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[Patch Note] Patch notes 1.3.26 [Advance server]

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Patch notes (1.3.26) Advance server

I.New Heroes & Revamped Heroes

1.[ Akuma ninja - Hanjo ] is coming to the Advanced Sever as a free hero (Limited). Unavailable for purchasing. Hero Specialty: Hanzo is an cruel Assassin. He can perform supreme Ninjutsu with the help of "Ame no Habakiri", dash towards the back-Iines and slay them with no harm.

Sealed State:
Skill 1: [Ninjutsu Demon Feast] Unlocks after five basic attacks. Hanzo uses Ame no Habakiri to devour a target enemy unit and digest them over a period of time. Doing so regenerates Hanzo and gets him extra Demon Blood. Can only be used against creeps and minions. Deals True Damage if the target is Lord or the Turtle.

Skill 2: [Ninjutsu Soul Reap] Hanzo opens the soul portal to deal Damage immediately The portal then causes Damage every several seconds. Everytime the portal deals damage, Hanzo wiII recover certain amount of Demon Blood If Hanzo steps into the center of the portal, he will take back the area and achieve extra Demon Blood.

Ult: [Kinjutsu: Pinnacle Ninja] With the help of the Blood Demon, Hanzo becomes the Supreme Demon Ninja and achieves Demon Blood. When the Demon Ninja is killed, Hanzo will return to where the Blood Demon was, stunned and weakened. This skill consumes Demon Blood and once it's used up, Hanzo will speed up gradually seeking for Demon Blood and take him back.

Passive: [Ame no Habakiri] When units are eliminated nearby, the Blood Demon absorbs their souls into its body to be used as energy.

Pinnacle Ninja State:
Skill 1 : [Ninjutsu Demon Thorn] Unlocks after five basic attacks. Hanzo summons Demon Thorn full of Demon Blood Power to attack enemies in a designated direction.

Skill 2: [Ninjutsu Devastator] Hanzo transforms into Demon Pneuma and dashes towards the designated place, dealing destructive Damage within this area.

Ult : [Kinjutsu Pinnacle Ninja] Use this skill and the Blood Demon returns to Hanzo immediately.

II.Weekly free heroes and new skin

1.8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/10/26 05:01:00 to 2018/11/2 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)
Clint , Kagura , Aurora , Lapu lapu, Chou , grock , Argus , Gusion.

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Irithel, Moskov , Hylos , Vexana, Harley , Uranus

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/11/2 05:01:00 to 2018/11/9 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)
Bruno, Natalia, Sun , Yi shun shin, Hilda , Cyclops, Karrie , Lesley

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Hayabusa, Ruby , Estes, Gatot kaca, Grock, Chang'e

[Time traveller - Harith]
2. Diamonds 599 BP 32000, Launch Week 30% Diamond Discount Available to the whole Official Server from 6th, November From then unavailable for free use in the Advanced Server.

3. Harith skin - Savannah Cat :  Diamond 269. Launch week 30% diamonds OFF Available from 00:00 6th, November (Server Time)

4. Kimmy and her skin - Steam researcher : will be available as a bundle. Launch week 30% diamond OFF. Available from 6th, November (Server Time)

5. Irithel Zodiac skin - Sagittarius : obtain In new Event [Zodiac Summon].

6. Layla skin : Green flash : [ revamped and added High-Quality Display.

7. Kagura and her skin - flower season :added High-Quality Display.

Hero Adjustments

King's CallIng: Diminished the effective area. The following Heroes can't use their Skills when Grounded: CIint [Heel Rope]; Fanny [Steel Cable]; LolIta [Charge]; Minsitthar [King's Calling].

Rough Waves: Fixed a problem where the Skill Damage decays in certain situations.

Combat Ritual: Reduced CD at all Levels.

Adjusted initial Physical ATK to 123 from 115.

Adjusted initial HP to 2816 from 2716.

Adjusted ATK Growth to 8.25 from 7.05.

Battle Side-by-side: Adjusted Dexter's Damage to 40% from 50%. Now her Magic Attack deals 40% Damage to Turrets.

Chemical Refinement: Adjusted Cooldown to 12/11.4/10.8/10.2/9.6/9 from 10l9.4/8.8/8.2/7.6/7.
Fixed a bug where Kimmy may be unable to attack when using skills. Fixed a problem where Kimmy can attack when she's controlled by CC.

[Gatot kaca]
Adjusted Basic HP to 2629 from 2709 Adjusted HP Growth to 210 from 225.

Grand Lord Lava: Adjusted Physical ATK Bonus to 1.1 from 0.9.

Optimized Harith’s hero ”Battlefield Adjustments

III.Battlefield Adjustments

1.Resilience: Now it can reduce the "Feared” effect duration.

2.Brawl: [Fire On] Fixed a problem where Cannonball can be used towards several enemies at the same time.


1.Sprint: Now Movement Speed decays after using Sprint 3 seconds instead of after 2 seconds. Within this time Hero is immune to slowing effects and increases Resilience.

2.Healing: Regenerates 14% HP of themselves from 12%. Adjusted the Cooldown to 110 seconds from 120 seconds.

3.Flicker: Removed the reduction of Crowd Control time after using Flicker.

4.Execute: Now the Damage it deals will ignore the Shield effect. Meanwhile the Damage increases depending on the lost HP of enemy Heroes.

5.Purify: Fixed a problem where certain effects will disappear after using Purify.

1.Custom Fighter Emblem Unbending WiII: Adjusted the increased Damage to 0.2% from 0.15% each time the Heroes lose their 1% HP. Adjusted the max of this effect to 12% from 10%.

2.Custom Marksman Emblem Weapon Master: Adjusted the extra Physical Attack Bonus to 10% from 8%.

3.Custom Assassin Emblem Bounty Hunter: Adjusted the limit of obtained Gold to 1300 from 1500.

Killing Spree: After killing every enemy hero. now the skill grants 15% HP Regeneration, instead of 12%.

4.Custom Jungle Emblem Wild Power: Removed the buff regarding extra Damage dealt to Heroes. Now the
Hero using Retribution to enemies will gain extra Gold when the target enemies are slain.

IV.New Systems & Events

1.Brand new Zodiac summon system is now online! Check it out in Shop , then "Zodiac summon ".Hurry up and get your own Zodiac skins !

A. You can spend 20 Diamonds to summon once or 100 Diamonds for 5 times.
B. Except for the random rewards, each summon also adds 1~ 5 Star Power to you. When your Star Power reaches 100, you can get the Zodiac Skin of this turn!
C. Each summon grants the chance to gain 100 Star Power immediately, which means you can unlock the Zodiac Skin of this turn right away!
D. The Zodiac Skins refresh on a monthly basis Don't forget to exchange for the current Zodiac Skin if you have 100 Star Power!
E. Each Zodiac Skin you own adds 10 Star Power to the next turn (up to 60).

2. Battle emotes : Available! Now you can better express your emotions in battlefields!

System Adjustments

1.Twilight Code:
A. Optimize the Opening display. Now the first time you open a Hero's Twilight Code, the full animation will be displayed. Afterwards. only the Lite version Will be shown for a better experience.

B. Now you can share the details each time a certain Hero reaches Expert.

C. A post will be automatically published in Group each time a Hero reaches Expert or a Chapter of the Twilight Code is finished.

D. Adjusted the requirement for some tasks in the Twilight Code. Tasks that are already completed will not be affected.

2. Optimize the Legendary Moments of Android. Now you can watch and share your wonderful moments in the settlement page! It is turned off by default. You can turn it on in Settings, based on the performance of your device. This feature is now accessible to some certain high-capacity Android devices only. The switch button won't be shown in the unsupported devices. For any problems or suggestions, please contact the Customer Service.

Thanks for your continued support to MLBB!

3.Rearranged the priorities of the advertisements and System Notices. Now relevant feeds are displayed in a more coordinated way.

4.Improved the Tutorial regarding the recent adjustments.
S.Added some Tips for battles.

6.Deployed the Lite Settings to more devices.

7.Add a Share Button on the Profile Favorite Current Season.

8.Now the Tips for the newly purchased Heroes won't be shown in Ranked matches lower than Grandmaster.

9.Increased the amounts of Equipment Sets that can be saved.

10.Added a Leave Button when you're spectating in Deathbattle.

V.Bug fixes

1.Improved the speed when connecting to the Mode List from the Lobby.

2.Fixed the bug where the post link doesn't work when tapped on.

3.Fixed the problem where the ranks of players in Neighborhood Leaderboards are wrongly shown.

4.Fixed the problem where the Avatars of players in Neighborhood Leaderboards are wrongly shown.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Post time 2018-11-3 02:45 AM | Show all posts
So zodiac skin is kinda lucky box event type.
And glad to see that claude got a bit nerf.
Kimmy needs more adjustment.
And I did not notice any adjustment towards lunox either.


ya like a lucky box/spin type.  Post time 2018-11-3 10:43 AM
Post time 2018-11-3 06:30 AM | Show all posts
The zodiac skins seem expensive xd


ya lol  Post time 2018-11-3 10:43 AM
Post time 2018-11-3 10:04 AM | Show all posts
Zodiac skin only has irithel in it?


not sure , maybe XD  Post time 2018-11-4 11:42 AM
So next month will be Martis' Capricorn skin, eh?  Post time 2018-11-3 01:47 PM
nop It refresh monthly  Post time 2018-11-3 10:42 AM
Post time 2018-11-3 03:48 PM | Show all posts
if unlucky, need to spends 2k diamonds to get zodiac skin
Post time 2018-11-3 06:24 PM | Show all posts
vєиσм•∂az replied at 2018-11-3 03:48 PM
if unlucky, need to spends 2k diamonds to get zodiac skin

better thank lucky box that cost like 80 dollars
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