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[Talk With Developer] Weekly Suggestions [09/10/2018 - 09/16/2018]

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Weekly Suggestions [09/10/2018 - 09/16/2018]

Dear all,

These are the replies and solution from the devs for recent feedback from players. We mainly checked the followings, the remaining recommendations were sent to the corresponding plan.
Thanks for your feedback, please check.

1. Advance Server

Feedbacks Reply

1000 years ago, in the land of dawn. There was a hero not written in any history books. The orphan Drist was abandoned and was found by a travelling circus. Raised as a jester with dark and mysterious magical abilities, he was able to create illusions and tricks that he used to entertain the people. In fact, he was so good that he was taken in as a jester at a young age to bring joy to the then depressed King and Queen. As he spent most of his time performing for the king, secretly wanders the castle, eaves dropping through secret passages. He discovered that he was the child of King and the then insane Vexanna. He was supposed to be killed by the royal maid. The order was made by the king, manipulated by Alice, but instead was left in the forest.
As Alice’s influence grew in the kingdom, Drist was promoted to become a court wizard due to his skills. Due to his dark aura, Drist was able to gain the trust of Alice. Even going as far as to track the elves for orcs to appease her hunger. As the war broke out, he secretly leaked information that lead to the legendary siege that defeated Alice. The demon too powerful for the army of Humans, Drist did the unthinkable. He sacrificed himself to trick Alice and be sealed for a thousand of years. Before Alice was sealed, as revenge, she cast a spell on Drist and he vanished in thin air and was assumed to be dead. Due to his sins, he was never mentioned on any of the legends and was long forgotten. He, however, survived was trapped on a timeless dimension and was cursed to watch like a ghost for eternity. Due to the power of the twilight orb, Drist was released from the timeless dimension he was trapped in. The question is that if he is a friend or a foe?

Thanks for your feedback

For Kimmy it is hard to click her skill and go back to the controller, why not just put the control on the skill itself... Like fanny's second skill or any other skill shots. Just put the control on the skill itself.

We have already increase the size of Kimmy's basic attack joystick, please try out the improved Kimmy.

Please analog button basic attack Kimmy is enlarged to make it easier in the game

We have already increase the size of Kimmy's basic attack joystick, please try out the improved Kimmy.

Enhance skin starligh member gusion so many people suggestions are like skin epic lesley or saber designs

Thanks for your suggestion.

Don't release Kimmy. Why? Because she's not good at all. Her whole design and voice lines doesn't even fit her. She looks like a serious and strong woman yet her attitude is like of a child. Her skills however needs a remake. It's terrible I don't have explain it to you.

We will continue monitoring this, thanks for your suggestion

A survival mode but more of a skirmish. A free for all. The items are basic so you have to build items by picking them up. Also there is not enough rewards or quest for survival mode.

We will keep on improving the survival mode, thanks for your suggestion

Please make the game button support phone that have 18:9 resolution, when we, the user of that type of phone play MLBB, we have an issue, where the game button are at the center of screen, a bit far from the side, please make the game button support 18:9 phone(Redmi 5 Plus,android 8.1.0)

We have already did some adaptation for this, if there is still no adaptation to your device, we hope that players can provide screenshots for us to improve this in the future.

Temporary ban should be given to those who afk. In fact, it should not be given but made compulsory for those that afk. I believe I speak for all that did not afk in the game that we are through with those that are. We've spent 15-20mins in a game ,in someone cases, half a hour. However, it should not have be the ones that did not afk to suffer the punishment while those that did suffer my nor credit deduction.
I say this because we spent our time on a match just for nothing but for the ones that did not , they can just play again without having any of their time wasted prior to the match they've left. It is only logical and fair that a temporary ban should be given out for this kind of immoral attitude and behavior.

There are punishments for these behaviors.

This is a suggestion for Harith.
I just came to advanced server and I already love Harith. He's so fun to use but I noticed the change of his ulti. I saw before it was cross shape but now it's just line. I do think his cross shape ulti before makes him kinda OP and hard to chase so it was a good idea to change it. His ulti now is still good but it's a but hard cause it's just 1 line so I suggest how about making it a bit curved at the end of the line just like this '(' (or less curved) so Harith could still go forward and backward just a bit or how about make it like 3 small circles like this ' ° 。° ' or ' 。° 。' so that Harith could dash into the circles and make use of his ulti. That's what I think. Thanks for always improving this game. More power to MLBB.
and I also wanna thank for the many free hero/skin event (QwQ) I love the new Natalia skin I got for free.

We will continue to monitor and improve Harith, thanks for your feedback.

2. About Recent Updates

Feedbacks Reply

Return the survival mode.


change the layla new running style to old running style

We will continue monitoring her

Please change survival to regura. Please be sure to shorten the matching time as it can be CPU partner.

We will keep on improving Survival mode

Please set event match for everytime such as survival,mirror or bruno cup.

Thanks for your suggestion, we will think about it

Please agian make mirror mode for 1-2 week. It was really a good mode and everyone will enjoy in that.

We will think about it

Please im telling you dont do the update that you'll make jungle monster even more stronger many player will quit

We will continue monitoring the data, thanks for your feedback

Can the protection fragments not activate when there is 3 person team but for solo queue? Please be considered to solo players.

Thanks for your suggestion

I hope survival mode will become permanent in the game. I enjoy playing that mode aside from rank

We will think about it

Nah~ im happy with mentor and apprentice system but i hope they share the same reward, until then, I'll be back with my mentor if its share the same reward, i love you ML

Not in plan

please give natalia , natalia is not hero OP so you dont have to remake or rework her ... * you for changing.natalia , * you moonton

We have already made some changes there

Please download the documents below to view all reports. (30.33 KB, Downloads: 393)
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