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[Mod Post] Diamond/Skin Buying And Spending Guide

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Hello guys what's up.
We all know MLBB is free to play MOBA.
But we can always support MLBB by Buying/recharge diamond.
Today i will try to guide you to buy/recharge diamond and spending in MLBB in a most efficient way.

I will not discuss about payment method.
As different country has different payment method.
Like google pay, apple pay, codashop, credit/debit card etc.
I will only discuss how to spend money wisely in MLBB.
So lets start.

Recharge only at recharge event

This is the best possible way to buy diamond in MLBB.
There are various kind of recharge event.
Like recharge and get magic potion.
Or recharge to get fragment.
Or recharge to get tickets/emblem/magic dust etc.
Only recharge when you see this kind of event and if you need fragment/magic potion etc.
If you need fragment, recharge when there is fragment recharge event.
If you need potion, recharge when there is magic potion recharge event.
This is most efficient way to buy diamond for future spending as you are getting extra items.

Spend in membership event.
There are three seasonal membership event if you ask me.
Starlight membership
Twilight pass
Seasonal pass (premium)

I already made a thread about seasonal pass (premium).
Click the link below if you wanna check that out ... iewthread&tid=64768

So lets talk about other two.

Starlight membership

This is the oldest membership pass and most popuopo one. It comes with a limited skin (equivalent to elite/special skin catagory) and tons of free items and features. I will only discuss most important freebies and features here.
1. You will get a limited edition starlight skin.
This skin change every month and you will only get the featured starlight skin of that specific month.
2. Starlight membership stays for 31 days.
You will get weekly 100 magic dust, 5 rare skin fragment and 1 double bp card(1 day). So you will get total 4 weeks bonus with 1 starlight membership.
3. Starlight membership comes with a special starlight avatar border. Its not oermanper, only stays for 31 days.
4. Starlight members will get extra 6 free heroes each week on free rotation. Most fun part is unlike normal heroes, you can use them in rank too.
5. Starlight members will get 5% extra bp after every battle.
6. You will also get some cool stuff like
A. Message chat box will be purple
B. Recall effect is different
C. Killing someone will show different battle effect.
D. Extra talent page in every emblem set etc.
6. Starlight membership is two types, regular and seasonal. Regular one costs 9.99 usd(10.59 usd including tax). And seasonal will cost 26.99 usd(28.61 usd including tax) but wilk last 93 days. You will also get 200 free tickets every month of seasonal and 2nd month if you renew your starlight membership on regual one.

Speaking of tickets, lets jump into 2nd membership event.
Twilight pass.

Twilight pass is kinda new type of membership.
To be honest it has more value compare to starlight membership. It wilk cost same as regular starlight membership 9.99 usd or 10.59 usd including tax.
Lets see what we will get.
1. Massive 1900 tickets.
2. Miya special limited edition skin worth 749 diamond
3. Edura flame red lips skin worth 299 diamond.
4. Special twilight avatar border.
5. 15 lucky spin ticket, 3 day double xp card, some trial premium skin etc.
So total 3600 diamond worth of gift just for 10.59 usd.
Just miya skin would cost you close to 15 usd if available normally.
Although this event will help new players a lot
But old players can also be benefited.
Of you bought or planning to buy seasonal pass event which is the best buy event in mlbb. This event can help you to upgrade seasonal pass level as it costs ticket. And here you will get 1900 tickets.
Also it can help you if you are looking for odette special skin through lucky spin event.
As it costs tickets, 1900 tickets will definitely help you.
Recently MLBB officials releasing event like this so we can be benefited in many ways.

Theese are the most effective and wise way to buy and spend diamonds. I will discuss some effective ways to buying skin.

There are many event where you can buy skin. I will discuss some here.

Most effective way to buy new skin is ti buy in release week. It will cost 30% less then original price.
269 diamond skin will cost 188 diamond.
599 diamond skin will cost 424 diamond.
749 diamond skill will cost 525 diamond.
899 diamond skin will cost 624 diamond.

There are also some event where you can buy skin even with half of the original price.
Like mystery shop. If your luck is good and you get 50% discount card, you can buy heroes and skins with 50% price only. This includes normal, elite, special and epic skins too.

I will not discuss about time limited skin event/legendary magic shop/buy first one 2nd one half price etc.

There was an event called summer pack/Christmas pack.
Where you can buy 4 skins for 2000 diamond.
It includes 1 normal, 1 or 2 elite, 1 special, 1 epic.
Epic one including time limited skin which was awesome.
I got most of my time limited skin from that event. Dont know if thata coming back again or not .

I hope you get the basic idea about buying and spending diamond in mobile legends. I might be wrong. Write your comment if i miss something or you have better suggestion.
Post time 2018-10-12 06:38 AM | Show all posts
niiccceee. the only starlight skins i wanted were alu's viscount and argus's draconic. Maybe include them in the rare skin fragm shop?
Post time 2018-10-12 06:35 AM | Show all posts
Tbh...i really like buying the buyable epic if i would recommend anything it would be that
 Author| Post time 2018-10-12 08:58 AM | Show all posts
FALTERWANG replied at 2018-10-12 06:38 AM
niiccceee. the only starlight skins i wanted were alu's viscount and argus's draconic. Maybe include ...

All of the starlight skin will be eventually available in the fragment shop. It will take some time.
Post time 2018-10-12 10:43 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2018-10-12 08:58 AM
All of the starlight skin will be eventually available in the fragment shop. It will take some tim ...

thx for letting me know. i always thought they replace other skins from time to time
Post time 2018-11-22 05:39 AM | Show all posts
Good this event
 Author| Post time 2018-11-23 08:02 AM | Show all posts

Thank you for your feedback. Have fun.
Post time 2019-2-9 07:15 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
You know what how many years IS ML and i never see a 50% discount event on gems..... they got no idea how to please people at the same time earn as much got so many ideas but nahhhh Montoon will be montoon...
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