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[Talk With Developer] Weekly Suggestions [07/02/2018 - 07/08/2018]

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Weekly Suggestions [07/02/2018 - 07/08/2018]

Dear all,

The following are reply and solution for recent feedback from players. Thanks for your feedback, please check.

1. Advance Server

Summary Description Reply

Survival mode is better than mirror mode?.

Mode survival is better from mirror.

Moskov’s ulti is difficult to aim on enemy.

I feel happy for give moontoon suggestion for rework hero moskov. Thats range for attack , range teleport for skill 1. And ultimate . His ulti very hard to aim enemies. So i hope moontoon can accept this suggestion for moskov.

Thanks for your feedback; we will take it into consideration.

Lunox’s model too small; skirt behind isn’t connected.

just wanted to let you know that lunox needs some improvement on its wings, it's so funny when the two wings of different colors blend together, then why does lunox look small? he is so small that I think he is a child of a child who grows too fast for me maybe lunox needs a bigger size, when I compare the size to the lancelot I think 'waw lancelot looks like a big guy who has a photo' and I do not like the skirt design anyway I think how the tailor made the skirt skirt and why the tailor did not make shorts only and why when seen from the front felt that skirt that skirt that is connected behind behind is not connected, and pleas me ongin lunox look perfect.

That’s the design.

Improves AI, it’s too weak and unable to train with them.

i wish team mlbb can upgrade computer(custom mode) as good as computer enemy team (include gameplay and the hero choosen) because i cant fully enjoy train my skill when i using support hero / tank or mage that speciality on poke not in damage. . the computer in my team like a awesome that wasnt like the computer enemy somehow is unfair. . . thanks before :)

Improvement is done in Advance Server; Player may select different level of AI

1. Certain in-game translation is incomplete or hard to understand.

2. Function that activates certain spells automatically.

3. Can’t understand.

Picture 1 most of the other players almost can not read foreign languages, they almost ignore it and do not grasp the essence so I look forward to the translation for each region.

Picture 2 almost everyone does not use [exhausted] support because when they participate in the total attack will not promptly press it I would like to have the function automatically activated with this skill.

Picture 3 I want to add subtitles subtitle generals when they full equip at level 15 on the side side because so it will be great, some games have caught this!

Thanks for creating the game :)

Please use the priority recommendation function to modify equipment set in battlefield.

1. Make Belerick fly like a bug

2. Skill 2 – adding effect of stun instead the current effect.

I suggest about hero belerick,a tank hero, can you make him fly like a bugs or bee's instead of walking and for his skill 2 can you make a stund instead of I'm mobilize.stund that knocking up,and move him forward after the enemy knocking up.

We will keep on improving Belerick.

Rework Argus; and suggestion for his skills.

Try rework skill hero Argus, I hardly ever see the Argus hero in the rank of legend upwards. If in need I have a suitable skill for Argus. (This is just my opinion). Advice rework skill argus. Skill passive. Demonic blades Argus will get 2 × hit when the red bar is full. When the red bar is full every argus skill has its uniqueness.

Skill 1. Fallen blades Argus will jump and stab Demonic blade to the enemy giving 200 physical attacks (additional 150 physical attacks) crippling enemy if red bar full.

Skill 2. Attack fatal Argus will slash around the area and give 400 physical attacks (additional150 physical attacks). And stab the opponent to give 450 physical attacks (additional 250 physical attacks). When the red bar is full Increase damage and skill reach.

3. Fallen angel Instantaneous argus will be an angel land of down. Activating skill 3 will make the argus immune from death for 5 seconds. When the red bar is full Slow the enemy around the Argus area.

Thanks for your feedback; we will take it into consideration.

3. About Recent Change

Summary Skill Reply

Gatotcaka’s skill 2 is weak.

gatotcaka was a good hero. easy to use, manageable and a really good crowd controller. but with the recent change on his 2nd skill, it deemed useless on specific scenarios where he used to ace. chances of actually taunting heros around him just became harder specially during clash.


1. Skill 1 should be single target instead of AOE as he is an assassin.

2. New Epic Skin; blue or black hair.

3. Ulti is weak, because of unable to control which target to be hit.


1. Rename certain equipment, Player is offended as there are some items named with “Demon”&”Devil”

2. Suggestion for equipment

First this game needs to fix hayabusa got, it shouldnt be aoe because haya is an assassin, hayabusa ult is useless because you cannot control where it travels, make his ult single target, next hayabusa needs an epic skin, make it based on blue lightning and no blonde hair, blue or black hair, next you need to rename your items and remove words like demons and devil's from your items, it offends me and I cannot buy or use those items, finally belt of lightning should do damage based on enemies health not your health, also it needs some magic resist, also the item that counters lifestyle should be remade cuz no one buy it, it needs armor pen and CD or else no one will buy it, finally you should be able to blacklist anyone, fix these issues as soon as possible cuz its destroying the game.

We will take it into consideration.

Comment against Mentor System.

i don't like the new update in mentoring program it makes me so down you know its like that if you are a lowest level in mlbb and i will never be learned if i have a mentor its just your hiring a teacher who can teach you a lesson and if you dont you will gonna be graduate and heres the things is you gonna pay for the mentor cause i have alot of there who is like to have money and i dont get i thought its a free game to all but its a disapoint this so please can you stop too much asking money for the all we want is fun...

thank you and please back to old stuff

We will keep on improving it.

Remake Add Friends System.

Remake Add Friends System.

We will keep on improving it.

Odette & Pharsa are too OP in Brawl Mode.

Why you allowed odette and pharsa in the brawl?? Their Crowd Control a too strong in the brawl.. please fix this...

Bring back item of Critical Rate Reduction.

Bring back the item for crit reduction.

Add function to remove followers. Some bug with Following System.

Please add function to remove followers. Because blacklist function is not working. Hope gamers can choose who want to follow them. Thank you. And seriously the follower following have same bug. Please recheck the issues.

We will take it into consideration.

Bring back previous Rapid Boot

bring back the old rapid boots,the nee rapid boots is bad

Reduce the time required to remove Mentor.

I got a mentor today but he's offline and i need urgent training please change the rule of 24 hours so I can leave this mentor.

We will keep on improving it.

hai admin...

for your info mainly i play as tank role, but with this new update n session i feel like tank role kind of light, people can easy elimanate tank...

hope there are useful item that can make tank more tanky...

thank u

Need further observe performance data.


Summary Skill Reply

Able to switch hero with teammate in Brawl Mode.

I think in game mode brawl better we can switch hero with another player in our team.

We will take it into consideration.

Able to check whether teammate’s hero skill is in CD.

i think it is a good idea if we can see an indicator locate beneath under our ally hero icon has an ulty in cd or ready . and if we can tap on ally hero icon, we can see if he's skills are all ready to use.

We are able to check ulti, but CD for regular skills usually are quite fast.

Remove mega creeps from Brawl Mode.

Dear Mobile Legends Company,

I am writting a message to you for some improvements in Brawl Mode.

I think it is a bad Idea to activate Super Minions Mobilisation in Brawl Mode whether if it is on our side or the enemy's side, because It's just not fair because. If that ever happens then the enemies are going to have more chances to destroy our turrets.

And plus the turret's hitpoints are even lower then other battle modes.

So please MLBB TEAM, can you please remove the Super Minnions Mobillisation from Brawl Mode. Yeah it's a bad Idea. Thank you for spending my time with you and have a nice day!!!

Thanks for your feedback.

Provide option to out of text communication entirely. With only the game provided quick chat feature for communication.

I wish for there to be more control over text communication. Often It is my poor response to social interactions that lead to dropping in personal credit. In its current form, the communication allows for an either team to verbally abuse the opposing team. Please give players the ability to opt out of text communication entirely. With only the game provided quick chat feature for communication. Thank you for your time and effort.

Thanks for your feedback.

Reduce waiting time for players to enter match.

matching 30s too long. there r people who are being match and afk. reduce to 10s if need to or else give the matcher a choice to kick.

Thanks for your feedback.

Surrender votes should be based on how many players are still online.

Surrender votes should be based on how many are still online.

We will take it into consideration

4vs4 Mode

Please support in when play 4 players if your do that this will more simply for all of players when not enough players to matchmaking will easily.

Rework gold system in gameplay

Mobile Legends have one bad system. What is it?

That bad system is 'GOLD SYSTEM' in match(classic/ranked).

What is bad in this GOLD SYSTEM?

Players can not get even GOLD in this GOLD SYSTEM. I have 4000 GOLD but he have 8000 GOLD but she have 3000 GOLD.

'Hero's power = GOLD' in Mobile Legends. If I have many GOLD and he have low GOLD, I can kill him easy.

Players feel bad to this GOLD SYSTEM. Why feel bad?

Players want to enjoy 'TEAM WORK'. But, 'many GOLD player vs low GOLD players TEAM WORK' is that 'many GOLD pvayer is win'.

Players want 'EVEN GOLD SYSTEM'. Under list is good idea.


KILL Hero : 50 GOLD.

ASSIST Hero : 50 GOLD.

KILL TOP/BOTTOM Lane Minions : 1000 GOLD.

KILL MID Lane Minions : 500 GOLD.

KILL Jungle Monsters : 20 GOLD.

KILL Tower : 500 GOLD.

Emblem(KILL) : 10 GOLD.

If Mobile Legends get 'EVEN GOLD SYSTEM', Mobile Legends become to good game from bad game.

Thanks for your feedback.

Pause function.

If someone is afk; the match should ask the players to make invalid vice waiting 5 min. Enemy team will know and rush base if they suspect that the enemy hero is waiting it out. UNFAIR TO THE COMMUNITY WHO TRIES TO PLAY RANK.

Assassin is the hero type that lack of teamwork.

We did play enjoy match. That match didn't have 'Assassin hero'. why we did feel enjoy to that match.

That reason is easy. We want to 'team play'. Other Assassin hero can 'team play'. So that, we did feel enjoy to non Assassin match.

Why Assassin can not 'team play'? That reason is easy. Assassin hero have 'super blink skill' and 'big damage skill'. So that, Assassin don't need help from team.

You and we did many look 'one-man play Assassin'. Assassin go to Jungle first. They say 'I get Buff!!'. Assassin can defense my team tower and my team member. They think 'I want to get power' only. So, they don't think my team win.

But, other Assassin hero is diference to Assassin. Forexample : Tank don't have 'big damage skill', so that tank need help from my team. Marksman don't have 'super blink skill', so that Marksman need help from my team. Mage don't have defence, so that Mage need help from my team. Suport and Fighter need help from my team.

So only, Assassin don't need help. And... Assassin's power become not help to my team. OK? Forexample : We want to help but Assassin escape self one only.

Who play this game? So, we play this game. Our think is good than developer's think.

If you are good human, you will ban Assassin hero quickly.

Hero Skills

Summary Skill Reply

Option not to being thrown by Jawhead

For the teammates of jawhead

I suggest that please create a button that allow/disable the teammates of jawhead from getting thrown out by his 2nd skill. My last game match, we have a jawhead player in our team and he always spamming his 2nd skill to me by having me throwing out to the enemy team and having me killed. This is very frustrating for us players that who dont want to be thrown out thus affecting our gameplay. please do something about it and i sire im not the only one who became a victim with this same issue.


Rework Argus.

Change the ultus of Argus! You can do so so that when the ulta is turned on, the first and second skills are instantly recharged

Repeated feedback.

I feel happy for give moontoon suggestion for rework hero moskov . Thats range for attack , range teleport for skill 1 . And ultimate . His ulti very hard to aim enemies . So i hope moontoon can accept this suggestion for moskov

Suggestion for Franco

I feel like franco is alittle underused and is more of a burden then a useful hero,i have a suggestion of a rework for this hero. Passive: Bulk Up Every minute, franco gains 5 armor and magic resistance (up to 200 of each)

Skill 1: Scented Bait
Throws a bottle of liquid atvand area(size of Clint's first skill or slightly bigger)Any opponent caught in it will be given a 40% slow, after 2 seconds any opponent still in the liquid will be immobilized for 0.5sec

Skill 2: Abandon ship
Jumps forward, upon landing, inflicts a slow effect, reducing opponents movement speed by 40%(Junp distance slightly longer than minotaur 1st skill, and AOE will be smaller than Franco's current 2nd skill.

Ultimate: Wide Cast
Francos throws a net(AOE of minotaurs 1st skill and range of franco's current hook distance)After getting caught, heros will be immobilized for 1/1.5/2 seconds per level on ultimate, it will take 3 sec for it to charge and be able to be used.(can be reseted but not cancelled by stuns, and if reset, you will need to recharge the skill again before using it)
Cannot be used with flicker.

I feel like this will be a good way to bring him back to the meta ask what he lacks is a good kit, his current skills require a very precise aim, which most people playing the game dont have, thus this rework will make the hero more user friendly.

Thanks for your feedback.


Summary Skill Reply

Bring back previous Oracle, that’s the core item for Tank.

Please revert oracle to privious state, It is Tank Core Item. It was no need to be nerfed, Many hero passive will counter it.

We are aware of it, will review and think for further improvement.

Lesley’s poke damage is weaker due to nerfed on Thunder Belt. Wish to improve the poke damage style for Lesley.

For damage, item builds should have two clear roads. Max poke and max attack speed with higher overall dps to balance poke'n run.

Blending the two creates a must have build which then designates a must abide by playstyle.

The new physical attack item. Golden Staff I think? Passive is triple the effect of basic strikes while the passive buff is up. This is a very powerful poke buff on a rapid fire item.

I had a max poke build for Lesley. Because Thunder Belt got nerfed (+50 true dmg instead of +50%) this rapid fire item makes my new poke build strictly for its poke power. My poke is now 700 less than it was... and my basic attack does far more dmg and shoots faster than it did. Overall there is a large dps gain but... even though I want to play poke I was forced to build towards rapid fire. I no longer do enough poke dmg to rely on that for playing like an assassin or sniper. Since I had to adjust my playstyle because the pure poke was no longer viable, I also had to change some items and that pushed me further away from pure poke. Now basically another Miya.

If I wanted to play Miya I would play as Miya.

I get that this helps players that play Lesley as a pure MM. That's not what she is. She is a ranged assassin when you look at her abilities. Her poke should be strongest without any + attack speed items... or rather any very powerful + attack speed. 30% +attack speed (total) was almost enough for her as poke to still hold the back line as a MM. I could agree with slightly increasing the ability CD but also the duration and movement buff if the poke ability was OP.

The only 2 things I would suggest as a change to Lesley is give a +30% pure dmg bonus to both her main and ulti and maybe to increase her base movement speed a little. 5-10%. But with the new boots that might be too much. Early levels she is too tankable. Overall dps is low even with buff change which hurts her late game.

Or make all of the additional dmg from her abilities true dmg. Ex her first ability is crit and + a set dmg amount. Make that set dmg true dmg. The ulti make set dmg and + missing hp% dmg both true dmg.

Again this is more about the items a d how they direct playstyle. The GS is OP and mandates straight MM playstyle. Lowered potential poke to below that of straight MM playstyle means assassin is not as viable.

Control Button

Summary Skill Reply

Move button for item's skill to somewhere else.

Replace item's (Winter Truncheon, etc.) passive skill button somewhere else

Thanks for your feedback, we will take it into consideration.

Able to click on multiple buttons at the same time. (i.e. skill 1 & skill 2 button)

I suggest multitouch is enabled to all devices, right now you cant press basic atk and skill simultaneously or press 1st and 2nd together, which combos are hard to achieve.. Please apply this so everyone will enjoy

We don’t encourage casting multiple skills at the same time.

Make movement button adjustable

it would be great if the jovepad movement buttons was made adjustable. it gets difficult for 18:9 ratio devices to position the fingers for some people as i find it difficult to move downwards. It would be great if we could customise button placement of our own choices...Looking forward to it. Thankyou for the lovely game.

Will fix this BUG in patch.96.


Summary Skill Reply

Remove cross symbol on rear turret.

Advice, remove the cross symbol on the rear turret to be more neutral with no religion in this game

Already removed

Add more heroes into Fragments Shop.

hi mlbb dev.. I have request for you.. can you add all older heroes to hero fragment shop (orange).. now orange fragment only useful to buy hero from fragment shop, so more hero should be available on that shop.. thanks for your consideration

We will think about it.

Foreign languages in English chatting channel.

I need an explanation,why English chat room filled with foreign languages?? should it be only English?this is violation of language selection....ML should be aware of this...and much more I've seen poor language use, explicitly...u guys should check it out...

Thanks for your feedback, we will check it.

This is not all of the reports, please download the documents below to view all reports.

Weekly Suggestion (72.69 KB, Downloads: 77)
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I suggest improve the matchmaking. Game still feels imbalanced and unfair.
Post time 2018-8-10 09:42 AM | Show all posts
I suggest this concept

075855ooeq4d803aa484c9.jpeg 075857j53i7iqfo5m7mjmq.jpeg
Post time 2018-8-18 08:27 AM | Show all posts
How can your suggestion/reports be included here?
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