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Author: Devsandmodsdumb
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Post time 2018-8-11 11:20 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2018-8-12 12:14 AM | Show all posts
Deleting her won't do anything. There is huge fan base of fanny and developer cannot remove the hero. Also, why to remove. I also cannot counter fanny but i  never thought about removing  her. LOL
Post time 2018-8-13 10:21 AM | Show all posts
those fidget spinner skill at max lvl dealing  460(+90% phy atk) and hv no cooldown...
460 alone is to much for skill without cooldown... so i suggest to change those skill to at max lvl dealing 220 damage(+120% phy atk)... and if i can add those skill at first lvl and max lvl damage is no change 220+120% but every time skill lvl was up it lower fanny energy consumption... so when max lvl i hope fanny doest need to depend too much on blue buff anymore, like its better to get blue buff but it fine if she doesnt get it...
Post time 2018-8-13 07:14 PM | Show all posts
meh just because you can't win fanny you protest? hahahaha #weak

heroes i use to fool fanny : akai , jawhead , grock, vexena , aurora, diggie, lolitha , ruby

P.S :mainly use tank and mage heroes
Post time 2018-8-14 01:55 PM | Show all posts
Jawhead will eat fanny like a snack. IDK why you want to delete fanny. I hate fanny when the player is so skilled. but man deleting her?? nah. i doubt it will because a lot of players play her even she is so hard to master. my fanny win rate is 30% hahahaha. but i still play for fun. but on rank games whenever there s fanny I pick JH/Martis. teamplaying with mythic players also. fanny is so situational in my opinion . even pros wont even use it on tournaments because its too risky and situational. if you are tired seeing her in rank games just ban her. deleting her wouldnt do anything. there is always toxic ppl will ruin your games so on and so fort. peace  
Post time 2018-8-14 05:39 PM | Show all posts
fanny have dependant on blue buffs, when fanny dont have blue buff at mid/late game then she only can split push, try to steal blue buff from fanny at early game.

and at early game fanny is not yet lvl 2 dude, she cannot spam her cable when she only lvl 1.. that's why people said rush to fanny buff

you just dont understand how to counter fanny.
Post time 2018-8-14 09:07 PM | Show all posts
Fanny is badly designed assassin.

my 5 cents
 Author| Post time 2018-8-15 05:10 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
dionizme replied at 2018-8-13 07:14 PM
meh just because you can't win fanny you protest? hahahaha #weak

heroes i use to fool fanny : akai  ...

You dont know how to read, therefor you are not worth explaining anything to. Keep your useless comments in your head.
 Author| Post time 2018-8-15 05:20 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
✝FatherJohn✝ replied at 2018-8-11 11:20 PM
Bro I eat funny with fork... She is weak... Even with a pro player controlling her... Ask Rekt Valid ...

You showed 1 instance... And it didnt even show you killing fanny.... And i didnt say i cant kill fanny.. Everyone reads but then interperates my posts like i say shiit that i didnt say. OP doesnt mean cant be killed. OP means she is overpowered compared to other heroes.
 Author| Post time 2018-8-15 05:58 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Adrianne replied at 2018-8-11 01:52 PM
Never gonna happened.. Many top players are Fanny users and Fanny have the biggest fanbase in the ga ...

Think about the other side. Not deleting fanny(or at least properly balancing her) could lead to less sales, less people playing as often, more people quitting the game altogether. Gord is op as fuuck, 2-4 cd on first 2 skills and an ult whos cd can go down to 12-15 and with a 123 combo gord can kill most heroes. I dont want gord deleted. Fanny is a problem, and the people that use fanny tend to be trolls and smurfs that say Great Game or Well Played every time they kill someone. Basically fannys bring out the hate inside me. Ive dreamed of meating a fanny user after they troll, and snapping their neck. Its not as vicious as other things ive thought, but trolls move to the top of the hit list when they are fanny.
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