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[Poll] Opinion about new hero Minsitthar

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Post time 2018-11-23 06:26 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
Edited by BD007 at 2018-11-23 11:19 AM

Hey guys what's up?
As the topic said, lets discuss about Minsitthar.
Ok this is my personal experience.
Your opinion could be different and most welcome.

Minsitthar i think one of the most over hyped hero in mlbb. We thought he will become insta ban in draft pick rank for sure. But reality is a bit different for me.
Lets talk about his hook first.
Primarily it sounds very good in paper.
But in reality its i bit different.
There is slight delay like franco.
And alao only middle part of the skill can hook only.
If you touch the enemy with both left or right side of the skill, the enemy might get damage but wont be hooked. And this is where its odd. Because there is almost mo distinguish difference between middle part of the skill or side part, you always have to aim properly. Franco users might do this well.

Now lets talk about his 2nd skill.
It can stun the enemy and gives you a shield.
But stun range is very short.
That is why skill 1 and skill 2 combo is almost impossible. Every time i hook i cant cast 2nd skkll because the can walk faster or use blink skill to instantly move away from me. Only if first skill had some sort of slow down effect could've stopped them. Even horo chan chan mentioned this and suggest to use petrify.

Now about his ultimate.
The damage from his brother is really low.
I cant do 1v1 with even zilong with my ultimate.
Zilong killed me twice in my ultimate.
Plus anyone can walk away easily from his ultimate.
Bigger range and a bit more slowdown can increase the potential of his ultimate.

His passive is kinda weak if your team is awesome.

As i noticed he is totally depends on team
If your team is good, he is.
If your team is bad, he cant do anything nor carry.

Please share your opinion and experience with Minsitthar.
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Post time 2018-11-23 05:11 PM | Show all posts
I think Minsitthar need buff on 1st skill, a bit of wider hook to an enemy

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Post time 2018-11-23 06:48 PM | Show all posts
I can say he is balanced right now so he shouldn't get a buff

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Post time 2018-11-23 08:41 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Ar3neKn1ght at 2018-11-23 08:43 PM

Too early for me. Just like Leomord first release, only few of them really care to him when his first release but lately he is the most pick nowaday. Let see Minsi in one month or later.

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Post time 2018-11-23 11:39 PM | Show all posts
I voted for buff, but Minsitthar is a semi-support hero.

His passive makes Nana's passive a joke.

Mid to late game, that passive becomes very important.

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Post time 2018-11-24 10:26 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
THE thing is when you hook even you deal damage you cant hook the hero if its not on the center even you hit the hero at the very tip you cant hook them back also sideways even you hit them and damage you cant hook them back. Also for second skill enemy can run already or blink because of slow cast.
Suggestion put a stun when the enemy is hook back for atleast 1 second minsithar has the very most missed stun or just make his second skill fast cast...

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 Author| Post time 2018-11-24 11:26 AM | Show all posts
jingasenpai replied at 2018-11-24 10:26 AM
THE thing is when you hook even you deal damage you cant hook the hero if its not on the center even ...

Exactly my point. I played him in both classic and rank and i feel the same.
Only the center portion of the first skill can hook and its very difficult sometime. You can damage but you might not hook the enemy. And even if you do, they will walk away or sue blink skill so you cant even cast 2nd skill because of small range.
I suggest either give him stun on first skill or make the 2nd skill range bigger.
I saw many other players who are struggling Minsitthar in rank. But as many user said ita early to judge. So lets wait and see others opinion.

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Post time 2018-11-25 05:55 AM | Show all posts
Edited by streetsneeze at 2018-11-29 11:20 PM

As for my suggestion
#1st skill:- A mini stun if successfully pulled.(He had stun when he first released)

#2nd skill:- the movement speed buff should be 30% like before.. 20% is just nothing.. No need to increase skill speed or range cause 1st skill will have 0.5 sec mini stun.. And the damage absorbtion shield should be activated even if he misses to hit a target.. But movmement buff will only be gained if it hits an enemy..###Buggg:- It sometimes pushes back even the first enemy instead of stun. needs emergency fix##

#3rd zkill:- the slow effeect should be 30%.. 20% is too low.. And enemies outside the ring will also take full damage but won't be slowed or silenced..(currently enemis who gets hit from outside the ring fromm his guards only take about 40% of initial damage)

And most importantly his appearance should be a little bit tweaked.. Roght now he looks like a Street workerr wearing fancy cloths.. His boddy hips and legs should e a bit widened..

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Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
 Author| Post time 2018-11-25 03:43 PM | Show all posts
Akhlak replied at 2018-11-25 05:55 AM
As for my suggestion
#1st skill:- A mini stun if successfully pulled.(He had stun when he first rele ...

As i said before, the advance server is not best place to justify a hero. Hopefully mlbb official will check these and buff him looks like old minsithhMi before nerf. But now he is not usable in rank cause of those weakness. I still do think first skill should hook all part of thr skill. Not only middle part.

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