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Author: Darkhider
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[Poll] Cyclops Priority: CD Reduction vs Spell Vamp vs High Damage?

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Post time 2018-7-23 09:21 AM | Show all posts
Edited by vintachi at 2018-7-23 09:29 AM

im a cyclop user as well,

well my build is very different from you, for instance i dont use magic shoes as my main shoes.

here is my build :

damage :
rapid boots
enchanted talisman
concentrated energy
lightning truncheon
glowing wand
holy crystal

anti vamp :
rapid boots
enchanted talisman
concentrated energy
necklace of durance
glowing wand
devil tears

note :
1. i dont use pillager axe because i use flicker as my main spell, because cyclops has no escape mechanism thats why.
2. i dont use magic boots because enchanted talisman + buff is already 40% cooldown, so yeah no need more cooldown
3. i use rapid boots because its very fast movement (with 6% increase movespeed talent of mage)
4. i use enchanted talisman because it allows cyclops to spam all skill to minions, just farm until you got four main items then you can go barbarian
5. getting blue buff is a must for cyclops because cyclops needs cooldown and mana cost is very high for spamming skill, just be selfish to get it (except for fanny, blue buff for fanny is a must)6. so to answer your question, both cooldown, magic damage, and spell vamp is a must for cyclops, just get 40% cooldown with buff, and go for magic damage also spell vamp, because cyclops 2nd skill will nerfed next update.

that's from my point of view, thanks

 Author| Post time 2018-7-23 11:41 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
GlAceDonut replied at 2018-7-22 09:33 PM
Oh, the spell vamp nerf is in the next update? I've felt that his spell vamp is reduced already th ...

Hello there. Upon using my experimental build with purely Magic Damage and Magic Penetration with Cyclops:

1. Pillager Axe - For Physical and Magical defense and Faster Farming/Exp
2. Arcane Boots
3. Clock of Destiny
4. Lightning Truncheon
5. Holy Crystal
6. Devil Tears

Observation: So far i’ve been very satisfied with the results. I consistently have winning streaks with Gold and MVPs this time, and my kills are now ranging from an ave of 7-12 kills already due to the high damage.

1. Less mobility, especially when youre used with Rapid Boots.
2. Cant spam much your skills due to less CD reduction items.. I can always feel the need to wait for my skill 1 and 2 to reuse it again. But I guess that’s how the game works, you cant have it all. Since making a high damage resulting to a few second of waiting time to reuse your skill. And it isnt actually bad! Sometimes the combination of Skill 3 then 2 only kills my enemy without skill 1 because of high damage already (especially when you already obtained Holy Crystal which will magnify your magic damage immediately by an additional 25% of your current Magic Power.
3. No Vamp at all. But i find it less of an issue because I was able to kill them very quick before my HP runs out so i dont see the issue of having a CE at all..


MAGE: (currently level 52)
3/3 CD Reduction
3/3 Magic Penetration
Impure Rage

The Magic pentration from the Arcane Boots plus from the emblem I guess really helped in maximizing your damage with Cyclops. The Devil tears  intensified the penetration as well. But if I checked my enemies’ build and have no magic resistance equipment, i switch it this time only with Concentrated Energy, but only on the final slot. Because i want to secure to have a high damage first before vamping life hehe. Will definitely continue to observe my progress but im sure this will help anyone who also aspire using Cyclops. :)

It also requires patience in farming as well because it will really pay off when you get quickly the items in a short period of time :)

PS. G1AceDonut Cannot find your account profile on Mobile Legends. Maybe you can just follown and message me: Darkhider, L.30
Post time 2018-7-24 10:39 AM | Show all posts
Darkhider replied at 2018-7-23 11:41 PM
Hello there. Upon using my experimental build with purely Magic Damage and Magic Penetration with  ...

Oh, I see. My ID is not showing in the search results? Imma try to find you, but here's my current build. I've gathered builds from top-ranked players and combine it with my playstyle. Without spell vamp is not suitable for me because I play aggressive and always die fast. This is the build I'm using an I just want to share it with you.
Demon Shoes (bec.I feel like I'm always losing so much mana)
Concentrated Energy (bec. I'm not that good and I don't want to lose health early game)
Lighting Truncheon (CD reduction and mana)
Clock of Destiny (as you said more MP)
Necklace of Durance (because I'm not that good and I need more CD reduction)
Holy Crystal (additional MP)

I don't know, my gameplay seems to be more sustainable and I never reached a half health. But yeah, I have lower MP and I got more assists than kills but that's alright, I guess. As long as I contribute to team fight and can sustain a lane.

Imma try high damage and low cd and no spell vamp, hope to get good results too.

P.S. I really like  Ice Queen Wand Passive as it slows enemy when he is escaping.
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