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[Hero Gear Tips] Hanabi Guide

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Guide Hanabi MLBB

Hanabi Passive Skill - Ninjutsu: Equinox

A secret technique "scarlet shadow", where when the Hanabi cell is in full condition, 50 percent of the HP received from the lifesteal will be converted into a shield.

The shield can hold up to 20 percent of the maximum of its HP. When the shield is active, Hanabi will be immune or immune to the effects of any control from the enemy.

Hanabi Skill 1 - Ninjutsu: Petal Barrage

Cooldown: 0

Mana cost: 20

Hanabi uses his "mana" to release the power of the "flower demon" that is locked in the forbidden weapon of Higanbana. Hanabi will fire a "petal blade" at his opponent.

Every basic attack, blade or new blade will appear and give the opponent 30 percent physical damage. Hanabi fired three petals or petals attacking the area (the damage produced when the petal moved back will decrease).

Passive: Hanabi will get 7 percent lifesteal which can increase by 3 percent every time the level of this skill is upgraded.

Tip: With this skill 1, Hanami's basic attack is able to produce great damage while recovering his HP. Use it during team fight or to clean minions quickly. One thing that must be considered is which consumption.

2 Hanabi - Soul Scroll Skill

Cooldown: 12

Mana cost: 35

Hanabi fired a kunai in a certain direction, attached to a "scroll" or scroll that was locked with "demonic flower" energy. The opponent who is attacked in his path will get 300 physical damage (80 percent of the total physical attack).

In addition, the Hanabi attack will reduce the enemy's movement speed by 60 percent for 2 seconds. Hanabi will also get back 140 points whenever a hero is hit by this skill.

Tip: If mana skill is wasteful, Hanabi can replace it by stealing where the enemy uses skill 2. With this skill Hanani can control his enemies.

Ultimate Hanabi Skill - Forbidden Jutsu: Higanbana

When flowers bloom, leaves will be forgotten. Hanabi unlocked the Higanbana and fired towards the enemy. After successfully attacking the enemy, Higanbana will bloom and give 400 physical damage (100 percent of the total physical attack) and immobilize or immobilize the enemy for 2 seconds, then scattered towards the nearest enemy.

After some time, if the enemy is still within the range of Higanbana, new flowers will appear, causing the same damage and immobilize effect. The scattered effect of flowers only functions once for one hero.

Tip: This is Hanabi's forbidden jutsu, Higanbana which can produce enormous damage. Very useful when the team fights, target more than one enemy hero.

Build Hanabi Mobile Legends Items

As a marksman with a special burst damage, the following Hanabi items focus on increasing attack speed and physical attacks to make the damage worse.

But you have to launch an attack within a safe distance, then the battle spell flicker or sprint is needed if Hanabi becomes the target of the attack. Another one, Hanabi 2 skills can also be used to slow down enemies who are after him.

Haas’s Claws (Attack): Increases physical attack and lifesteal.

Swift Boots (Movement): Increases attack speed and movement speed.

Berserker’s Fury (Attack): Increases physical attacks and critical hits.

Scarlet Phantom (Attack): Increases physical attack, attack speed, and critical hits.

Windtalker (Attack): Increases attack speed, movement speed, and critical hits.

Blade of Despair (Attack): Increases physical attack and attack speed.

The most effective Hanabi skill combo is skill 2 to reduce enemy movement speed, then release the ultimate skill, followed by skill 1, and basic attack.

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Awesome guide but it would be best if you could somehow add some aesthetics like pictures ;o
 Author| Post time 2018-10-11 09:33 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Charles replied at 2018-10-11 07:37 PM
Awesome guide but it would be best if you could somehow add some aesthetics like pictures ;o

I don't know how to insert images
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