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[Forum Original Content] Hero Discovery:Claude

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Edited by WtripleO at 2018-8-16 11:21 AM

Claude is one of the few marksman whose playstyle revolves around mid range combat and is more of in your face type rather than staying at long distances. The difference with Claude tho, is that he is more verstile than an marksman in terms of getting in and out of combat thanks to his kit. Another beauty of Claude is that he is one of the few marksman who can literally put enemies at a disadvantage in order for him to get an advantage but the catch is that he is very squishy and can easily be burst down if focused on.

Hero Builds:

Emblem Build:

Talent Build:

Tier 1: Bravery-Just another standard for any marksman, this basically helps getting last hits on minions as well as dishing out damage at the early stages of the game.

Tier 2: Swift- as a DPS Marksman Claude would need this over the other standard.
Tier 3: Weakness Finder- This key talent is perfect for Claude as this gives him more advantage thanks to the % chance of slowing the enemies' attack speed and movement speed which he already does with his 1st skill.

Item Build:

When Building Claude, It is important to note that his core item would be Demon Hunter wherein thanks to his passive trait, he does double damage per basic attack which procs any items as well. In other words Demon Hunter would be by far an good buy for Claude as this gives him early to late game advantage.

Another thing to note is that Claude can be built into two seperate builds wherein he can use the golden staff build or the standard marksman Claude build. Wherein both has its variety as well as effectivity but each differ by play style. So go ahead and try which one suits your play style more.

Battle Spell:
Amongst the battle spells, it is recommended that Claude gets Flicker as this helps him be more flexible in terms of repositioning during team fights or escaping. But if you feel that you do not need the extra movement then Inspire should be your second choice for your battle spell as this gives him the additional damage output he needs

Tips & Tricks:

1)When using Claude, it is much more important to get the 1st skill first rather than the 2nd skill as stealing your enemy staff proves to be more advantageous towards the early to end parts of the game rather than a simple repositioning skill. Overall it is important to note that Claude's bread and butter is with his 1st skill and not 2nd.
2)Claude can easily manuever in and out of the battlefield thanks to his kit, make the most of it by weaving in your 1st skill whenever possible and keep it at high stacks while carefully minding where your 2nd skill is as this can help you reposition at a more favorable spot.

3)When low on health, do not simply run away. Claude is known for his kiting mechanics so whenever you are low on health or feel like you cannot lifesteal back to safety, simply use your ultimate as this gives you a small to decent amount of shield but be careful as you can still be bursted down if you do not watch your positioning.

4)When you are at a tricky spot, it is easier to deceive your enemies by baiting them out with your 2nd skill wherein you have had it setted up before going into battle and when they charge in for you, simply swap out which puts your enemies at a tight spot.

5)An important thing to note is that, with Claude's 1st skill he does not have to rely heavily on attack speed items so take advantage of this by building damage early on and rely on your 1st skill to get the needed attack speed but of course you should still build an attack speed item towards the mid-late parts of the game to get the most value out of it.

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I have a question. If Claude steals your attack speed, will your attack speed becomes "0"???
 Author| Post time 2018-8-16 11:22 AM | Show all posts
starboi replied at 2018-8-16 10:05 AM
I have a question. If Claude steals your attack speed, will your attack speed becomes "0"???

No it does not immediately goes to 0 but it does get reduved by 2% each time he does it. And this effect stacks for 10 times
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Edited by starboi at 2018-8-16 11:58 AM
WtripleO replied at 2018-8-16 11:22 AM
No it does not immediately goes to 0 but it does get reduved by 2% each time he does it. And this  ...

Thanks for the reply. follow-up question. You said stacks up to 10 times? is it for the entire opposing team or to a particular enemy hero that was hit by the 1st skill? as long as claude is alive.
 Author| Post time 2018-8-16 10:00 PM | Show all posts
starboi replied at 2018-8-16 11:56 AM
Thanks for the reply. follow-up question. You said stacks up to 10 times? is it for the entire oppo ...

Only for that particular hero that was affected with the 1st skill and no the effect is only temporary like how Claude gets the buff after stealing. Thats about the duration of the negative effect the enemies received(Basically around 3-5seconds)
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