Damage

Random Skill #6 (False Mirror) 90 Mana

Teleports to a distance and creates an afterimage that will blind enemies within range, reducing their vision and dealing 150 Hybrid Damage
Passive : Teleports to an allied hero/turret and leaves an afterimage that will reduce enemy vision and deal 450 Hybrid Damage with Penetration.

Base Skill #7 (Devouring Life) 70 Mana
Increases Life Steal by 20 for 5s
Passive : Increases Life Steal by 75 for 5s

Base Skill #8 (Fountain of Blue) 0 Mana
Regenerates Mana by 50% for 10s
Passive : Regenerates Mana by 100% for 15s and Health by 5% for 2s

Random Skill #9 (Amplification Method) 100 Mana
Hybrid Regeneration Increases by 5% for Hero and Nearby Allies
Passive : Hybrid Regeneration increases by 15% for Hero and all Allies

Base Skill #10 (Etherial Increments) 125 Mana
Maximum Health and Mana permanently increases by 150
Passive : Max Health and Mana permanently increases by 300, Maximum Physical and Magical Damage permanently increases by 15

Base Skill #11 (Heavens' Shield) 150 Mana
Damage taken from ranged enemies have a 25% chance of being completely absorbed for 5s
Passive : Damage taken from ranged enemies have a 75% chance of being absorbed for 5s, 25% of total buff for melee enemies.

Random Skill #12 (Judgement of the Wyvern) 200 Mana
All damage taken will be reflected to the damage dealer by 15%
Passive : Will deal 150% of the damage dealt per second back to the damage dealer.

Rare Skill #13 (Harpy Tales) 350 Mana (10 mins)
Reveals all enemy positions in map for 10s while locking in to a visible target that will be dealt with 250/300/350/400/450(+125% Total Hybrid Damage) Damage. Within 10s, all enemies will receive 10% higher damage.
Passive : Will reveal all enemy positions in the map for 10s while damaging all enemies by 175/225/275/325/375(+125% Total Hybrid Damage) Damage.

Rare Skill #14 (Infinite Records) 500 Mana (12.5 mins)
Increases attack speed and lifesteal of all allies by 15% for 5s while providing them with an additional 100 Physical and Magical Damage, also increases their movement speed by 50% and reduces their skills cooldown by 50%.
Passive : Increases Attack Speed, Movement Speed and Life Steal by 25% for 3s while permanently increasing their Physical and Magical Damage by 150. All of their skill cooldown will be reset (aside from ultimate skill)

Rare Skill #15 (Etherial Lore) 750 mana (15 mins)
The Etherial Library proceeds to go down the lane with the hero (when at base; will go down the lane with the least turrets), upon casting, it will move from the Allied Inhibitor Turret to Enemy Inhibitor Turret while dealing 150/175/200/225/250(+100% Hybrid Damage) Damage to enemies along the way, damages both Minions, Turrets and Enemies alike. (Turrets receive 75% less damage)
Passive : The Etherial Library proceeds to go down the lane with the hero, upon casting, it will move from the Allied Inhibitor Turret to Enemy Inhibitor Turret while dealing 375/425/475/525/575(+150% Hybrid Damage) Damage to enemies along the way, will also increase allied movement speed by 30 when at the Etherial Library's Range, this will also give them Immunity from Crowd Control.

Ultimate Skill (Aether Cycle) [30s Cooldown]
Shuffles the skill list, increases the Random and Rare skill appearance by 25% for 6s


Skill Combination Buffs
#1, #2 and #3 -
Increases all hero stats by 5 for 5s.
#4, #5 and #6 - Increases Movement and Attack Speed by 15% for 5s.
#7, #8 and #9 - Replenishes both Mana and Health by 50% for 5s after 1s of being attacked.
#10, #11 and #12 - Will create a shield that absorbs 1000 points of damage.
#13, #14 and #15 - After death, the hero automatically respawns with no respawn time and an additional 2500 Gold.

Pre-Game :
"This place doesn't seem so bad after all."
In-Game :
"Good thing all those years of Ancient Etherial Knowledge was useful"
"Let me tell you a story about the sky"
"It's not only birds that soar the clouds, you know?"
Upon Death :
"This isn't in my book.."

Additional Information

Base Mana : 1500
Base Health : 1500
Base Magical / Physical Damage : 40 / 35
Base Health / Mana Regen : 15 / 20

Concept Creator's Words
What are the chances that you'll activate the Skill Set Buffs? 100% for the 1st set and rougly less than 50 for all the others

(with the last set being the least probable)

It's also pretty much a challenge to have the same 3 skills in within 5 skill execution.
I've thought of it that- we got to have that one hero that depends on the luck of his given set for survival, I've made it so that it'll be less graphic but still more than just buffs. The rare ones also don't appear immediately.

I want one where it'll be such a Miracle that a person gets to activate the Passive of the Rare ones or complete a Skill Buff in the other tiers. Also a contribution to Fanny's Background Story as it is simply just her wanting to fly.

Any suggestions or comments? leave it down below.

I accept gifts

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It seems cool but I'm not a fan of RNG with skills... because thats more luck than strategy
 Author| Post time 2018-7-18 12:08 PM | Show all posts
Moomoomoomoo replied at 2018-7-18 09:20 AM
It seems cool but I'm not a fan of RNG with skills... because thats more luck than strategy

I like people suffering
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