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[Hero Techniques] Early Aldous Guide (video coming soon)

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Edited by FALTERWANG at 2018-10-17 06:44 AM

Aldous, one of the most underrated heroes in ml. In this guide I'll be showing everyone how to make him an OP hero.

Passive - After 2 basic attacks, the next basic attack gives a shield that equals 100% of the damage dealt. The shield lasts for 3 seconds. cd is 3 seconds after shield is applied

Skill 1 (this ones a little complex) - The next basic attack will deal more damage. Killing a monster or hero with this skill will give stacks. Each stack gives +7 damage on this skill, up to 500 stacks. Killing jungle monsters and minions will give 3 stacks. Killing an enemy hero will give 5-6 stacks**. If a nearby unit dies, or you kill it without skill 1, you will only get 1 stack (not sure how many stacks for enemy hero deaths)

Skill 2 - makes you immune to basic attacks while reducing other damage by 50%. movement speed will increase a little. after 1-2 seconds** your immunity shield will pop, and stuns nearby enemies for 1-2 seconds**

Ultimate - you and your allies will be able to see all alive enemy positions for 5 seconds. within this time, you can turn into a drill and choose an enemy to fly to. the enemy will be unable to recall, and even if they die, youll fly to their dead body :). theres a bug that you can kill another enemy with this skill (ex. argus, with 1 HP, is on top lane and your target, yisunshin, is bot. youll fly to him, but upon impact, argus may somehow die) If you want to "cancel" this skill while flying, just tap and drag to a specified direction. Your hero will dash there

Battle Spell and Emblem
Aldous has no blink skil (skill2 doesnt count) so Flicker is your best bet. It helps you chase enemies that are running away, and with your skill 2, helps you escape easily

Assassin's Emblem is the best, and any talents work. The movement speed provide is very helpful, and the Physical PEN is great for helping you penetrate enemies' armor. Bounty Hunter lets you get more gold (+100) if you get kills (up to 15). High and Dry helps you solo your lane. It is great if the enemy is trying to run away and they're all alone. The bonus damage is very helpful and can help you secure kills. Killing Spree gives you movement speed and heal if you kill an enemy. Great for running away for team fighting

Best Items
Burst (if the enemy doesnt have a lot of crowd control like Ruby and Akai, and the damage dealers are very squishy with no lifesteal, like Vexana and Clint. Also switch to the second build if your team is starting to lose)
Demon Shoes -- Endless Battle -- Thunderbelt -- Blade Of Despair -- Immortality -- Berserker's Fury
Why? - Aldous's skills use a lot of mana, so the first 3 items give mana regen for him. Endless Battle and Thunderbelt lets you deal true damage with a basic attack after using a skill, which works great with skill 1. Blade Of Despair is so that you can kill low HP enemies more easily. Immortality lets you revive and gives you a chance at escaping. Finally, Berserker's Fury can give critical chance and allows skill 1 and Thunderbelt to deal critical damage (2.4x damage from skill 1 and 2.4x true damage from Thunderbelt)

Sustained Damage (if your team isnt planning on tower diving for you, the enemies have too many disables, or the enemies are pretty sustainable/have high lifesteal. this build is also great if your team sucks bad, and you need to solo carry)
Demon Shoes -- Endless Battle -- Thunderbelt -- Immortality -- Apocalypse Wings -- Malefic Roar
Why? - Aldous's skills use a lot of mana, so the first 3 items give mana regen for him. Endless Battle and Thunderbelt lets you deal true damage with a basic attack after using a skill, which works great with skill 1. Immortality lets you revive and gives you a chance to survive. Wings Of Apocalypse Queen gives bonus Lifesteal and damage reduction when HP is low. Malefic Roar helps you deal penetrate tanky enemies' armor

Tips N Tricks(this is going to require a lot of focus. take frequent breaks if you cant handle the stress of reading all of this)
1) While using Ultimate (flying part), skill 2 can't be used, but skill 1 can. You can use this to prepare your next basic attack. If you do this fast enough, you can use skill 1 twice to deal more damage.
2) Don't waste Ultimate to get into team fights. Aldous is great for split pushig late game. All you have to do is make sure your skill 1 does enough damage. Use skill 2 to reduce Tower damage, and skill 1 repeatedly to damage the tower. If your team can handle 4v5 teamfights for a long enough time, go split push. If any enemies come to gank you, use Ultimate to fly to the enemies that are team fighting and assist your team
3) Count the number of basic attacks you do in your head. After two, be sure to use skill 1 to get a BIG shield. Helps you tower dive and survive longer in team fights. It might not be possible to keep doing that throughout the game, but keep it in mind when jungling, 1v1s, and securing a kill.
4) Ultimate can counter Fanny's flying. If she's trying to run away with low HP, use Ultimate to fly to her. Her cables will get disabled when you hit and stun her for 1 second

Other Things To Know About Aldous
1) After using skill 1 and basic attack, the true damage from Endless Battle/Thunderbelt does not count as skill 1's damage, so you wont get full stacks. I only use this to lower their HP
2) Skill 1's damage is insane, so of course Moonton has nerfed it. You only get half the lifesteal (if you do build any lifesteal items). Thats why if you expect to heal a lot from Apocalypse Wings and Endless Battle, not much health will be given
3) Ultimate has a very long cooldown, so only use it to avoid ganks and split push. The best time to use it is during early game to secure kills

Finally, the actual gameplay guide

Pre-Game (Banning, Picking, etc.) - Pick Aldous only when the enemy team has very squishy but strong damage dealers. Aldous should be played like an assassin, and his skill 2 is perfect for countering Marksmen/ADC. Be sure to ban Lunox (who has lots of slows).

Early game - Try to go alone or go with a support (no tank). You are already sustainable and tanks wont help a lot. Supports can  focus on last-hitting minions with skill 1 to get as many stacks as possible. When minions have 30-40% HP left, you can finally finish them off with skill 1. When Ultimate is ready, dont gank. Use it to secure kills. If your team if going for Turtle, use it to find the enemies' position.

Mid Game - To avoid a "losing situation", split push as much as possible. Dont solo lord. EVER. Get your team to fight lord, and wait in the bush to ambush. Skill 1 can deal area damage to enemies that are close together, and skill 2 can stun all enemies around you. While your team is not fighting, keep killing minions and jungle monster to get more stacks for skill 1.

Late Game - If the game is even between teams or your team has an advantage, you wont have a lot to worry about. Just keep split pushing and farming. Your skill 1 should deal very good damage now, letting you destroy towers with 3-4 hits. If you see an squishy enemy far from their teammates, go straight for them with Ultimate. The more enemies you kill, the better chance you have at winning the game. Follow the same tips from Mid Game, and be sure to keep ambushing enemies (ex. Gusion is trying to get the Spider Buff. Hide in the bush with skill 2 ready to stun, and skill 1 to finish him off)

Losing Situation - There's not a lot that you can do. The enemy team probably has very good picks and are good at them. Convince your team to let you last hit minions. If you are 100% sure the enemies are killing lord, push as much as possible. The enemies are probably more concerned about getting the lord stolen, than a couple of minions getting killed. Make sure to push the lane "opposite" of lord (ex. Lord is in top jungle, so push bottom lane).

Worst-Case Scenario - If your team is very trash, there's only one thing to do. Focus on getting every jungle monster and minion last-hitted. Travel through the jungle to avoid getting detected by enemies. If you have 300+ stacks, you should be able to destroy towers pretty easily. If you dont, keep farming. If the enemies are gathered at your base, make one decision. Keep pushing, with skill 2 to reduce damage and skill 1 to push, or help your team. The best answer would probably be the first, because the strength is pushing rather than defending. Aldous is a terrible defender, but he can get a lot of stacks from minions.

Thats it for the guide. idk if i taught anyone anything, but here it is. Report me if you ever see me in game. Also, my highest rank is epic 1 due to inactivity and trash epics (including me). GG and have fun!
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Nice guide . Well detailed. keep up the good work.
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Nice guide . Well detailed. keep up the good work.
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seimz replied at 2018-10-14 01:39 PM
Nice guide . Well detailed. keep up the good work.

yessir seimz
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