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[Talk With Developer] Weekly Suggestions [08/06/2018 - 08/12/2018]

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Weekly Suggestions [08/06/2018 - 08/12/2018]

Dear all,

This is the replies and solution for recent feedback from players.
Thanks for your feedback, please check.

1. Advance Server

Feedbacks Summary Reply

Playing Deathmatch. Suddenly i watched me and my teammate using lesley together..i think you guys should remove this rule in original server...if a team has two lesley it is such a guys can understand..???????????? Thank you

Please prevent using same hero within a team in Deathmatch.

That’s the design, please choose next hero wisely.

Its been so long. Bring back the random point system in Brawl Mode! Brawl mode was so much more fun when we have more chances to re-roll heroes. And no, don't be so cheap and ridiculous to expect us to spend 10 diamonds just for a random re-roll. 99.99% of mobile players will not do that. Don't sacrifice the fun of the game just for that slight chance of making an extra few cents.

Stop re-roll hero selection in Brawl Mode by using diamond.

That’s the design.

Should not buff Ruby on HP but damage. HP can be easily restored by Ruby but no matter how much HP u have,u will still be killed easily. She's not tank, she doesn't need too much HP but damage, no damage means weak for a fighter especially

Should not buff Ruby on HP but damage.

HP increment is to make Ruby have better performance in early game.

2. About Recent Changes

Feedbacks Summary Reply

Please keep survival mode.

Keep Survival Mode.

Will take it into consideration.

Mirror mode is permanent and I get the best gaming performance in this mode and it's a very nice mode.

Make Mirror Mode permanent.

Will take it into consideration.

The story mode is very badly worked, they are only challenges and they are not dynamic at all. I know it is not a requirement to pass the story but do not put as mission to buy or use diamonds if the game itself does not give you how to win them in some way, that does not make the player buy diamonds, on the contrary discourages them and causes a bad game printing. If you are going to put the story mode, put it better, that it's not just pure lyrics that nobody reads. The story mode if only challenges will be put 'special challenges' and should raise the rewards of magic powders and maybe upload the difficulty of the challenges to make it worth the reward.

Story mode is badly worked, it’s only challenges and not dynamic at all. Spending diamond to complete certain task is a bad idea as well.

Thanks for your feedback; we will make it better in future.

3. Battle

Feedbacks Summary Reply

please banned pharsa in brawl

Remove Pharsa in Brawl Mode.

Brawl Mode will be updated in September.

The assassin emblem 3rd tier 'High and Dry' is programmed backwards. It should be 'increase damage by 6% on enemy heroes when !you! are the only teammate around. You should receive the buff if you're alone or outmatched many enemy vs just you. Right now it's giving you the buff if the enemy is alone.

Assassin Emblem: Description for talent “Hight and Dry” is wrong.

It’s correct that High and Dry should give buff when enemy is alone. We will check on the description.

If someone is afk gor more than 4 minites, kick them off the game and allow anyone to join the match.

Allow other player to join match and take control the AFK hero.

This will bring a bad gameplay experience to the other player, not in plan.

4. Hero Skills

Feedbacks Summary Reply

Extension of Fashan's ultimate length

Increase Fashan’s (Pharsa?) ulti length.

Not in plan.

Hi moonton. I think you should rework vale first skill. It should be faster when cast and the sign to indicate that the skill is cast shouldn’t be see by the ennemies. Hope your are reading this, best regard, Tsal

Rework Vale skill 1.

Not in plan.

I just want to suggest that Sun would have just returned to the 2nd skill with the thrill of having it and enjoying the solid Sun player. Thanks

Bring back Sun skill 2.

Not in plan.

5. Equipment

Feedbacks Summary Reply

Can you make new gear???

Make new equipment.

Thanks for your feedback.

The item tear of the devil is very expensive for magicians should lower it to 900 because the item defense are cheap and are armed very fast and when a magician needs it is too expensive and ends up losing the game for not having magic penetration should not lower the cost of the item, do you think I have not realized that you favor the defense and the physical? For the next patch I want the item tear of the devil cheap 900 because for magicians who do not farm much it is unfair that it takes them an eternity to have it.

Reduce the cost of Tears of the Devil to 900 gold.

Thanks for your feedback; we will take it into consideration.

New Equipment for Magic-based users that increases Attack Speed (not just Feather of Heaven) and Magic-based Lifesteal (Not Spell Vamp). Zhask, if I recall, uses more of his insects, which in turn relies on Attack Speed. If that is the case, then Heroes like Zhask needs Lifesteal if their focus is on Attack Speed rather than Magic Power.

Make new equipment for magic-base hero.

Thanks for your feedback; we will take it into consideration.

This is not all of the reports, please download the documents below to view all reports.

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Picture shows how much afk games to report, daily.
Thats my normal average
New/current punishment system still useless (expected)

Few suggestions:
1) Protection points - Give 700 points, if afk at start game (prevent a star lost) or 500 points if mid/end game dc or you can just lower down the protection points number
2) No star lost, no star gain (match will be considered played for fun, this will force players to end the game quick)
3) Those afk, harsh punishment, whatever the reason, too bad. If you come back from afk, 1/2 punishment, if not, full punishment.This will put some fear in players mind.
4) Whatever punishment system you’re using now, 3x the effect or 2x. I prefer 3x
5) Whatever creative ways of punishment you guys can think of, that your job.

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Post time 2018-8-26 11:02 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Dear devs... I've recently found out that many of my classmates that used to play ML very much are now quitting because now it's no more of fun.... It's simply turning out to be a pay to win game.. because the talents and emblems can be purchased which makes a huge difference... Please remove the system of purchasing emblems. You must release the epic skins of heroes which are very famous like Haya,Angela.. And the most important thing.. You must live stream the MPL,MSL,MSC tournaments on YouTube too, because this will get you more players worldwide (I know there are 200 million players,but increasing the players base is good). Also one thing to mention... You must penetrate into American and European market by hosting esports tournaments... Because YouTubers like IFLEKKZ and Dave quit playing ML just because of this.*  has gained interest by doing tourneys.. And you guys only care about INDOSSSSS.. all tournaments are for SEA people only... Why?? I
Post time 2018-8-27 07:39 PM | Show all posts
not in plan!

lazy lazy lazy lazy,

sorry but you guys are the worst devs!
Post time 2018-8-29 09:19 AM | Show all posts
I suggest improve the matchmaking because it really sucks big time
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