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Title: Crashing during drafting of heroes at Rank Game [Print this page]

Author: cђяıร    Time: 2018-8-29 09:17 AM
Title: Crashing during drafting of heroes at Rank Game
I usually encounter this problem, during drafting of heroes, there's 2 scenario i always encounter. I always encounter this during Rank Game at Epic tier. During Classic, the app runs so smooth. So here's the scenario:

1. I can draft my hero i will choose but suddenly ML will crash, and when i return to the game, it is already loading, the problem is i dont have an emblem and my by battle spell is "EXECUTION".

2. ML will crash before i get my pick. So when i will return to the game, it will automatically pick my best hero, (which is a MM), sad news if there is already a MM being picked, or there's someone in the team who wants to be a MM. The good thing is i have an emblem and my battle spell is suited for the hero.

I am an Iphone 6 user, ios 10.3. Hope you can resolve this thing.

Thank you very much.
Author: BD007    Time: 2018-8-29 10:47 AM
This is a situation some ios user faced.
Ok first of all please do clean reinetsll of the app.
Turn the graphics to low also.
If you still persists this bug please submit a bug report to in game customer support. Thanks.
Author: Daniel2836    Time: 2018-8-29 02:56 PM
Happens even to me and i am an android user.

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