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[Talk With Developer] Weekly Suggestions [07/16/2018 - 07/22/2018]

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Edited by Xaverine at 2018-8-2 12:26 PM

Weekly Suggestions [07/16/2018 - 07/22/2018]

Dear all,

This is the replies and solution for recent feedback from players.
Thanks for your feedback, please check.

1. Advance Server

Summary Feedbacks Reply

Hero Model: Lunox eyes color is different from the character frame.

The hero model lunox eyes is not the same color as the character frame.

Thanks for your feedback, we will look into it.

Hopes that Fanny skin can purchase through 899 diamonds instead of lucky box.

Me and my friends are really hoping that the new fanny skin will be 899 diamonds, we will definitely buy it if its 899 diamonds (we cant afford 4000 diamonds).
~a fanny user.

Skin cost 899 diamonds will be released in future.

Voice button for teammates only.

Please add a buttom for voice chat for all or team mates only.. So we can enjoy game more while playing and talking its a competitive game so i think many of us wants that. Mostly in custom matches. Lookimg forward to see that feature..
Thank you

In progress.

Add Survival Mode into Custom Mode.

I really hope the developers would see my suggestion for a new mage, Baba Yaga. It's up to them if they would bite it or not, but Baba Yaga could be one of the good addition for a unique mlbb hero and to further see the broad connetion of heroes with Vexana. I hope you guys give Vexana good justice after nerfing her. She already is powerful yet not overpowerful so idk why she was nerfed (?) Maybe a pro players complains about Vexana because it ruined his ego as pro player or something Idk. But I hope you give her some justice after the nerf. So anyway, here's a new mage hero!

Thanks for your feedback.

2. About Recent Updates

Summary Feedbacks Reply

Reduce deduction of credit score when returning to game after being detected as AFK.

Reduce the credit score deducted when you return to the game.

Only 1 credit score will be deducted if become MVP after AFK.

Ranking or extra reward for Survival Mode.

Dear Moonton,
I am an avid fan of mobile legends. I have been playing for 2 years now. I love everything about it. I wouldnt trade it for another game. Anyway, I love the survival mode. It is so exciting and we got addicted. The only problem is that, what's in it for us? I mean a few coins for the medal chest sounds good but we want more to add the excitement while playing survival mode. You know what I mean? I would like to suggest for the enhancement of survival mode like some sort of leaderboard for the best squad.. and if playing individual, the mvp will also lead on the leaderboard.. stuff like that.. i know survival mode is going to end soon but it would be nice if it stays but more enhanced like rewards and all.. I'm just saying.. Just a point of view of an avid player.. Thanks for listening. Have a nice day to all! Godbless!


Bring back previous Sun.

please return the previous skil sun.

We will keep observe performance data.

Report button for Survival Mode

Please give us access to report player who AFK in survival mode.


Comment against nerfed on Vexana.

Vexana nerfed again WTF?
Just to recap all your nerfs to Vexana so far since her 'rework', in case you forgotten
• Ult cooldown increased to 60s at all levels
• Ult damage over time reduced
• Puppet attributes reduced and movement speed reduced
• 1st skill damage scaling ratio reduced to 60% from 100%

And now your latest nerf, 2nd skill damage reduced by 50%.
This is going to be another Yi Sun Shin! YSS *was* a good hero after his rework. A good meta hero but definitely not overpowered. But you decide to nerf him again and again (so that people will buy Lesley). And now YSS has fallen out of use.
With all these repeated nerfs to Vexana, the same thing is going to happen. She is already very easy to kill (like most mages) and she has no escape or mobility in her skillset (easy target for assassins).
One of the problem with mages in this game is that their basic attack does *physical damage* and does not scale with their magic items at all. And their magic attack does not have critical damage bonus. Thus, mages are far more reliant on their skills to deal dps and these nerfs affect them more than they would to their physical damage dealers counterparts.
So Lesley can deal 3000 damage plus Endless Battle true damage every 2.5 secs with her 1st skill while being untargettableand immune to basic attack and having increased movement speed , but Vexana is the one that you nerf again and again.
I remember using YSS and even buying the secret ranger skin. Then you proceed to nerf YSS so many times until he sucks. Now, I no longer play YSS anymore. My money spent on his skin completely wasted. Lesson Learned!
Sorry Not Sorry. Won't be making the same mistake with Vexana. Especially since her Sanguine Rose skin is going to be a 'lucky box' event (scam event where we must spend 4000 diamonds). No way in hell I'll spend 100 USD on a hero that is getting nerfed over and over again.
Such a shame. A reworked hero that actually turns out to be good and viable. But nerfed again and again, and soon, will become weak and not viable in meta, just like Yi Sun Shin. Sad.

It's for a more balance and fair game. Vaxana still have the highest win rate after the update.

3. Battle

Summary Feedbacks Reply

Don't includes statistic for Brawl Mode in all matches.

Dont show how many matches played Detailed statistic brawl in detail all game. Because the detai statistic brawl not show in statistic all game.

Player has option choosing what to see.

Talent options availabe on choosing hero room. so we can change the talent without open 'preparation'.

talent options availabe on choosing hero room. so we can change the talent without open 'preparation'. and we can change talent emblem depend on hero we choose.

Player may purchase more talent page in order to set different emblem for each individual hero.

Able to check the description of equipment bought by enemy.

When I check what item enemy is buying in game, when I open the stat page, I should be able to read the item description by touching the item. Currently there is no such option and I see just item images. I have no clue what the item does.

The game already have this function.

Review the MVP determination system, i.e. take consideration of the healing point by support.

Statistics for the end game results. Let me get started. Most of us support players are highly unlikely to get a mvp since the only things taken in by the system is Damage dealt, Damage done to towers and damage taken. As a support player and a estes main currently i cant help but notice this. So my suggestion is to make a new statistic, Add another one to the three. It would be healing done to allies. Now the system is taking to account what support players done in the game and now have a chance to be a mvp. Thats all thank you good sir for taking your time to read my idea.

Thanks for your feedback, we will take it into consideration.

Nerf Assassin Emblem especially Bounty Hunter.

please nerf assassin emblem especially bounty hunter. everyone use it due to gold can increasing significantly. it makes other emblem useless and can not compete. please think about it to reduce getting gold while kill on assassin emblem. in my opinion, marksman emblem, fighter emblem very useless if compare with assassin emblem bounty hunter which can get more money and get buying item easily.


4. Hero Skill

Summary Feedbacks Reply

Add knockback effect for Chou skill 1; Add grab effect for Balmond skill1; Skill 1 for Tigreal is useless.

Suggeation about chou's 1st skill, how about add some knockbad effect like hilda's 2nd skill it would be game control for some heroes. And balmond 1st skill add it grab at the last animation if it is hit an enemy and additional attack if it is hit. Tigreal 1st skill is useless on the new meta, it would be great if the 1st skill changed into moveable defense potition with his shield that immune to anything except pasive skill like lolita's 2nd skill but charging his sword to unleash a fan shaped area and enemy whose hit will be reduced physc and magic defense for 2 sec or how long it last.

Thanks for your feedback.

Prevent Jawhead to throw teammate hero.

Jawhead shouldn’t be allowed to toss same team members! I had just played with one (STRYKER) who kept on tossing us to the enemies so we die! This is not fair gameplay!

We will adjust it asap.

Prevent Jawhead to throw teammate hero.

nowadays. using skill to throw ally to enemy and causes death. pls off the skill of Jawhead from throwing allies.

We will adjust it asap.

Stun for Selena skill 2 is too long.

The stun of Selena is too long she's making all the heroes nerf, I meant it ALL.


Prevent Jawhead to throw teammate hero.

I think you should create button for jawhead 2nd skill that enable to throw allies or not. Sometimes we accidentally throw our teammates and they are mad. Please consider it.

We will adjust it asap.

5. Equipment

Summary Feedbacks Reply

Increase the percentage of damage returned by Blade Armor.

Blade Armor: Passive effect of this item is to reflect basic attack enemy as much as 25% as magical damage.
The reason this item takes in the remade is. Tanks that have a constant damage return is indeed quite horrible if we attack it with basic attack.
However (the items that look terrible) it can be handled in a very very short time with so many lifesteal items that increase return damage itself.
Example of an item that has a 20% (20% -25%) life steal and a reflected only 5% ... But soon the item will get a lifesteal increase again. Lifesteal for hero with Skill burst damage (no return damage / Tank = Amp * s)
But for the new assassin and mage (OP Burst damage) it is just an armor item ... besides being easier, and more painful, they are not at all affected by damage.
The cause of the number of pick assassin and mage. The cause of nerf of the assassin and mage is the burden of damage that can not be handled.
My suggestion, Change this item to active and increase the percentage of return damage to 80-100%. The type of damage returned is all (except the skill type which has an invisible / shadowkill / thornedrose effect). And the reflected Damage is damage itself.
Example If the aurora does the ultimate on gatot, and gatot activates the effect of the Blade Armor then. Aurora will get magic damage.
If Alucard attacks Hylos who is activating Blade Armor. then the alucard will get physical damage even though the effect is reduced by the armor and life steal he has.
For cooldown can be given 60-70 seconds (depending on the war interval of heroes in general).
Hopefully my advice can stop the big burst damage in the future. No need to nerf assassin, because it can be overcome again.

Not in plan.

Effect of Twilight Armor is useless, the passive isn't outstanding since the hero already taken a heavy damage, limit to 900 in next few sec is meaningless.

I agree that twilight armours original effect to always take 900 physically was too good, but I think it’s current effect is not helpful at all. No one is building it, because when you already take that first big damage from Lesley or whoever, the 900 for a couple seconds doesn’t really matter anymore because you are almost dead anyway. I think it needs a slight buff

We already adjust it, please try again.

Bring back previous Oracle; Tank is hard to earn gold and yet equipment is still expensive.

Hi. I'm a tank main. There are two main issues I want to discuss.
First, please give back the old passive of oracle. A tank needs a way to sustain itself in battle. Oracle was the best item for tanks and now tanks have no sustainability. In battle they easily die. Especially with all the upgrades to the items for mages, assassins and markmen. Mages now have very high spell vamp. Assassins have an upgraded blade of despair. And marksmen have upgraded windtalker and extremely powerful items like golden staff (for Karrie). Tanks have been seeing their items get downgraded again and again.
Second, the price of tank items. Tanks have the hardest time farming compared to the other classes of heroes. And it's extremely difficult that tank items happen to be on average more expensive. For example, the basic starting item for fighters like Haas claws cost 1810. The basic starting item for mages like Enchanted talisman costs 1870. While the basic item for tanks like Athena's shield costs 2050. So please reconsider the prices of tank items.

Thanks for your feedback, we will take it into consideration.

This is not all of the reports, please download the documents below to view all reports.

Download Files

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Edited by ErnestBOIcj at 2018-8-2 01:47 PM

ok i'm a little bit TRIGGERED to the guy who's complaining about Vexanna Nerf first of all she only get nerf on Brawl second SHE'S NOT BALANCE ON BRAWL MODE cause of her freaking Puppet getting in the way and passive and almost EVERY FREAKING MATCH battling Vexanna IT'S A AUTO-WIN FOR THEM and do you call that balance??? specially when she got these team Valir,Zhask,Minotaur,Lesley,Pharsa,and Oddette i don't really mind getting these enemies in brawl cause sometimes you can beat them and look at the bright side pal SHE ONLY GOT NERF ON BRAWL and she's still good in rank and classic and also look at fanny she got nerf over and over but she's still good but depends on the user

 Author| Post time 2018-8-2 02:10 PM | Show all posts
ErnestBOIcj replied at 2018-8-2 12:32 PM
ok i'm a little bit TRIGGERED to the guy who's complaining about Vexanna Nerf first of all  ...

chills out bro, the teams wont accept any suggestions without any observation.
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When you've made a very long paragraph but the reply is just "Not in plan". so sad lol


XD  Post time 2018-8-3 07:02 PM
hahahaha! literally LOL  Post time 2018-8-3 06:13 AM
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From the doc

Selena is difficult hero than Fanny beause Selena need mode change for battle. I think that Selena get plus one skill like Zathuk. Zathuk have 4 skill because he is weak if he have 3 skill.

Selena too to Zathuk. Selena is weak and difficult because she have 3 skill. So that she need 4 skill.

For real? That'll just add more complexities.
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Question about star protection in Ranked Mode

Edited by SateliteL740 at 2018-8-3 06:48 PM

Hello There! I have a question about star protection. I already redeem and activated the star but after losing 2 matches in a row it cant take any effects to my stars, so can anyone explain this to me about how this thing work? Looking forward for your reply, Thanks.
 Author| Post time 2018-8-3 07:09 PM | Show all posts
@Archaine7672 It's still on observation and collecting data. There is possibility that nothing changes in her gameplay. who's know the future XD

@SateliteL740 That item only work for premade team which mean if you are doing solo matchmaking then the item will not affect your stars.
Post time 2018-8-3 08:33 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Pls update lapu lapu. New heroes already had their skins. How about my lapu lapu :( i have made a simple animation..
1. Change his 2nd skill
2 change his ult transformation
Im lawrence btw.

50580208 (6046)
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Xaverine replied at 2018-8-3 07:09 PM
@Archaine7672 It's still on observation and collecting data. There is possibility that nothing chang ...

1.) I'm just pointing out that he/she is asking for lesser complexity but offers a solution which increases it instead.

2.) It seems there's a bug on star protection card code. I just lost on a 5-man party rank yesterday and the card didn't activate (doesn't consume a card and I lost a star).
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