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[Talk With Developer] Weekly Suggestions [08/13/2018 - 08/19/2018]

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Weekly Suggestions [08/13/2018 - 08/19/2018]

Dear all,

This is the replies and solution for recent feedback from players.
Thanks for your feedback, please check.

1. Advance Server

Feedbacks Summary Reply

Please make epic skin lucky box for TANK heroes. I got my money ready since last year. Thank you.

Make Epic Skin for Tank in Lucky Box.


Remove or replace the design in natalia's eye patch. It really looks like a derpy white eye. It ruins the stealthy deadly look :( I dont understand why the smoke bomb is so transparent. Like why are you guys making it harder to see the smoke bomb? The new passive is absolutely terrible. You guys have to understand that the back of the enemy is not always the best position for natalia, especially when it comes to team fights. I hope you guys listen to natalia mains because this rework made her almost unplayable in high elos.

Complaint against Natalia’s skin and the recent revamp.

Further observe.

as a natalia main, there are so many cons in the rework. first off, the passive . the automatic backstab can put natalia in a terrible position.she doesnt have the blinks and flickers like most assassins do such as hayabusa and gusion that can get them out of sticky situations.natalia without her stealth and smoke is a sitting duck. so entering a clash can put natalia in a terrible position because of that automatic backstab.specially if the target is facing away the clash.the new smoke bomb effect is aweful as you can barely see it now.why did you have to reduce the length of the first skill? why would it matter if the skill has a wider range if you cant reach your for the ult, it would be better if you can cast a separate dash instead of the first one.because in my 500+ games of natalia, i hardly ever use the ult. and whenever i would, the 1st skill would already be in CD since i just used it to catch up to the enemy.i hope you guys can do a better rework of natalia because honestly, it is bad. she was fine the way she was before except for the self stun lock ult

Complaint against Natalia’s revamp.

Further observe.

2. About Recent Changes

Feedbacks Summary Reply

Please release the mirror mode again...thanks

Reopen Mirror Mode.

Will take it into consideration

please bring back the survival mode thank you

Reopen Survival Mode.


I just have a thought to make mentor and apprentice look cooler and clearer. Maybe you can put the curent stage of familiarity and mentor reward on that menu, not just a list of stage. And also give a symbol of familiarity reward at the lobby and the end of game. Thankyou

Suggestion for Mentor System.

Will take it into consideration

3. Hero Skill

Feedbacks Summary Reply

The remake of Bane ... has damage ... but the old Bane was more used than the current Bane ... the old ultimate was very good ... and the design of the hero too ... is now an obese octopus with 2 legs ... and their skins are horrible honestly ... think about how many players used the old Bane and how much they now use it.

Comment and suggestion for Bane, his using rate is lower after revamped.

Bane using rate is higher than before revamped.

Please give me back hayabusa's old skill 2, current hayabusa is a piece of*, he cannot match lancelot and natalia, his skill 2 doesn't give much option to survive like the old skill 2,

Bring back previous Hayabusa skill 2.

Not in plan.

About Harith, He’s similar to the heroes I suggested you guys to work on but not really similar, I think he would be more fun to play with if he uses energy instead of mana. You should rework his skills. His 2nd Skill,It shouldn’t have a cool down. If you uses it, it should refresh the cool down of the first skill but it cost a lot of energy. Then he will have a combo. First skill, Dash(refresh First skill), First skill, then dash, first skill,then dash and so on. And if you hit an enemy, you will regenerate energy. I think that would make him fun. And his ulti. He will be immune to cc or if he’s inside the ulti, skills won’t cost any energy. Ty moonton have a good day. I really hope this helps.

Comment and suggestion on Harith.

Thanks for your feedback.

4. Equipment

Feedbacks Summary Reply

Equpments can only build one not 2 or else lesley, natalia is op with 2 beserker fury. Saber and lancelot will also be op if they build 2 blade of despair. Johnson is bloody tanky with 3 blade armor. So i sugest to try and make them build only 1 item per build not same.

Limit to one purchase for every item in battle.

Passive is unique to avoid overpower from equipment

more item, like movement need a physical penetration, deflect damage physic and magic item

Make more new equipment.

Thanks for your feedback.

Equipment for winter trucheon and wind ...buff it such as winter trucheon can do skill if skill in chanelling mode ...since not move for 5 second kind of idiot…

Make frozen effect of Winter Trucheon won’t stop channelling skill.

That’s the design.

This is not all of the reports, please download the documents below to view all reports.

Post time 2018-8-31 03:44 AM | Show all posts
and... suggestions about improving matchmaking not even listed...

oh, well... I guess I shouldn't be surprised... they CAN'T improve it...
Post time 2018-8-31 08:07 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2018-8-31 10:00 PM | Show all posts
Cherry-picking on suggestions as always. This is why I stopped giving feedback at any platforms.
 Author| Post time 2018-9-1 04:59 PM | Show all posts
@thejuna can you show me which one the suggestion that you talking about? please link me the thread, or if it's submited through ingame cs did you get any reply from them?

@zanboracks that's only sample for the thread, because if I post all of them this will be a long thread. also it's better to read directly through the files, please use the download button above. u don't need to download the files, you can read it by Google docs/sheets.
Post time 2018-9-1 11:20 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
There is always a lag when valir use his ult. Pls fix it ty
 Author| Post time 2018-9-2 05:18 AM | Show all posts
Genghis replied at 2018-9-1 10:20 PM
There is always a lag when valir use his ult. Pls fix it ty

hi @Genghis
please report it through ingame cs and if possible with a recorded video.
Post time 2018-9-3 07:02 PM | Show all posts
my suggestion can you pls! add some % chances in Lucky box
Post time 2018-9-4 11:44 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Xaverine replied at 2018-9-1 04:59 PM
@thejuna can you show me which one the suggestion that you talking about? please link me the thread, ...

You're a mod, I'm pretty sure you're capable of entering a search in the forum. Just search for "matchmaking" or "match" and you'll find several threads saying matchmaking needs to be improved. There are a lot, it would be difficult to list down all of them.

And I've already said in my previous repky, I have not gotten any feedback at all when I suggested it in the in-game cs.

I know you you probably have a love for the game, thus you agreed to become a forum moderator, but let's not try to cover-up and just call things what they are. Moonton does not even acknowledge the need to improve the matchmaking system despite some players saying otherwise.
 Author| Post time 2018-9-5 05:52 PM | Show all posts
True, I know some threads about that. and also there is another mod that already handle it. for sure, all mods is also part of the players.  we care about the game & community, and we will do all things that we can do. but please understand that we also have limitations on our own tasks. also doing something without damaging other things is not that easy.
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