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[Poll] Suggestion and opinion about modified classic mode

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Post time 2018-11-6 05:16 PM | Show all posts |Read mode
Hey guys i have a suggestion to modify the normal classic mode.
Recently i am seeing kimmy is 100% ban in rank mode.
Because of unbalanced first skill with burst damage and insane damage of ultimate.
Now the problem is, kimmy is kinda ruining the classic mode. I mean even a novice player can play her and those who wanna try new hero or practice new hero is totally in a mess.
You can't play kimmy in rank that doesn't mean you ruin the classic mode.
Same goes for claude too.

Now i know classic mode is for practice and no restrictions.
But what about 1 ban only?
At the very beginning of the classic both team can choose which hero they or opponent cant cant or just ban. Only one hero. I doubt 90% will vote for ban kimmy.
This is slightly a modification for classic mode.
Just 1 ban and will be like voting on poll like we select hero in death battle mode or mirror mode if you remember.
What do you guys think about it?
You can share your opinion.
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Post time 2018-11-6 05:19 PM | Show all posts
I really disagree, i just cant imagine to jump in a classic game and get the hero i wanted to play banned..and i am 100% sure kimmy would be the one thats always banned because shes litteraly ruining games lol

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 Author| Post time 2018-11-6 05:32 PM | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2018-11-6 05:19 PM
I really disagree, i just cant imagine to jump in a classic game and get the hero i wanted to play b ...

Look @ my ss.Either kimmy or claude always mvp.
Now claude is my main and also global(but not in too 100 lol).
I could literally use  claude or kimmy to ruin the classic and increase my win rate but whats the point?
In rank i cant use any of them.
People are abusing classic with hero like kimmy, claude etc.
Until the adjustment, this is very hard to play classic with other heroes.
As you said, kimmy will be 100% ban always because she is ruining the game.
So whats the point keeping her in classic?


But other top players do the same thing. They did it with Karrie, Lunox, Haya, Selena. Doesn’t matter as long as they’re meta people will spam them in Classic and essentially abuse the hero for WR   Post time 2018-11-6 10:17 PM

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Post time 2018-11-6 05:53 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2018-11-6 05:32 PM
Look @ my ss.Either kimmy or claude always mvp.
Now claude is my main and also global(but not in t ...

Kimmy mains wanna play kimmy somwhere XD?

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Post time 2018-11-6 06:16 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Kimmy is out and everyone complain about her. Next, could Harith get many complain about his opness too? Since every new hero is very op and every player want to play them, I feel like standing between agree and disagree about the banning system appears in classic mode. Agree, because boring seeing op hero appears in every single match. Disagree, because classic is where player can show their fun performance outside the stress of playing rank matches also there are no rule and limitation playing classic mode.

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Post time 2018-11-6 08:23 PM | Show all posts
Edited by ChrisSummers at 2018-11-6 08:34 PM

I definitely disagree. where would people play the heroes they want to play and practice then? lets face it. Brawl is a constant team fight. AI and custom is almost useless in practicing and playground mode is just gonna be layla abuse mode. Besides, new heroes are better than old heroes because they're more complicated in mechanics and unique

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Post time 2018-11-6 10:13 PM | Show all posts
Though I hate Kimmy, I disagree. She’s already banned in rank so devs will have to do something with her and I know waiting sucks but we have to even if it makes us hate the game. Also 1 ban will just make her permanently banned and even if there are many heroes, what if they ban a hero you were planning to use? I think they just need to do something with Kimmy ASAP.

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Post time 2018-11-7 06:55 AM | Show all posts
Well, I disagree. If you are banning their heroes even in classic, where do you want them to play their heroes? A.I.? Brawl which doesn't even really allow you to pick your hero? I mean sure, it won't always be banned but who knows. Do they need wait their hero to be nerf to death so just they can play it?

I stopped playing classic for a long time now because of these reasons, where people farm their WR or people think they can act like a total d*mb*ss because it's not "rank" but instead of letting the game adjust for me, I just stopped playing the mode overall. I'm not telling you to do the same but modifying it like that just because it doesn't go your way isn't really that good.

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Post time 2018-11-7 07:33 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.

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 Author| Post time 2018-11-7 11:37 AM | Show all posts
Well i posted this thread to get the users opinion.
I didn't say i am right.
But at least i get the idea what majority of users think about.
Seems what you are saying are more logical.But its true that those heroes are ruining classic fun also.
Because kimmy, lunox, claude etc already banned in rank so people (some at least) are messing classic with those heroes.
So i i  suggesting a new thing.
What if you cant cant same hero three times in a row or something like that?
I mean you have to pick other hero at least once in every 3rd game?
This will also prevent who are abusing classic in order to increase his hero win rate too.

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