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[Mood] Just Another Natalia Rework Thread

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Edited by DevAqua at 2018-8-23 02:58 PM

It's Never Ending... The Natalia Rework Threads. (Personal Mood and Opinions on Natalia's Rework)

Just to inform you, this is not a Rant on the Rework so rest assured you won't be getting another "All Caps, Large Fonts and Bold Letters" Thread with a Complain Category.

So, First thing's First.
Natalia's rework was expected in the Original Servers a week before it was implemented, and since then, it has been gaining attention over to her seemingly "nerfed" skills and effects.

I reviewed the Patch Notes, obviously.

First of all, Her Skin Model is the most famed one on this rework. She looked better with both Bright Claw and Glass Blade Skins although I finder her "running" pretty off since she's wearing heels if you take a closer look- however, it's all fine and positive remarks.

Second, her 1st Skill (Claw Dash) Distance got smaller which means that the range becomes wider in effect.
I think this is fine, other than the fact that it's harder to escape now but then it means that it's much easier to hit a moving target in sight.

Well, can't see anything to do about that, it's both positive and negative in a way.

Then we have her Ultimate which can now be cancelled by her 1st Skill (Claw Dash) which is definitely an upside to it.
Would've like it when you can directly cancel (like the first announcement of the rework) it but this also works.
At least you can stop scratching the air.

Well, those 2 were definitely neutral in a way and very much a rework with less complaints.
The most controversial topic however is her passive.

About the Passive (I'm copying it) :

  • Passive: [Assassin Instinct] - Attack from behind to deal high amount of damage. If Natalia hides in bush and stopped receiving or dealing damage for a period time, she becomes invisible. Natalia shows up when she leaves the bush for a period of time or deal damage. Natalia move faster when she's invisible. In her next basic attack, she will flicker to the back of enemy to deal high amount of damage and silent the enemy. Whether in the bush or not, enemy will be alerted when Natalia approaches in the invisible form.

so, to explain this

In the old Natalia's Passive it is also stated that 100% Critical Damage can be done when a target is hit directly on the back which is pretty hard to achieve at her old version.

In the new Rework, you flicker directly behind the target to ensure a Critical Damage at first hit.
I find this both in ups and downs- (pros and cons)

This means that even for minions, you go directly at the back of it which puts you in a tight spot.
People have been complaining with her for "Team Fights" but I found it more fitting for an Assassin Role to go Solo which is basically why this rework has been done to begin with and with this, I'm ensured to give a nice burst. I found it nice and that people have to eventually adapt to this and it's Positive and Negative effects. This also means that you can use this to go directly behind a jungle mob or enemy minion at a distance. however, more precautions should be observed now that you can't just touch your enemy with ghostly hands for a second and hide back at a bush.

The Silence was the second most ranted topic, it was apparently reduced to 1s. However, I have not checked her new Skill Information if there were any changes but I'm pretty sure it was just a bug and it was supposedly still 2s. Got to wait for that.

Smaller 2nd Skill Fog? Another one that is ranted about, It seemed smaller now that the smokes are precisely encircled but I feel like it's the same, it's just less obvious.. I suppose? I don't really know, it's still effective nevertheless.

Larger Alert Range and Alert Signals Even in Bushes. It might be harder to play Hide n' Seek with this hero now that you can tell when she's near, but this also means that the enemy will take more precaution and that you can alert them at safe distance potentionally scaring them off or having them use their skills in thin air, this may also mean that you are less stealthy now and it'll be a bit more risky to strike at them.
I've observed the old Natalia to have a small alert range and that it's easy to get poked by a skill- Encountered players who throws in skills once they see the exclamation mark and it sometimes gets me. Well, with larger alert range, it'll be easier to follow where she went but less easier to catch her by chance

The key here is timing, precision and planning. Assassins such as Selena are required to await before they strike, becoming more fitting of an "Assassin" which aren't really meant to go Frontline. Their key aspects are wiping out enemy Mages and Marksmen which are mostly the Damage Dealers.

People have complained about Selena and her skills, even with the nerf a few weeks ago (got a buff on stun again which is pretty nice) because people aren't really meant to play her as a Frontliner which is a common mistake, the best she can do when in Team Fights is to act as a "Mage" and throw in Stuns and AoE and potentially killing a retreating guy with the 1st Skill (works most of the time for me)

But going back to Natalia, she definitely became more of an Assassin than a lurking Fighter, it might be both "Nerf and Buff" but a rework is a rework, balancing the hero to fit how she needs to fit.

Also.. take the fact that her damage was never nerfed so I'd always tell you to shut up about not having the ability to kill a marksman in early game. You obviously farm and build before attempting to do something stupid. (and since you're still immune to basics, it should be nearly impossible to die in early game with a marksman who haven't got his/her build yet, otherwise, it's just plain dumb other than having another enemy along with the marksman which is also dumb if you even attempt to charge in on that instance even if the 2nd Skill supposedly got smaller.)

And... that's all for this "mood" thread
I hope you have a nice day.
Gotta wait for future updates on this "controversy"  while eagerly waiting for Lunox.
Post time 2018-8-23 03:40 PM | Show all posts
Welldone moontod you've successfully killed her(natalia)
-First basic atk on invi mode now 25%, before it was 35% (welldone hell yeah)
-Silent last 1 second, before it was 2 second (this one is worst part moontod Welldone)
-Circle bigger and her notif even on the bush (wtf, no more buff stealing :'(
-2nd skill slowing effects drop to 55%, before it was 65% and the atk spd bonus only 30% for all lvl (f*ck for this)
-I dont give a f*ck on the ulti coz its useless before or even now (dont *n' anymore)
Natalia's big nerf
Post time 2018-8-25 01:27 PM | Show all posts
Did you noticed? It seems that Natalia has the same voice with Melisandre of GOT and hey both serves the Lord of light as well haha coincidence isn't?
 Author| Post time 2018-8-23 07:54 PM | Show all posts
I doubt moonton will leave her like that because of the huge amount of complaints with the rework.
I'm expecting a buff anytime sooner (probably after Lunox gets released)

And to clarify, it really is reduced to 1s Silent.
Still find it easy to play her tho.

And the Ulti deals a whole lot of damage just so you know.
Post time 2018-8-23 09:11 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Creamy~ at 2018-8-23 09:28 PM

I believe all of her skills rework are acceptable, given people will surely adapt to it sooner or later.

The only complain here is her *notification while in the bush not moving*

Sure people can adapt (adapting argument kinda cheap, even worst nerf ever, there will be people trying to adapt anyway), but what makes Natalia, a *Natalia* is her "hide and seek" and "peek a boo" play. If enemy has Natalia, we always given this "mindgames" where Natalia always invisible, can be anywhere waiting, so we try to play safe and not getting alone.

Moonton raises her alert range, sure, means people (natalia enemy) can sense her easier and prepare their skills given they will be stalked. It also creates another mindgames where people "oh shiet, natalia is here, gotta go fast and run!" thingy, while in truth natalia just passing by.

The thing with "invisibility in the bush not moving still alert enemies" is what the problem here. Outside or inside the bush, she still alert enemies so this kills what old Natalia does, and logic-wise, its not even logical. Normal heroes doesnt have alert range while in the bush, so why new Natalia does? She is supossed to be stalker, but even worst at hiding than normal heroes? Thats lore-killing here.

Now Natalia more or less just another hero with a role of a pusher and silencer support instead of assassins most of the times, and pretty bad at it (we got another silencer hero which does the job better).

Also its also safe to say that this rework *cough*nerf*cough* is unjust, i mean look, from waaay old ml to now, we never had big nerf to Natalia, why? Because she is not a problematic to begin with, she stays balanced until those err youtuber and meta-definer keep using Natalia and/or posting top player nata vids, and for some reason people complain Natalia OP . . . But Natalia was same and stay that way for so long until rework? Why suddenly OP now (pre-rework)? Moonton even creates some hero to counter Natalia even.
Hard counter: Saber, Selena, Aldous, Yss
Soft counter: Any hero with aoe skills and of course, clever player able to predict natalia movement.

Lastly: Have you ever use Natalia and try to kidnap Hayabusa? You might say "but but new Natalia now are has more assassins feeling and killing mm and mage are her new job now, not killing assassins". I bet you will fail to kill Hayabusa, why? 1 sec silence. Why does it matter? Means Hayabusa > Natalia. So? Means moonton "revamping Natalia" goes bad and wrong, and makes obvious answer, making Natalia unbalance in a way she is weaker and powercreeped. The point of rework/revamp is to re-introduce old hero which may, has low playability, and renewing their skills, so the playerbase can enjoy the seemingly old hero with a new addition, but instead, this revamp arent meant for that, but to "kill a hero" and makes it powerless, while new hero keep coming powercreeping the old ones. Thats a huge issue there.

Also the ult still the same mind you, the damage is still weak, even if can be cancelled by first skill, means its not dealing full damage and still bad no matter what, its a fact, so sugarcoating the current ulti is useless imo.
For those who felt tl:dr, my point is: remove her alert range while in the bush like the old ones, and l revert her silence into 2 sec, that way Natalia is well done revamp-nerf without killing her as a hero.
 Author| Post time 2018-8-24 10:21 PM | Show all posts
Well, now that the Jungles are buffed and turned into bosses, Assassins are practically nerfed .

RIP Assassins
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