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[Patch Note] Patch notes 1.3.28 [Advanced server]

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Patch notes 1.3.28 [Advanced server]

I. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

18 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/11/2 05:01:00 to 2018/11/9 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)
Bruno, Natalia, Sun, Yi shun shin, Hilda, Cyclops, Karrie, Lesley

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Hayabusa, Ruby, Estes, Gatotkaca, Grock, Chang'e

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/11/9 05:01:00 to 2018/11/16 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)
Bane, Lolita, Alpha, Moskov, Lapu lapu, Hylos, Harley, Gusion

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Fanny, Diggie, Angela, Uranus, Martis, Kaja

II.Hero Adjustments

Optimized the sounds and Skill effects. Nlnjutsu: Demon Feast: Optimized the logic of its skill performance, now the way to unlock the skill is easier to understand. The CD counts when Hanzo devours an enemy unit instead of when Hanzo finishes the devouring.
Kinjutsu: Pinnacle Ninja: Now the release of Blood Demon won't be affected by the landscape.
Ninjutsu: Devastator: Improved the speed of blink and diminished the area of Damage dealt. Optimized the Skill Description.

Optimized the skill sound and the Passive effect.
Thalassophobia: Every several seconds. Kadita receives Blessing from the Might of the Ocean. After taking Damage, she regenerates parts of HP reduced within the skill's duration.
Ocean Oddity: Adjusted CD to 9/8.5/8/7.5/7/6.5 seconds from 8/7.5/7/6.5/6/5.5 seconds.
Breath of the Ocean: Adjusted CD to 85 from 75.

Spear of Glory: Adjusted Mana cost to 95/105/115/125/135/145 from 70/80/90/100/110/120. This skill no longer increases Attack Speed.
Shield Assault: Adjusted the Movement Speed Bonus to 20% from 30%.
King's Calling: Adjusted Physical Bonus of Royal Guards to 0.7 from 0.8.

Fixed a problem where Leomord's Basic Attack Splat will be affected by Spell Vamp.
Phantom Steed: Adjusted CD to 55/50/45 seconds from 50/45/40 seconds. Increased the Movement Speed in the Mounted State.

Energy Transformation: Fixed a problem where there was no limitation of Spell Vamp. Now this skill enjoys only 40% of Spell Vamp. Adjusted Physical Bonus of the skill to 0.4 from 0.5 and the Magic Bonus to 0.5 from 0.6.
Maximum Charge: Adjusted CD to 20/18/16 seconds from 16/14/12 seconds.
Adjusted Basic HP to 2570 from 2670.
Fixed a problem where the Basic Attack may be unable to stop when quickly tapping on the Attack button and when being slain.

Battle Side-by-side: Adjusted Dexter's Damage to 35% from 40%.

Optimized the battlefield effects of the original Skin.

Optimized the Skill description.

Blood Ode: Now the regeneration effect is 60% when Alice uses this Skill and hits non-hero units.

Adjusted the basic movement speed to 260 from 250.

III.Battlefield Adjustments

1. Optimized the medal rewarding system :The battle scores of the 4th and 5th place players of the winning side must fall within a certain range of the 3rd place player In order to earn a gold medal.

1.Flicker: Adjusted the increased Physical and Magic Defense to 11~25 from 22~50.
2.Execute: Now deals additional True Damage equal to 10% of the enemy‘s lost HP, ignores any shield effects.
3.Purify: Adjusted CD to 755 from 905.

1.Custom Jungle Emblem
Brutal: Increased the extra Damage dealt to Creeps to 13% per level from 10% per level. 2iCustom Fighter Emblem
Disabling Strike revamped: After slowing down enemies. increases PhysicaI Attack for a short time. This effect will be removed when dealing next Damage.

IV.New Events & Features

1.New system [Sacred statue] is online! Players can turn their Turrets into the statue of their Heroes.
The rules are as follows:
A. You can purchase the Sacred Statue of each Hero in the Shop.
B. You can equip the Sacred Statue after locking your Hero.
C. When you are close to the Allied Turrets, the "Summon Sacred Statue" Button will show up.
D. Each summon cools down in several minutes. One Turret can be summoned once only.

2. "Battle emotes"added to the ShopPreparation. You can purchase Battle Emotes and show your emotions in the battlefields! Mstem Adjustments

V. System Adjustments

1.Adjusted the Rewards for New Player Level Event. The Trial Cards are adjusted are now: Valir, Karrie, Alice, Roger, Clint, Martis. Franco.
2.Neighborhood Leaderboards: You can go back to the former tab when viewing the players“ Profiles.
3.In Practice Mode added 3 option buttons for players to choose the difficulty of AI.
4.Removed the credit punishment from those who can't enter game while matching
3.In Practice Mode added 3 option buttons for players to choose the difficulty of Al.
4.Removed the credit punishment from those who can't enter game while matching due to unstable connections.
5.Hero Mastery Code:
A. Renamed officially t0 Mastery Code from Twilight Code.
B. Adjusted some tasks of some Heroes.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Post time 2018-11-11 07:12 PM | Show all posts
Dont you think that flicker nerf is a bit too much?
Post time 2018-11-11 08:53 PM | Show all posts
Vymonchyyy replied at 2018-11-11 07:12 PM
Dont you think that flicker nerf is a bit too much?

They want to make the other spells viable.

Almost every hero uses Flicker as general spell.
Flicker, Retribution and Aegis are the most used battle spell.

I love using Execute with Kagura, I'm gonna love it more with this buff on execute.

And Purify is probably going to make a comeback

Post time 2018-11-12 02:32 AM | Show all posts
You'll catch me now as a Harley with an execute. Though yeah, Harley with an execute was a trend for a bit long now but I still stuck to my retribution.
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