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Post time 2018-8-11 10:34 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by Devsandmodsdumb at 2018-8-15 05:49 AM

Ive talked about this in the forum before on another acc. After a while of talking to people in game, most agreeing fanny is op, even those that are fanny users. So now im back again to post this and still see if i get the same feedback as before. Most replies from the past post were either mean,  or an answer by a mod saying something like; fanny isnt op, you just have to limit her farming. Bring a teammate to their jungle and steal fannys buffs or take away their jungle so she cant level up that fast. Plus fanny isnt that strong late game, and shes squishy.....
Fuuck that! Bring a teammate to their jungle where fanny also has a teammate helping her farm faster, try anything and she goes full retard into the walls near you, and you and your teammate are raped. Be careful in towers too. She can tower dive and kill 2 heroes at full health. Mod- well saber or zilong are good counters to fanny.....  NOT! If fanny knows zilong and zilong combos, she attacks after he uses his flip on someone else, or retreat as he lunges forward because the flip almost always gets used directly after. Saber....  Ive ulted fanny with saber... Its a fuucking joke. She almost always has an item to give shield, and occasionally the person uses the defensive jungling item or some other def item. So sabers ult on fanny isnt a "1 shot". If fanny is flying at all, she goes straight through sabers ult and lands wherever her zipline stops..... Okay...? Also, i never see fanny using the battle item that removes/lessens the time of cc. So wtf? Either have a fanny that is absolute crap, boarderline feeder, then the next have a fanny that absolutely rapes, carries the team without even dying.  But then helcurt.... Doesnt matter. Fanny just needs to go. Devs try nerfing, doesnt seem to matter. Or devs dont know what a proper balance is.... Which sounds right considering the amount of nerfs and buffs a lot of heroes have had. Youd think the test group would be competent..... Guess not.
P. S.  For all you ignorant cuunts that have simple answers. NOT EVERYONE IS EPIC OR HIGHER ALL THE TIME. DRAFT PICK STARTS AT EPIC YOU FUUCKS. HOW DO I COUNTER A FANNY THAT I DONT KNOW IS COMING? Im not going to be the same 3/4 heroes every game to possibly counter a fanny. Ive seen supposed "counters" to fanny get absolutely raped, by fanny. These simpleton responses are counters that can work against literally any hero. Akai is a new one, except akais ult counters all.. And if fanny is smart she gets ultd into turret and ziplines out the backside. So, a counter hero isnt a counter if you have to have a certain amount of skill with that hero to be able to counter them. If zilong or helcurt is a counter hero to fanny, they shouldnt have to be pro users to at least give her a hard time. So ill say again, ive seen fanny rape most of these supposed counter heroes. And not everyone gets to ban fanny. So id like a dev to respond, tell me how you think fanny is a balanced hero. Tell us why draft pick cant start at lower tiers and include more banned heroes. And most importantly, why cant you balance all heroes more effectively? Answers would be great devs, especially because all i see that you people answer is short bullshiit answers that are not descriptive at all. In my eyes you devs are strictly money hungry with the drive to satisfy the ones who spend the most money, and the rest, can fuuck off.
Post time 2018-8-11 11:42 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Uglygaming at 2018-8-11 12:38 PM

thats true. very much true . a pro fanny can take out star from u in 9 min's . nerfing her its not not enough.
some peopels also says jawhead is a good counter of fanny :/ with petrify .
when there is a fanny in good hand ...80% chances to lose the match .
 Author| Post time 2018-8-30 10:39 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Z3N1X replied at 2018-8-16 05:22 PM
Ok 1 if I am useless in this post then good for you I didn’t ask anyone if I was useless or not s ...

Alright you stupid fuuck. 1, youre a true * if you cant take candy away from a baby. Seriously, youre a biitch. 2, i dont give a * what you do, good for you spineless cuunt. 3, ive hit fanny with vexanas 1st skill and it doesnt remove her cables if shes already thrown them out. So tell me again,  oh wait, i dont give a shiit what the fuuck you say because youre useless. Doesnt matter if you asked or not. Ive used gord and nana as well. Gords stun doesnt stop her from flying if her cables are already out. Nanas 2nd skill doesnt stop her from flying if her cables are already out. So if youre stopping her while shes flying theres something fuucked up that the devs have zero clue about, or youre just a lying biitch. But the possibility of the devs being clueless is very high. I have almost altogether stopped playing ML because the devs and cuunts like you are viciously stupid. Dont bother replying biitch boy, i most likely wont be back to see it.
 Author| Post time 2018-8-16 09:00 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Devsandmodsdumb at 2018-8-16 09:04 AM
Z3N1X replied at 2018-8-16 06:28 AM
Yes better first time? OH WAIT in the first release of fanny SHE HAD NO ENERGY LIMIT and can kill  ...

You are useless in this post. Stupid question to ask if she was better when she was more overpowered. Like, actually retarded, not even trying to be mean. I also will not 1v1 you as fanny because i refuse to use characters in any game that are game breaking. The only questionable character i used was zhask before his nerf because the devs couldnt get their heads out of their asses and give lancelot a proper nerf. I used zhask because it was my best counter to that op queen boy.
And also, 2 smurf accounts...  I look at smurf accounts as nerdy little fuuckers that want to feel good about themselves. So they restart and go against players that have way less knowledge of the game, just to make yourself feel good for winning... When really you shouldnt, its like taking candy from a baby. You want the candy, its easy to take from a baby, but you shouldnt feel good about it.
Post time 2018-8-15 05:00 PM | Show all posts
i think fanny problem is her rope is fly to fast, if dev slow it down maybe more balance, so can counter her. fanny if got 2 rope, its like almost impossible can catch her


Problem is her being able to dish out burst AOE dmg. If she cant kill hero in such burst then she just flies back and forth dealing continous dps while being in constant movement - hard to catch.  Post time 2018-8-15 08:07 PM
Post time 2018-8-11 01:52 PM | Show all posts
Never gonna happened.. Many top players are Fanny users and Fanny have the biggest fanbase in the game.

Deleting Fanny = losing players = losing money.

Besides u cant just delete a hero knowing that there are thousands of players that put in effort building up their winrate for it. Selfish and childish thinking much?
Post time 2018-8-11 01:57 PM | Show all posts
Try Fanny Vs this team :

Jawhead, Chou, Moskov, Cyclop and Natalia/Hellcurt/Saber


Finally something we can agree on  Post time 2018-8-16 05:26 PM
Post time 2018-8-11 03:32 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Noobtard at 2018-8-11 03:33 PM

Please do us a favor and request for LAYLA deletion as well. Her range is soooooo long and she can take down turrets outside of its range. LAYLA is so OP. Please make a thread to delete her as well. My 2% WR with over 9999 matches are going south because of her.
Please delete that rat Nana as well. I hate rats!


YAA delete Karina because her * too big! And delete Natalia because her butt too small!  Post time 2018-8-16 05:27 PM
Post time 2018-8-11 04:15 PM | Show all posts
I disagree hardly...u can delete fanny, but she isnt abused in msc: says alot right? When she isnt even that game breaking at all, if she was like everyone said then she would have been a top ban there and a top pick but thats not the case because they know she will get rekt by her counters, honestly a pro fanny in soloQ can be as devastating as a pro aurora in the right hands... but people don’t put enough times in a hero like aurora because she isnt as “fun” as fanny. Basically fanny isnt op but the players are just onetricks 90% of the all they play is fanny
Post time 2018-8-11 04:19 PM | Show all posts
I know this is an an anti-fanny post but c'mon I'm just learning Fanny and have 50% wr (yes, I'm really bad). But yeah, this is the reason why I'm learning her cables because she can carry a game solo. Split push or clean opponents during team fights, sure win at the end. So, I oppose (LOL!). You can outmatch Fanny really. Teamwork beats skills. Chou-Moskov stun/cc is potentially the strongest counter I've run through.


I have about 30 matches of her so the 50% wr, so yeah I'm practically inexperienced.  Post time 2018-8-16 09:56 PM
50% wr isn’t bad I have friends who main fanny and have 45% wr so you’re good buddy  Post time 2018-8-16 08:17 PM
Post time 2018-8-11 07:23 PM | Show all posts
I honestly hate picking counter heroes for those OP heroes. They pick whatever hero they want (like Fanny), but we have to pick counter heroes for them or else they will become unstoppable without counter heroes. That's why I ban Fanny and assassins most of the times, too tired of countering them.
Post time 2018-8-11 10:14 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2018-8-11 10:37 PM | Show all posts
I really hate Fanny, but not at all I think she should be deleted. Because even if you do not like her or do not play with her, other people use and like her. Some have spent money on her skins, so it's too complicated to ask her to be removed from the game.

Maybe the developers could leave her more balanced with the other heroes. So everyone could play freely and happily each with their favorite hero
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