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[Unclassified] How to get a savage(penta kill)

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Edited by demonsoul at 2018-10-20 08:54 AM

            Hello there.Have you ever thought that getting a savage or even a maniac is too hard,have you ever encountered people who said you are a nub because you doesn't have a single savage even though you have played over 1k matches.Are you tired of always being a tank for your ungrateful team.    THEN,THIS IS THE GUIDE FOR YOU!!!

                First,you need to understand how to get a savage,if you kill every five players of enemy team in a short time,you get a savage.As a mage and support player in my old account this was very hard for me.But now,thanks to that experience,when playing with my new accounts, i do realize getting a savage is not that hard,(if you desparetely need one).
                     Now,Let's talk about heroes that have a high chance of getting a savage.This 5 heroes are the best if you want a savage.

No 5, Layla (marksman)
          As a marksman,and as the hero with the most skins,layla is one of the most powerful heroes in the late game,huge attack range plus deadly passive make layla a beast for any squishy and melee heroes in the late game.In fact,I got my first savage with layla.Just farm enough and tap basic attack rapidly and they all will be dead.But,being easy to counter and super squishy made layla ranked 5th in this list.

                   Now,you might ask why is this ugly octopus here,.,Well,the reason bane is here and placed 4th on the list is beacuse of his passive plus bersker fury combo in team fights.His passive allows him to deal massive aoe critical damage once every 13 or 14  seconds.Combine that with berserker and blade of despair, imagine how much damage it will does to all enemies in team fights.

No-3  Lesley (marksman,assassin)
             Here comes the real deal,!!!!Coming out on number 3 is my favourite mm,lesley. Being able to dish out insane critcals and securing kills made lesley one of the most deadliest heroes ever.I got three savages and five maniacs thanks to lesley.She is deadly even in early game.Two shoots or four shoots with critical and even tanks will ran way,then just use utlimate snipe and then boom.  ONE STRIKE ONE KILL!!!

No-3 Martis (fighter)
             If you can't handle mms or assassins,and still want to be deadly even with tank items ,then,martis is the choice for you.As one of the most picked heroes in MSC and other professional tournements,martis is the No 2 here because of his ultimate that allow him to slaughter every single marked enemy,kill someone instantly and then go for another one.Don't forget it deal true damage and grant him 100% movement speed!!

No-1  Karina(Assassin/mage)
                As the deadliest hero in the entire land of dawn,Karina is your No-1 choice to get a savage.The ultimate refreshes instantly if you kill someone, allowing you to kill enemies rapidly.And her first skill, she get a basic attack immunity and a critical burst damage,so any squishy mm would tremble before karina.And her passive,which deal true damage according to target's hp allow her to eliminate tanks with large hp pools.She have every thing that you need to kill someone.
Now,if you desparetely need a savage,play and stay in lower ranks, lower the rank is higher the chance of getting a savage.But ,if you don't want to be lower ranks,then be opportunistic in teamfights.Kill the squishy first,then the rest for higher chances of savage.Have fun and thanks for reading this.
Post time 2018-10-20 01:05 AM | Show all posts
Karina is kinda the playmaker yeah..i agree on that..also i got a maniac with bane before but never managed to get the savage rip
Post time 2018-10-20 06:21 AM | Show all posts
must disagree. any hero can get svg but lance is my all time fav. infinite dashes and op skill2 and ult. another would be clint. that passive is op and range is way too long
Post time 2018-10-20 12:46 PM | Show all posts
how to get easy savage
1 stay at low rank
2 use any hero
3 profit

i got maniac accidentally with Belerick yesterday.
it happened instantly during clash
the other one was far so i didnt get savage
and no claude?
Post time 2018-10-20 01:03 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
How to get savage: use any onebutton ranged hero.
Post time 2018-10-21 03:40 AM | Show all posts
Haha, I only gotten 2 savage in the whole time playing 5k matches . And it was with Miya and Layla . While in classic  doing the marksmen damage task...

I find that too be ok for a support / tank player.
Post time 2018-12-11 03:58 PM | Show all posts
First savage was Clint, and never again it existed.
Surprisingly my first maniac was from Tigreal hueheuheuheuheue (Tank build though)
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