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[Hero Techniques] Fanny Guide

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This is my first thread, sorry if my english is bad

Fanny is the hardest hero in mobile legends, it makes many people want to master her. As a main fanny, i played for 300 match before I really confident using her. In this guide, I will share what I learnt in my 300 match with fanny, hoping you guys can master it faster than me.

This guide is consist of 7 part:
1. Build
2. Skill Maximizing
3. Laning
4. Basic Info and Combo
5. Early-Mid-Late game play style
6. Fanny Target and Counter
7. Tips and Trick

1. Build
         Bloodlust Axe and Rosegold Meteor
First item to make is Bloodlust Axe to regen HP when we attack with skill. Build this item first
Second item is Rosegold Meteor to provide shield on low HP and small amount of Magic Resistance.
A.Sword of Seven Seas
          This item is great in teamwar since its passive will lower enemy's armor by 25pts. Enemy will be more squishy
B. Brute Force Breastplate
Adds 770 HP and 45 Armor. Attacking an enemy will increase one's capabilities, increasing movement speed 2% and physical attack 3%. This effect lasts 4s and can stack up to 4 times. Every skill we done will increase physical damage, maximizing at 12% more physical damage.
C. Athena Shield
Actually optional. Sometimes in low tier, they use no mage. When it happens switch it to Blade Armor or Demons Advent
D. Blade of Despair
Before we start build the item set. Buy a level 2 jungle item. It can be Nimle Blade or Pillager Axe, depends on the enemy composition. When the enemy carry is a late gamer such marksman or hayabusa, buy Nimble Blade. But if enemy using early game assasin like fanny, lance, or gusion, pick Pillager Axe
I choose not to buy boots since I find it quite useless
I also not buying Immortality b'cause 60% times I use Immortality, the enemy just wait for me to ressurect in 3 second and after it happen, they CCed me until death :(
For the Emblem and Talent I choose Assasin with Bounty Hunter

2. Skill Maximizing
If you do a lot of miss cable, i recommend to max S2 first. Once you are confident with your Fanny, max S1 first for more damage.
And of course, upgrade your Ulti when possible

3. Laning
NEVER CHOOSE MID LANE. It just very hard to locate the cable in mid lane
TOP LANE. In top lane, you will get spinner buff and easy gold crab. There is an opportunity to steal enemy's Ghost Mage.
BOT LAne. I used to choose bot lane because it is way more fun. We can wait in the bush and steal enemy Gold Crab, and sometimes kill the enemy hero too.

4. Basic Info and Combo
In this part, the guide will be complex and hard to understand since the content is hard to explained LOL.
The point of mastering fanny is mastering her Steel Cable. Those cable makes Fanny move lane very fast, kill enemy elegantly, and get a lot of diamond if we can do freestyle :v
Mastering the cable is not as hard as you imagined. 4 or above cable is useless in my opinion. 3 cable is just for changing direction. 2 cable is for fast fly and ganking. 1 cable is the point. As long if you place the cable in precision, getting savage is possible.
Fanny has no particular combo. Just spam the second skill until enemy's HP is half full and then finish it with ulti and first skill (this will only work for assasin and marksman)

5. Playstyle
Early Game
Welcome to Mobile Legends. Enemy Reaching The Battlefield In 5 Seconds. Smash THEM!!! Take the first skill and go to the monster buff, it is up to you to choose the lane. Top or Bott is just the same. Buy the jungle sword and kill the buff monster ALONE. It is important to kill the buff alone so you will be at level 2 instantly. Take the second skill and forget the other jungle monster. Immediately go to the enemy's jungle. If you are in top lane, wait in the bush near the Giant Mouth monster, If you are in Bott, hide near the Goblin. This is the important part of early game. Once enemy kill their buff monster they will heading to the Giant Mouth/Goblin Monster. Fanny is the strongest early game hero. Fanny kill the buff monster faster than they are. So our Fanny will wait in the bush near the enemy monster while they are still killing their buff. The enemy arrived and attacking the monster. Aim the 2nd skill to the enemy and fly towards them. This surprise attack can be followed with wallspam cable and you can get First Blood and Double Kill. Since Fanny is very strong early game, it is very rare that this action failed. Be careful doing this when there is Nana, Grock, Martis, or Chou
Cut enemy's minion and kill the Gold Crab. Clear ally's jungle. After everything is clear, I used to help Mid Lane. If the Mid Lane enemy is MM, You can do this combo to kill them fast. First, do 2 cable to charge to the enemy. Once we passed the MM and the Tornado triggered, press Ultimate and then First skill. Finish it of by aiming the second skill to the wall behind the enemy.

Mid Game
4 Items should be done. Aim for enemy MM or Assasin when you have nothing to do. Invade enemy jungle. Wait in the bush and when the enemy arrive, do the wallspam. It is good to end the game before entering late game, so I recommend to focusing in one lane.
In low tier like GM or Epic, Mid Game is where the enemy carry focus on jungling. Disturb them by killing them or push the turret. This wil make them aware.

Late Game
The most dangerous part of the game. Fanny become squishy and no longer deal crazy damage. If you are confident with your Fanny, I recommend you to strict with your team in case of war. If you dont think you are good, sell Blade of Seven Seas and buy Malefic Roar. Do the split push to make the enemy aware. Escape quickly if the enemy are missing from the map, they are possibly will gank you.
If there is a war, wait until the tank enter the battlefield and take all the damage. Quickly fly to the enemy MM or mage and kill them with quick combo:"Once we passed the MM and the Tornado triggered, press Ultimate and then First skill. Finish it of by aiming the second skill to the wall behind the enemy. "
Secure the Lord and use your high mobility to clear up the lane and go as fast as you can.

6. Target and Counter
Target: All MM, All Mage with few exception, All Assasin with few exception
Careful to:Moskov, Diggie, Ruby, Nana, Martis, Akai, Chou, Zilong, Franco, Saber, Helcurt, Natalia (late game)

7. Tips and Trick
a. Relax when playing Fanny. Everyone will say Fanny is squishy, but actually it is not as squishy as you think. Panic will only make you do miss cable
b. Learn how to wallspam. You will think that wallspam is very fast, but actually it is not as fast as you think. To fast wallspam will only make you run out of energy
c. Always take buff
d. Do not copy Mikasa's build and playstyle. The Legend is unique
e. Do not enter war if your energy is lower than 4/10
f. Becareful if you do not have blue buff
g. Wait all the CC skill before enter the war
h. When you killing the Gold Crab, do it near the wall. The enemy will be afraid to come and steal it. If they are reckless and try to steal the GC, do the wallspam and you will get a kill.
i. Some enemy are afraid to get out of their turret range. If you dont dare to do turret dive, bait them by stealing their jungle or cut their minion
j. No matter how many Tornado triggered in one cable, it will only cost 25pts energy
k. You can avoid Haya's Ulti by doing a fast fly with 2 cable
l. If you are locked by Aldous Ulti, quickly go to your fountain if it is possible or go to your ally hero.
m. If you are on low HP and locked with Lesley's Ult, don't run, just kill her
n. Last tips, practice in costum or vs AI is useless. Using fanny is about guessing where will the enemy go. I even learn wallspam in Classic mode.
o. Very last tips, never give up mastering Fanny. Remember her lore. despite just being a human, Fanny never gave up on her dream of flying. She fashioned a kind of steel grappling hook for herself in the hopes of using it to grab onto cliff faces and soar between mountain peaks. After countless training sessions in live environments, Fanny has finally mastered this technique. Folks who have seen her soaring through the air refer to her as the Blade of Freedom.

Well thats all I can tell, feel free to fix my english or have a critics and suggestion.
Right now I have 600 match with Fanny and 69% WR in Legend Tier
My first account only have 45% WR in 268 match :(
Hope you guys helped with this guide

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Post time 2018-8-27 01:30 AM | Show all posts
Cool guide bro, the tips and tricks are handy to use for fanny newbies haha
Post time 2018-8-28 06:23 AM | Show all posts
Not bad. I am sure it will help some people.
Post time 2018-8-30 12:13 AM | Show all posts
Great guide!

I also wanted to add to other players who want to master FANNY.

Never ever COPY or MIMIC EXACT BUILD or PLAYSTYLE of some Popular-Top Fanny players you see on streaming or Youtube.

I have played with numerous FANNY wannabe's that use same BUILD  meta and strategy from Zapnu, ZXuan, Mikasa, Hallucinates but they FAIL most of the time.



Happy cabling ^_^
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