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[Request] If perma ban, pls nerf/adjust hero ASAP

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Post time 2018-11-3 02:07 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
It’s pretty obvious that there are some heroes that are permanently banned and the devs do adjust them but some take too long. Lunox did get some adjustments but is still perma ban most games. There’s also Claude who is reaching some potential perma ban status but he seemed to get another buff in advance instead of just keeping him the same as is currently. Claude is at a good position of pick and ban but devs are making him potential perma ban. There is also Kimmy while still new, she is going to be perma ban because her first skill is just too ridiculous and if some of you haven’t noticed, Kimmy is really tanky with just magic items and devs did that on purpose of course but it is very dumb for the balance of the game and I use assassins like Saber and Haya and it takes only estimate of 10% even with passive stack and high AD items. I do believe they could also adjust non meta heroes like the way they did with Eudora who I find to be a good pick as long as she gets farmed.
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Post time 2018-11-3 02:41 AM | Show all posts
I am not sure about advance server claude buff but in regular server there is 50/50 chance of banning him.
But for kimmy ita almost 100% ban right now.
Also 6 ban is coming.
I think most banned heroes need a bit adjustment.So overall good idea and i support it


I hope 6 ban comes soon and I agree it’s mostly slight adjustments.  Post time 2018-11-3 03:12 AM

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Post time 2018-11-3 05:12 AM | Show all posts
They should, people main those heroes, and they cant play those because of the bans

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Post time 2018-11-3 05:51 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.

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Post time 2018-11-3 05:58 AM | Show all posts
Heroes that are perma banned in my server or always picked the first chance they get:
1. Selena - while I think she's easy to kill and easy to counter, just dodge her stun thingy and she's useless, she is getting undeserved perma-ban. I prefer to ban some hard CC tanks because it's better for MY game but people have to waste ban space on her. I wouldn't mind her getting a nerf just to tell people to stop wasting ban on her weak a$$.

2. Lunox - Another hero ez to kill. Like Selena, I don't play her at all but I wouldn't mind her getting a nerf. People are wasting ban space on this nuub hero.

3. Hanabi - she's always sh!t in all my games. She doesn't get the ban stick often like the two ladies above but she's always picked as the MM because people think she's unbeatable when in reality, she either feeds endlessly or is useless and no damage MM. I hope she's getting a huge nerf just so no one will use her and feed.

4. Claude - although Claude is awesome, he has the same problems as Hanabi in a way that people use him because they think they'll be unbeatable with him ignoring the time and effort it takes to practice him. Then people end up feeding with him. I personally want him to still be viable after his nerfs but a nerf just to get him out of the popularity train isn't a bad thing.

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Post time 2018-11-3 02:23 PM | Show all posts
my opinion is..

Most important is game developers shouldn't take so much suggestions/complains from players and get some expert to balance all heroes (unless buff/nerf non stop is their sales strategy)

Heroes that got ban should be because of their skills that affect the entire game such as AoE skills like helcurt/angela...etc
but not because their dmg is OP or skills are OP like previously hayabusa ultimate or karrie's crazy damage ,

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Post time 2018-11-3 03:42 PM | Show all posts
I agree with @dionizme though I think devs are trying too hard to please their players which is actually important but you really can't please everyone.

Though yes, the bans should be those who are affecting the gameplay with their skills and countering gameplays and not banning heroes because their damage is too op - that itself is already unbalance.

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Post time 2018-11-4 04:03 AM | Show all posts
streetsneeze replied at 2018-11-3 03:42 PM
I agree with @dionizme though I think devs are trying too hard to please their players which is actu ...

I disagree. If we only nerf heroes that can counter everyone then tanks will be useless. High damage heroes should also be nerfed only if they have no weakness.

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