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[Mod Post] Mobile Legends Rank discussion Season 9 and upcoming Season 10

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Edited by BD007 at 2018-9-20 10:49 AM

Hello guys, I am back with 2nd part of rank discussion.

As we all know its almost end of season 9(September 25th, 2018) and we are close to season 10.
I would like to discuss about current meta, heroes and gameplay.
This will cover epic, legend and mythic rank.
So lets get started.

As usual, i will start with most banned heroes list. It may varies for server to server and also tier of rank.

Most banned heroes.

We discussed about lance gusion hayabusa etc. so we wont dicuss about them as we all know they are not most banned heroes right now.

1. Selena.
Still one of the most banned hero. Probably 99% out of 100% time she got banned.
And there is valid reason. Nobody wants to get stunned for 3-3.5 seconds and become food for her or her teammates.
so unless your team got good selena (win rate), you might ban her first even its your team's first ban.

2. Helcurt.
For some reason Helcurt still one of the most banned hero. its also same as Selena 99% out of 100% time.
Its because of his 2nd skill at early game. Which hurts really bad no matter you tank or ADC.
But the real pain starts when he reachs level 4. His ultimate is one of the worst for opponent team.
You cant see anything. Not even haya can cast shadow or escape to any of his shadow.
And if you are ADC and alone, just rune if you see helcurt's ultimate.

3. Mino.
Even after nerf, he is still one of the most banned hero right now. Probably 75% out of 100% time he got banned.
After mino has been rewokred, he became one of the most uses tank in MLBB rank.
Do you guys rermember akai, same thing happened after reworking akai.
Mino is 2nd most successfull rework of any tanky hero for MLBB, which works really really well.
His ability to heal ally and himself, and super knock up ultimate which can almost stop any ultimate including akai, claude, lesley etc.
Not only that you are also knock up 3 times and the range is huge. Enough time for his team mates to finish you.

4. Lunox.
It might vary from server to server. But if its not your first pick, then your team probably ban lunox.
Her ban rate is like 60% out of 100%.
Do you know she can kill almost any mm at level 1?
With her chaos side 1st skill(your 2nd purple skill).
this is not only her unique ability.
She has immunity from anything including enemy turret hit (order light side ultimate).
And with chaos side ultimate, she can almost solo any hero(not fanny obviously lol).
She is most useful in team fight. With her chaos ultimate, she can break enemy front line easily.

5. Karrie.
Well, beleive me or not people still ban her even after the nerf.
Most probably 50% time she got banned.
Even after nerf, she is still one of the most op MM.
She is also known as tank killer.
With her special passive, she can break any frontline within seconds.

So these are most banned heroes. Your side result might be different. Feel free to comment.

Lets talk about Meta heroes shall we?

This will be my personal opinion. So please bear with me.

1. Chou.
It might be surprising but those who play ADC knows about enemy chou.
Chou's special abilty is to come forward and target enemy ADC and kick him/her to break enemy line.
After the buff and range of his skill movement, he is really op in current meta.
It might sounds too much, but i am seeing that in future he might become one of the most banned hero also.
And we are also seeing fighter chou in current meta. Which is something unsual as we all know chou as tanky hero.

2. Jhonson.
Ya he is back. Actually he never gone. Just for some time his usage rate was low compare to other tank.
But now he is back. Most scary thing we think that bang!
But its not. The thing is he is doing magical damage. That is why he can almost solo any heroe with his ultimate. Specially squishy heroes.
We all are afraid of pro jhonson but we never admit lol.
3. Mino.
One of the most used tank in current meta.
Already discussed about him early in most banned hero section.
But its nice to see that so many tank in current meta.

4. Aurora.
Ya baby. Its Rora time.
After buff she is insane.
She had everything, just needed a little push. And she got it.
With damage buff, she can almost 1v1 with any squishy heroes.
And she shines in team fight with her ultimate and feezing ability.
Also can combo with roger or alucard who needs a bit support.

5. Karrie.
Nothing to say anymore. But its good to see at least mm are back in current meta after the buff.

6. Claude.
We already know his abiility. Even after DHS nerf(9% from 10%), he is still one of the most used mm in current meta.
he got everything. escape, attack speed, damage. I kinda think him as mm/assassin.

7. Gusion.
Somehow he is back in current meta. And after recent buff it is obvious.
He is good with escapte ability, doing insane amount of damage in a short time.
These are 2 most important thing of assassin.

8. Gord.
Its true. And he is getting so many kills too.
Rework is paying as i think. His usage rate also going up.
bouncing stun, easy moving kame hame ha type ulti at your disposal.
What more do you want?
Some players still think he needs more mobility like cyclops or harley.
But i think those two are different type of mages.

9. Moscov.
As i told you, most mm are back after the buff in current meta.
Moscov with his buff is very good balanced in early game.
And late game he is insane and can kill any heroe in 1v1.
If gold difference is 2k or more, he can almost 3 or 4vs1.

10. Martis.
he is still one of the most used fighter in current meta.
Even after the nerf he is still very good overall CC fighter after chou.
But he has more damage than chou and that is everyone afraid of.

Now these are mostly used as i think of. But your experience may vary from mine.

Now i will talk about those heroes who can be meta hero in season 10. Lets talk about them.

1. Hanabi.

No doubt she is one of the most underrated hero of MLBB history.
No one even bother even after the buff. But i insist. Use her and see the difference.
Now she got additional 40 movement speed if she got the shield. Just imagine. 40+40=80 movement speed.
And that is not event rapid boot. With rapid boot she might race with jhonson or fanny lol. just kidding.
She also got attack growth buff, which is good.
And another buff is, her 1st skill wont consume any mana if not bounce. so you can solo any hero or jungle or minion without worring about mana.
with mana boot, you can always one your 1st skill for life steal. and i tested it. i never had to turn of the 1st skill at all. Cause mana consume also less now. And she really shines at team fight. with her pasive and ultimate, she can easily wipe out enemy team if she can position well herself in team fight.

2. Thamuz.
I know CC is very important for fighter or any hero in current meta.
He does not have knock back or stun but he can slow down enemy.
the most interesting and scary thing about him is his armor and magic resistance as a fighter is very high like Martis.
And he got some scary skill too. His passive seems a bit complicated at first. But it is not.
He got true damage also. And his 1st skill can slow down enemy, if enemy escape or you wanna escape.
Just use 2nd skill to get out of the situation, and use 1st skill to ensure your enemy wont or cant follow you.
His ultimate got healing ability. 2.5% max of his hp in every seconds. and also burns his enemy. His movement and attack speed also increase at the same time. And you can spam his first skill as much as you want. And most important, it doesnt need any mana.
I am really hyped up about thamuz and i think he will be including in season 10 meta.

3. Tigreal.
Some of you think i am mad. But i have some reason.
Recent rework is good. His new passive is one of the best defense against MM or who use basic attack mostly.
I just want 1 more buff for instant cast of his ultimate. Thats all.
Already seeing him in current meta. Not so much, but people starts using him again. And thats a good sign.
It will create more varity in Meta.

4. Edura.
She got man buff dude.
I think she will become meta hero in next season.
Her skill can really hurt squishy heroes and almost force them to recall.
And this will delay their level up too.

I will add more in my next thread. You can comment your own opinion.

Counter Meta heroes.
This is the new thing i will add to my thread from now on. We will discuss heroes that can counter current meta heroes.

1. Saber.
As always. Saber is alway counter to any meta hero. Because of his passive and ultimate.
Either its gusion or karrie or moscov or mage like gord or edura. Does not matter.
You can easily use him to counter any meta hero. If you do not think of any counter, just use him.

2. Natalia.
Nata can also counter any meta heroes.
You dont belive?
See if helcurt can survive nata!
She is strong to counter any meta hero or kill ADC or any solo hero.

3. Alpha.
Ya i know alpha is very old hero. But still you can trust him.
Either its helcurt or nata or gusion or lance or karrie or chou. He got all.
I see Alpha doing 3v1 and killed all 3. If he can proper use his 2nd skill, then its bad for opponent trust me.

4. Bane.
I will not say he is proper meta counter.
But he is good if you can use him properly. Specially his 2nd skill and ultimate.
And he is the only fitghter who can deal magic damage besides physical damage too.
So wind of nature wont work against him lol.

5. Hayabusa.
With recent buff, i think he can not only counter any meta hero but also will be in meta in season 10.

Now lets discuss about revent update of Jungle monster.

Did you notice?
Yes i did -_-
I died when doing jungling at level 2 lol
Now you cant solo jungle at early game even if you are fanny.
This will kinda prevent enemy to come to your jungle or steal it.
Also jungle item will give you 30% less exp in 1st 4 minutes.
This is to focus on your lane and to prevent fast game.
Before this, pro enemies always come to your side to steal your buff, jungle and level up as fast as they can.
But now if you compare, lane minion gives more xp then jungle if you equip jungle item in first 4 minutes.
So lane is imporatnt now. and as you cant solo jungle, your team will support you and this will prevent buff stealing.
jungle monster also stronger and do more damage now.
I really appriciate this update. Because as a solo player i often face team who raids my jungle and level up so fast and end game so fast.
I bet this happend with you too.

Other important thing i notice is the emblem buff and nerf.
Specially fighter emblem.
I welcome the buff. This will prevent using assassin for all class lol.
and new custom mage emblem talent updeate is also welcome.
For those mages who dont use retribution can enjoy 10% discount on all mage item to complete their build early.

New report system with extended punishment is also good.
Now you can also explain the situation in report which will help the MLBB team to understand and take action.

Thats all for now. Thanks for reading my post.
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I don't know if it just on my server (SEA Legend), but I rarely see mino gets ban and good selena. I always ask my team to ban helcurt and karrie. It's very rare for me to meet a good/decent selena. And lunox is very new to me, I heard she had a bug on her damage? I hope it's already fixed.

Agree with the meta heores, especially Gord. He is killing it this season. His new passive really help him rose to this meta.

Thamuz could be the new meta. He is one of the best fighter currently. Huge damage + heals. He can 1v1 most heores. Eudora is getting a lot of spotlight too. Her recent buffs could make her viable again in this meta.

Saber is just Saber. He is the perfect counter for any mage/marksmen/squishy heroes.

The Jungle buff is great for me. Now the growth will be more balance (at least on early game). Now you have to ask your teammate to help you jungle at early game. Depending on your teammate, but I think this will improve the flow of the game.
 Author| Post time 2018-10-4 04:00 AM | Show all posts
50C replied at 2018-10-3 05:59 PM
មេដឹកនាំដែលមានអង្គរក្សច្រើនជាងគេលើពិភពលោក ...

Please kindly write in English for better understanding. Thanks.
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BD007 replied at 2018-9-20 02:55 PM
Yes i know. But she got some nerf.
And also in my server she is less picked I don't know why
But ...

Lol Alice not nerf. She even get more buff. Are you kidding me.
Post time 2018-9-20 11:04 AM | Show all posts
That great even I don't read properly. You forgot Alice. She really OP now.
Post time 2018-9-20 11:08 AM | Show all posts
how about oddete?
Post time 2018-9-20 11:40 AM | Show all posts
errmm how those heroes like grock,Lancelot and jawhead etc?


Well they are good hero and op. But they don't pick so often like other heroes.  Post time 2018-9-20 02:55 PM
Post time 2018-9-20 01:32 PM | Show all posts
This is good read thanks!


 Author| Post time 2018-9-20 02:55 PM | Show all posts
FatalXBullet replied at 2018-9-20 11:04 AM
That great even I don't read properly. You forgot Alice. She really OP now.

Yes i know. But she got some nerf.
And also in my server she is less picked I don't know why
But she is still very good i admit.
Post time 2018-9-20 05:15 PM | Show all posts
Good job :)

The only thing i disagree with is when you say tigreal new passive is good. The current popular MM are attack speed based. And it doesn't block dmg from items like endless blade or special attack effects like the zilong one etc.
Post time 2018-9-21 12:13 AM | Show all posts
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