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[Talk With Developer] Weekly Suggestions [08/20/2018 - 08/26/2018]

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Weekly Suggestions [08/20/2018 - 08/26/2018]

Dear all,

Below is R&D's discussions and plans regarding player feedback for this week. Thank you for the feedbacks, please read.

Main responses towards the following suggestions. The rest of the suggestions have been forwarded to the respective departements.


Beloved players, we deeply understand your love for Natalia and feel dissapointed with her recent changes. However, we implore you to understand that our initial intention was to make her better, not to destroy her.

We have already assigned someone to be responsible for buffing her. We will definitely give you all satisfying result.

System Graphics

Many players have reported that after the latest update, their phones has been lagging or crashes due to graphic issues.

We have investigated the cause of this issue and can guarantee that the next update will improve it.

Advanced Server

Suggestions Reply

I think 'The Vault(Skin Giftpack)' is still considering much valuable than 'Twilight Chest' event. The pic skin guaranteed 5x times draw (2450 diammonds), but on the vault only cost us 2000 diamonds. The numbers of epic skin you offer are fewers than what 'the vault' events offers. The vault events offers more epic skin(time limited than your current event 'twilight chest). On the 'Twilight chest' if we draw 5 times, we might can get 4 normals skin and 1 epic which cost us 2450 diamonds, but The Vault event skin giftpack can give us 2 normal skin, 1 special/elite skin and 1 epic(limited epic skin) which only cost us 2000 diamonds. We do make calculation dear developers. If you want to refine the 'Twilight Chest' upcoming events. you have to offer more limited epic skin and more 1elite/special skin and also guaranteed 1 elite/special skkin on 3 draws and 1 epic skin guaranteed on 5x draws..
I have to tell the truth, your event time by time is suck(not counting with your heroes revamp by the namme of balancing the game is also great blunder. I invest a lot of money for your game, but your dev doesnt seem to listen to us. Stop making terrible event comparing to previous event that could give us more benefit. You could lose your market by doing that. Many of my friends have moved to * because you made stupid hero adjustment and terrible events. We'de prefer the vault event because we tried to void your lucky box event for limited skin epic which cost us too expensive. I have no problem with many adjusment you did on heroes but thousands player out there are getting angry. Instread of revamp the herom you nerf and change the play style of their hero. FOr instance what you did to natalia, you really killed the hero.
My dear developer, stop just listening to private pro player on higher tier with thousands of stars on mythic because Top Global player always play with top global too on party 5. They didnt really represent us. Few people cant represent us all or determine the way the game should go. Stop making the Top Global player as you benchmark to nerf heroes. Do make survey to all your palyer on your system messages. If you want to revamp Natalia for instance you should ask us all. All yout reccent update are suck us to the core. If you stop listening to your huge numbers of players, be prepared to lose your one by one. They start to pay attention on PUBG, * which can give them good game play and events.

Thanks for your suggestion

I suggested to add 'TURN OFF' feature in after battle chat. Because there are so many trashtalking, blaming each other and many negative things. I was really suprised by the developers' feedback to my suggestion. That reply was : That's the design. I really can't understand. So you guys intentionally design for a negative environment, for blaming each other, for trashtalking? The main reason why we are playing is to enjoy the game. Please reconsider this feature. I just want to add TURN OFF button, not to remove the chat feature. Have a nice day!

Thank you for your suggestion, we will carry out the appropriate optimizations in this area.

Test map : all hero free in that map

Currently planned

About Recent Update

Suggestions Reply

Plss remove survival mode.. mirror mode is much better.. plss

Mirror mode will open again in the future.

You can add more mode in survival, Such single mode in survival.

Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider it.

I wish there's an option to report in survival mode...sometimes there are idlers...also, a way to message the team during the result screen...this will help to buld allies and also to teach those who doesnt know how to play properly...

A report function will be added. Please be patient.

hero skills

Suggestions Reply

Revamp Vexana. Be nice if she could control puppets beyond grave after she dies

Currently, we do not plan on doing this.

fany is the most fatal mistake of moonton dev , hard to hit , its no problem when fany in dota because item shop can count3r hero like fany

She can be countered by heroes with strong CC.

Fanny's passive should add another new one: every [distance] she walks she regain energy

Currently, not in plan.


Suggestions Reply

The item 'Wings of the apocalypse queen' please put timer or indication cooldown like rose gold meteor so that we will know when it is on cooldown

Alright, we will consider it.

Hi :) my name is Chetan Gowda , I glad that you value our suggestions, so here is it, can you please make few changes in the mage and magical equipment for life steal, if you do so it will be really awesome to use mage characters.... Thank you :)

Currently we have no plans to alter magic items in any way. Thank you for your suggestion~

ITEM Adjustment
+Tough Book: adjusted reduces time controlled
30-35% from 25%
+Malefic Roar: adjusted 40% phisical PEN to 50-60%
+Holy Crystal: 30-35% from 25 magic power

Thank you for your suggestion./p>

This is not all of the reports, please download the documents below to view all reports.

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still nothing on the matchmaking... week on week, not even acknowledged... such a big disappointment...
Post time 2018-9-15 05:34 PM | Show all posts
thejuna replied at 2018-9-8 12:51 AM
still nothing on the matchmaking... week on week, not even acknowledged... such a big disappointment ...

It could be in the full report perhaps
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