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[Talk With Developer] Weekly Suggestions [07/30/2018 - 08/05/2018]

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Weekly Suggestions [07/30/2018 - 08/05/2018]

Dear all,

This is the replies and solution for recent feedback from players.
Thanks for your feedback, please check.

1. Advance Server

Feedbacks Summary Reply

My only suggestion Is that why don't we have a refund of buying a character in the hero shop but limited refunds of course.

Refund function

Not in plan.

if possible can u change freya:Beach Sweatheart skill animation back to old way,well like a water splash when second skill landed on the enemies..Thats all from me...Thank u for your attentions.

Suggestion on animation effect for Freya’s skin – Beach Sweetheart.

Maybe we will review this skin.

Im suggests that custome mode will become harder as player vs pro player/top global player no matter in advance server or original server...tq

Improve the AI in Custom Mode.

The function of AI difficulty level in Custom Mode is in progress.

2. Hero Skills

Feedbacks Summary Reply

Hi MLBB, i think i should forward this issue to the team. The new hero 'Selena', her second power which is the stum is too long & it is unfair to the opponent because team will have the advantage to attack. Please modify this hero & look through this matter because it is really unfair that her stun is too long.

Maximum stun duration for Skill 2 Selena is too long.

It has been nerfed.

Cyclops can still use its second skill even if it has already stunned by Selena. I would like to suggest if you could change the logic and cyclops 2nd skill must be disabled when get stunned by selena or any other heroes. Thank you

Cyclops still able to cast skill 2 after stunned by Selena

Please provide replay for further checking.

Please re rework sun like the old times. Nobody will play him anymore. Hard to escape, hard to carry,

Bring back previous Sun.

Further observe.

3. Equipment

Feedbacks Summary Reply

price of ice queen wand. since it is expensive, add another 3% no slow of the passive.

Increase 3% of slow effect on Ice Queen Wand.

Will take it into consideration.

Can you make tank hero with focus defending true damage? Because only 1 item that I know can defend through true damage (Wings of Apocalyps) and its not enough though.

Make defensive item which against true damage.

Purpose of true damage is not able to be reduced in anyway.

Please neft Wing Of Apocalypse. That wing so op. Neft from 50% dmg taken reduce to 30% dmg reduce. I found that Hayabusa use Rose gold meteor plus Wing so hard to kill. Even natalia full build with inspire cant kill him. Is almost kill him but when he only 1/4 hp he very tanky cant do any dmg.

Nerf on Wing of Apocalypse.

We will make further adjustment on Natalia to avoid such thing happen again.

4. Other

Feedbacks Summary Reply

Look, during a game, I unexpectedly got a phone call. You can't always penalize players being afk during a phone call. Does the game mechanics detects phone calls so that it does not count as afk?

Please not to take it as AFK if such disconnection is due to answering call.

System will grant longer grace period to take it as AFK if reconnection is detected.

Add a game button whem we can trade our color's name and add simbols or emojis.
Thanks for support. .

Add function which can change name color and adding symbol or emoji.

Thanks for your feedback.

What I've seen a lot since the last updates is that many low gamma phones can not play more Mobile Legends, my suggestion is that they make a Lite version of the game, assuming that this is the way they can omit a lot of animations such as the input of the heroes or remove the voice chat, the point would be to imagine that they are launching a special Mobile Legends for low gamma cell phones, it does not matter if all the animations of the original game are not, but that way they would win or recover community of low gamma and media, there are already many people who can not play Mobile Legends for their low and mid gamma phones, I would appreciate your attention to this comment, I would be much better in a LITE version because the point is to play, I love their animations and everything, but I feel that even that LITE version would have millions of downloads, benefit for you, postscript, I love ML.

LITE mode for lower spec device.

We are really concern in this issue, we will keep on improve the game. Appreciate for your feedback.

5. About Recent Changes

Feedbacks Summary Reply

ability changes in the sun hero which is very detrimental because it is difficult to defeat if it has become a lot.

Sun is hard to defeat when he have a lot of clones.

Please fight Sun with teammates instead of facing him alone.

Every time you guys roll out a new hero it's too good I suggest either making new heroes a bit less powerful or buffing the older heroes so it's fair.

New hero is always too strong.

Usually we observe the performance data in Advance Server before releasing in Global Server; and keeping adjustment after releasing it.

hey, can you please verify the cause of disconnection first before charging the players with credit scores. it sucks cause even if it is not our fault, we will be deducted with 5 credit scores. tsk. please make it more user friendly, this is one of the reasons why players slowly leave this game.

Credit Scores are deducted due to disconnection which is not causing by the player.

System will grant longer grace period to take it as AFK if reconnection is detected.

6. Battle

Feedbacks Summary Reply

The towers and bases are too weak. I suggest of increasing their range, damage (base damage and increasing damage) and triggering (the whole enemy team enter tower and it stils attacking minions).

Make turret and base stronger.

Not in plan.

1. Can be made anti critical defense items and life steal / spell vamp.
2. Please lock the lord so it won't be too easily resisted by Hero assassin and marksman types alone, at least 2 heroes work together to defeat it.
3. Please balance the experience between the jungle and the one who killed the Minion, so as not to lose the level difference between the jungle and the one holding the turret.
4. Please, in the future Hero tank is made really thick, not easily killed with only a few mm attacks and assassins, so that players are more interested in using tanks not just as public transport.
Thank you.

Adding item against critical hit and hp vamp; make Lord stronger; more balance on experience getting between jungle & lane; more tank hero which is super tank.

Please try Dominance Ice to counter critical; we will adjust jungle in next seasonal update; the fun of playing Tank is not only because they are tanky.

I hope that MLBB will change their ranked matchmaking to be like this.
1 hero is picked from my team (e.g Layla) then opponent can't pick the same hero again. That way the game will be balanced. Thank you very much in advance.

No repeat hero for both parties in ranking.

Same hero pick is not allow in draft pick mode (Epic onwards).

This is not all of the reports, please download the documents below to view all reports.

Weekly Suggestion (62.36 KB, Downloads: 128)
Post time 2018-8-17 09:08 PM | Show all posts
I wish there was a guy feedback saying NERF FANNY and the response of the devs like nah no thanks XD
Post time 2018-8-17 10:04 PM | Show all posts
I wish they'd notice the requests to improve the matchmaking system. Week after week it doesn't get included.
Post time 2018-8-19 10:19 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I've quit Mobile Legends once and I hope it doesn't happen again. The reason being that it is so laggy and I can't get out of Epic Rank because of my teammates being afk. I had 5 games today that had an afk in it resulting in a loss. I suggest that when a player foes afk in the start of the battle or is afk for 2 mins automatically make it an invalid battle. No need for the players to stay in base just make it an invalid battle immediately.
Post time 2018-8-19 06:02 PM | Show all posts
what is this lazy ass devs response..

god damn man, no wonder your base player on EU/NA declining, your game is not balance !

also make the hero a bit cheaper...  this game actually teaching kid to expense with parent money to buy just a hero!!! $10+ for a single hero!!!
Post time 2018-8-20 01:53 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Post time 2018-8-20 10:58 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
JD1504 replied at 2018-8-19 10:19 AM
I've quit Mobile Legends once and I hope it doesn't happen again. The reason being that it is so lag ...

I agree with you. A lot of players don’t care if they go afk since the sanctions/ penalties are not severe. I have friends who also decided to quit the game for the same reason. I’m also quitting too. Many players are rude and toxic. The fun of the game is gone if your team mates are aholes. They will curse you and others even though they won’t go afk they will just bug you(especially if they use jawhead) and intentionally feed.
Post time 2018-8-20 11:20 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
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