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[Talk With Developer] Weekly Suggestions [07/09/2018 - 07/15/2018]

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Weekly Suggestions [07/09/2018 - 07/15/2018]

Dear all,

The following are reply and solution for recent feedback from players. Thanks for your feedback, please check.

1. Advance Server

Summary Description Reply

New hero suggestion.

What do you think about a hero who has the same difficulty as a fanny? As we all know fanny is a special hero capable of moving by using his steel cables.

What do you think of a general capable of moving by jumping in the air, it will be a great hero with a unique play that has never been seen in other mob games ever.

Name: temporarily called 'W'

Passive: ??

Skill 1: W will create a circular magic sphere in the air at the specified location. Can create up to 3 magic circles.

Skill 2: W will jump to create a magic circle at the foot of the momentum to jump forward to do damage, if encountered a magic circle on the fly this skill will have 0.5s to continue to use. (when the flight can activate skill 1)

Instructions: Players can use skill 1 combined with skill 2 to create combo 121212 in different directions. This requires highly skilled players.

Skill 3: W will create a wide range of magical spells that will appear randomly in multiple spells. Each circle lasts 1 s and will change to another location in the area. (skill 3 can be changed with other skills to better match combo)

I hope the developers will see this article. This hero will be a new step in the future.

Finally the mobile game legends always grow.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Since Survival Mode doesn't have ranking, Player suggest making it different from Classic and Brawl Mode by making different reward for it.

Survival mode, what are the benefits of playing, I mean after the Jade path event ends. Will the game mode reward be nothing different from just playing classic or brawl? I suggest that the team which get 1/33teams can get a special draw of rewards such as magic wheel potion, lucky tickets, diamonds in small amount. This is to make it different from other game modes. Since it doesn't have rank in the survival mode, I suggest the way to make it different from classic and brawl is to make the reward different, even after Jade path ended. Thanks.

Will take it into consideration.

Make new mage/marksman hero.

Make a hero mage/marksman type.

We are making it, stay tuned!

Suggest rework on Ruby. She is too weak: low damage, can’t 1vs1, cc period too short, blink too short. She is outstanding in team fight, but most of the time hard to work with teammates when there is AFK player or team that can’t work well together.

There have been many heroes remake. Some heroes of which are quite famous although not widely used like gord and nana got a revamped. However, I wish Moonton will rework Ruby, the little red hood too. This is because every time in match making when I choose Ruby, many players will respond 'no Ruby' why? This is obviously she is not as strong as other heroes. Her base damage is too low, tough she is good in team fight, but she can hardly defend the base by herself, unlike some heroes such as Lesley. Let me give you an example scenario, all teammates are killed, only Ruby is lefted, however enemy still has 3-4 attacking turrets,reaching the base. Ruby's job is to defend the base, but once she encounter them, she will be killed before she can even defend one of them from attacking. Conversely using other marksmen and fighter or even tank, mage, support, they can at least scare enemies away to attack the turrets for a while. But Ruby can't! Maybe can, but it's extremely hard, I only have a few success rate to scare enemy away to attack the base. Remember,Ruby is a fighter, tough used for crowd control,she should have some power to control crowd by herself,not only in team fights. Her passive (leaping) helps a lot for escaping but not in second skill. Her stun for second skill is0.5s which is equivalent to the time she spin. After spinning/stunning, she can leap away true. But if there comes a stun, she will surely die. Why? Firstly,Ruby stun is too short for her to control enemies before she can escape. Secondly, her leap is too small, she can jump after spinning, which is also the time enemy become 'unstunned' that's why she can be killed easily after using second skill. You might say, unless in team fight. True, she is quite useful in team fights, but AFK players and players who aren't having any sense or teamwork or even players who have died,will greatly increase Ruby's rate of dying. Please, revamp Ruby,do not let her be a rejected hero in match making. Do not let her to be a heroes which people spent 32000BP but not good to be used. Do not let her become an unused hero like some if the heroes who previously been reworked. Rework Ruby, please, Thank you!.

We will pay attention on her performance, thanks for your feedback.

2. About Recent Change

Summary Description Reply

Make Survival Mode in Custom Mode.

Please Make custom survival mode available.

Not in plan.

Able to report in Survival Mode.

Make it to where you can report people in survival mode cuz they can simply leave you to die and that is bull crap.

Will think about adding report function in Survival Mode.

Ranking for Survival Mode.

In survival mode please give global rank like rank mode.

Will take it into consideration.

Make Survival Mode permanently.

please survival in made a permanent match, thanks.

Will take it into consideration.

set punishment against AFK in survival mode.

On survival mode, many are going AFK in the middle of the game. I think it should be punishable too..

Will think about adding report function in Survival Mode.

3. Hero

Summary Description Reply

Selena’s stun is too long..

stun selena is to long.. it no fair.

We will continue to optimize the balance of hero, thanks for your feedback.

Selena: Movement is interrupted/stop when switching form.

Selena’s stun is too long.

Please take a freaking good look of selena the new hero. The skill wise is okay but when cusing it cause a stop movement each time it's transform and using skills. I'm just thinking Do you guys even try out the hero before using.... and rebuff of the duration of the stun. Hope you guys actually do something about it! THANKS YOU!.

We will continue to optimize the balance of hero, thanks for your feedback.

Selena’s stun is too long..

selena stun is unfair..take 5 second..what this issssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!.

We will continue to optimize the balance of hero.

Selena’s stun is too long..

Selena’s stun is too long making her over power, her stun is too long making it unfair to other heroes and her stun range is too far.

We will continue to optimize the balance of hero.

Selena’s stun is too long..

The stun of selena is 5 second its a long stun and make easy to kill someone.

We will continue to optimize the balance of hero.

4. Equipment

Summary Description Reply

New item, which can upgrade ulti of hero.

New equipment suggestions

Ancient script (G 4250)

Passive-unique: Secret

Upgrading hero skills (specific).

This item is without explanation and requires players to learn it themselves / experiment. There are some heroes that can not be upgraded and upgraded, and these items have different effects for each hero.

Example upgrades (increase cast range, give slow effect, increase armor limit, change damage skill to true damage, etc).

Not in plan.

Make or adjust item to counter/prevent critical hit.

Critical prevention item is necessary. As not many items provide against it. In game there is only Dominance Ice (5% critical reduction) While critical items such as Berserker's Fury (40% critical) and Scarlet Phantom (30% critical). It's not balance. Either add new item, or buff Dominance Ice.

We will review critical relevant item. Thanks for your feedback.

Description of Golden Staff is incorrect; and sometime it’s passive can’t be triggered.

Golden Staff

The item is broken, the description for its first passive is '1% of critical chance will add 1% of attack speed'. Right now, the item turns all critical chance into attack speed not add, so if you get the item you will have 0% crit chance. The second passive about Endless Strike also doesn't work and does not reset the stack after it hits 2 and you basic attack. The item is currently useless.

Already update the description to match with the effect.

Reduce CD for Wings of Apocalypse.

Moonton, please cut cooldown of the wings of apocalypse bcs its too much long time of cooldown and after reworked item, lifesteal's hero it too much week. I hope you deserved this.

We will further observe the performance data. Thanks for your feedback.

Suggestion for new item..

Buff item< - Glowing wand

new passive Stacking burn, can stack DMG and effect 2 time, this effect off stacking have colddown 3s

Stack effect DMG x 2, burn effect 6 time

Minimal passive DMG to target is 30.

This is not all of the reports, please download the documents below to view all reports. (51.72 KB, Downloads: 120)
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Edited by rrsselaapplez at 2018-7-26 12:20 PM

HELP! URgENT! I just loaded 3k+ diamonds in your game. Now the lucky box cannot be seen. Wtf is this. Refund me. Wtf. Im saving this money for skylark now the lucky box just ended early? To emphasize my claim, u launched the lucky box on july 21 about 3pm afternoon timezone Hongkong. Im in philippines. Now its just 10am in the morning july 26!!! And u said on the launch day  that the lucky box will last for 6days!! And theres no more lucky box. Now what the f is this.. please attend to my complaint asap.

36958639 3049
Post time 2018-7-24 01:37 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts

Can someone help me because I cannot login or open my mobile legends. After loading there will be a pop up message saying error connection even though i have good connection. Im using IOS device. Here are the troubleshoot that i tried but didnt resolve the issue

1. Reinstall the application ( the mobile legend works after reinstallation but after the tutorial. Once i bind my account from FB. After restarting the application. The error happen again :( i think this is account issue)

2. Restart device ( didnt resolve )

3. I try to login my account to other IOS device that is mobile legend is currently working. ( once I bind my account to their device. The error also occur and Their mobile legend is not working anymore and saying error connection also. Sad to say I broke their mobile legend :( )

Please help me with this. I thinkk the issue is in my account and my server. Here is my ID and server
26023983 -ID
Post time 2018-7-24 03:52 AM | Show all posts
improve the matchmaking. it's currently trash.
Post time 2018-7-25 11:26 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
can you guys bring back the feature where players can see the rank of there enemy?
 Author| Post time 2018-7-26 01:39 PM | Show all posts
rrsselaapplez replied at 2018-7-26 11:16 AM
HELP! URgENT! I just loaded 3k+ diamonds in your game. Now the lucky box cannot be seen. Wtf is this ...

Try to clear cache and relogin.
you can do it by go to settings > network detection > check resources > check > wait till finished > switch to clearing cache > clear cache > OK. the app will restarted and check if the Lucky Box is still there. and FYI the Lucky Box event time left is 1 day.
Post time 2018-7-26 08:11 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Waiting time for invalid game is too long enemies can finish the game in less than 3 minutes. I just lost a star for just waiting for the invalid game. Pls make it 2 mins only. Thank you
Post time 2018-7-27 04:33 PM | Show all posts
Please enable account transfer between platforms (Android and iOS). This will benefit Moonton and players greatly. Please...
Post time 2018-7-28 04:54 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Can you please visit this link once, it contains something that you should know about.
It's about some bug I'm facing in game. Please reply.
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