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[Lore & Novel] Storytelling: Wings of Liberty

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warning: intense story

Flying through the highest buildings, soaring from tree to tree. If anyone ever blinked an eye, they wouldn't see her as she would have already been gone. Known as the believer, known as the flying - Fanny. No one would ever go up against Fanny, her cold attitude didnt make her the most loveliest afterall. As a kid Fanny had an amazing time. She would always climb the highest mountains to spectate the amazing views. She would look upside and envy the birds that are able to fly over the wall. No one ever knew what was behind those big walls and no over spoke of it.

Fanny frequently asking her parents about the walls but she kept being mislead telling her that its only for protection. Fanny answered back for what purpose or from whom. Fanny kept ranting that they just put those walls for no reason and just design but one thing that left her unease is that her mother told her that it is for protection but not specifically for which side but for all. Unsatisfied with the information that was given to her, she went up to the mountain to seek answers that is near outside the walls preferrable called "danger zone" with a little note under the sign stating "turn back and never return". She went to the highest mountain in Navirder which took her a few minutes to reach at the top.

She arrived at the top close to the fluffy clouds, she noticed feathers but not just ordinary feathers but shiny golden feathers. She was amazed of it and followed that trails of feathers until she noticed blood particles. At this time, she found a Griffon getting devoured by an unknown monster. She glazed out of fear and ran for her life. The monster noticed her due to the crying noise, it chased her immediately. Fanny looked back to check never did she know that it was bigger than a house, not just twice but three times the size of a normal human weilding two dreadly blades and spits lava like fluid! Fanny used her cables to prevent getting caught up which she did successfully and went down from the mountain as fast as she can making her exhausted. She immediately went to her house and told her parents about what she saw but her mother didnt believe her. Her father asked her if she found a monster that has two weapons. She nodded. Her father eventually ask her if she really want to fight the monster once she grows up. She nods again. Her father enrolled fanny to camp site around the area which trains people to the maximum usage of their 3DM gear. After getting enrolled, a storm of fire burst out of nowhere! Destroying their headquarters and gears. Their commander/leaders shouted the name "Lava Lord" to show up!

The other regiment members evacuated the place. Fanny and her father got separated with each other. The scouts including the commander battled the monster. Cornering it until the ground portal to its place was sealed BUT the monster throws a lava bomb before the portal to be sealed. The bomb blows the whole place including nearby houses leaving the whole area in fire. Hopefully, Fanny went to a safe area but she soon finds out that a lot of people died. She starts crying.. she looks for her father. While looking for her father she founds the commander begging for help while half of his body was being burn down to its bones. The commander ask a favor to her about getting a revenge for what the monster did to this place and to the people who lost their lives fighting for it for years now. He is also thankful about her father teaching him to fight and promoting him. Eventually, the commander died due to the injury that dealt with.

Sobbing, after the commander's death. She heard her father's voice calling her. Fanny traced the voice until she found a burning house. She went inside and saw numbers of dead burning scouts. She found her father getting crushed by a roof debris. Fanny tried to help her by using the 3DM gear but it cant even budge. The house starts to crack down. Her father told her to leave and go to her mother. Fanny insisted and desperately wants to help her father. Her father told her, even if they removed the debris they cant even escape the house since it going to collapse at anytime. Out of nowhere, a rescue scout arrives at the house. Her father told the rescuerer to get Fanny out of the house and leave him and their running out of time. The scout immediately understands the situation and carried Fanny out of the house while looking at her father slowly being crushed completely.

Fanny cried. She's thinking that if she did not try to enter the scout regiment training her father would have been alive from now. She's blaming herself by his death. No long enough, her mother arrived to comfort her. Telling her that its not her fault. Deep inside her father is of course sad about what happened.

-- To be continued --

Preview for part 2

Fanny overcome the tragedy and ready to battle the Monster


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Is this original story? Where is part 2?


Give me time, okay. lablab  Post time 2018-9-19 12:55 AM
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