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[Poll] Forgotten heroes part 1: Alucard

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Post time 2018-8-21 12:10 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
Edited by BD007 at 2018-8-21 12:14 AM

Welcome to my new thread.
In this thread we will discuss and give our vote and opinion about new heroes. And will also make sure official will check this thread.

So lets talk about the most common and one of the oldest hero, Alucard.

Once upon a time he was seriously op. Specially season 1 and 2. When there was few cc heroes.
He has insane amount of burst damage and life steal.
Which suits fighter/semi assassin like him.

Then what is wrong with him?

Actually there is nothing wrong with him.
We are now living in cc meta.
Almost all new hero has cc.
And cc is worst for fighter like alucard.
If we see someone picks alucard in rank then god knows the rest. We starts to bully him/her. And in extreme case someome goes afk.
The more fun part is when that alucard is fed up and starts to feed enemies.

Now lemme tell you some think i discovered about alucard.

You can play alucard now, but you need some help.
Normally in solo q most of the poeple does not understand or follow this or simply dont know about this.

I was watching top global alucards(few of them) and i saw the pattern.
So far i see any cc hero or specially mage is helpful for alucard.
Like support angela, best buddy for alucard.
Mage like aurora, vexena, kagura are also good choice since they have ability to cc an enemy.
Alucard wait for that opportunity and then jump.
Also farming is very important for alu.

Now lets see his ability
I will not discuss every bit of details.
His passive has ability to deal 1.2x, 1.1x damage to multiple enemy and ability to short teleport to an enemy.

If we look closely his all of his skill has insane amount of physical damage (160%, 140% and 220%)
At the same time he has slow effect on first skill, aoe on both first and 2nd and burst damage on ultimate.
Also his ultimate can give him up to 100% life steal so in late game even fanny cant defeat him in 1v1.

If we check his item set, queen of apocalypse was his best choice before the nerf of this item. Now his item set a bit changed.
I am giving you my item set for alu.
Endless and claw still suits him for life steal and true damage.
And bod+fury for physical and crit damage.
Boot depends on enemy.
And same goes for last item too.
Either extra true damage with defence or magic defense with physical attack.

For emblem we can use two types.
Of course its assassin but you can either choose movement or physical attack.
I dont think we need extra life steal since he has so many .

For spell retri and flicker is best suitable for him i think.
You can change depends on enemy.

Some tips from my own experience.

Always farm as much as you can but also defend or help your turret and ally.
Position and map awareness is most important for any hero and same goes for alu too .
Always check bush
Wait for opportunity, dont jump recklessly in battle.
Wait for your cc hero to alow them to cc your enemy and then jump in the battle but also be ready for escape root if necessary.
Always look for enemy adc heroes.
Watch plenty of live stream

Remember guys alucard is not solo hero anymore and he needs help. Without any cc help or support he cant shine. Thats why in solo q its hard to play alucard with new ally because they almost alway see alu feed or awesome. And they dont know how to help alu. So i suggest to play team in order to get best support for alu .

Last of all, i am not alucard expert.
Just shared my experience.
You can always share your opinion. Also dont forget to cast your vote and share your opinion.

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Post time 2018-8-21 12:50 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
He needs a stun is first skill like he original did. Also they said he is supposed to have cc but he does not.

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 Author| Post time 2018-8-21 03:07 AM | Show all posts
Staufferboy replied at 2018-8-21 12:50 AM
He needs a stun is first skill like he original did. Also they said he is supposed to have cc but he ...

He has slowdown effect on first skill.
But i agree he needs some cc effect for solo users.

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Post time 2018-8-21 09:18 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.

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Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2018-8-21 11:33 AM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2018-8-21 03:07 AM
He has slowdown effect on first skill.
But i agree he needs some cc effect for solo users.

i got an idea how about a little push effect on his Fission Wave as his CC, you know the push effect just like Valir's Second skill

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Post time 2018-8-21 01:24 PM | Show all posts
Alucard is great but he needs a teammate that can support him. prolly replace the slow with some stuns/knockbacks just like Martis 2nd skill. Also I always do Fighter emblem and choose talent lvl 30 if ever i get caught by CC. and 3 points to HP and 3 points to armor. if you are playing solo. just use fighter emblem. if you have a duo/trio that can support and provide crowd control for you then you go assassin talent emblem and rampage everywhere you want haha.

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Post time 2018-8-21 04:21 PM | Show all posts
Strong hero in the right hands..if u see global alu’s holy. They are insane but ye definitley forgotten

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 Author| Post time 2018-8-21 10:59 PM | Show all posts
shikinu00 replied at 2018-8-21 01:24 PM
Alucard is great but he needs a teammate that can support him. prolly replace the slow with some stu ...

Thanks for sharing your opinion and build and tips. I was really hoping for fighter emblem and talent 3 but not many players are using that. I personally think fighter should use fighter emblem. But everyone using assassin for movement speed and extra gold. I do agree with you btw.

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Post time 2018-8-22 10:17 AM | Show all posts
alucard main here..last time i was using him with monstrous damage against non meta heroes at season 4..i am newborn playing MLbb that time..then so on until this very season...he is less usable because there are so many CC heroes/ new heroes with CC skills and mobility plus spell that can outsmart alucard when in battle clashes..i think he needs a rework..maybe additional CC spell for him like stun on his skill 2..or additional immunity/unknockable on his ulti for 4-5 seconds..i did't use him since season 8 until now in rank games becoz he has no CC abilities....if he is not going to rework, maybe you can ignore his specialty "Charge/Crowd Control"...he is fighter assassin you know?? :(

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