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[Lineup Strategy] What should you do if your teammates picks the same role as you?

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Edited by Kido at 2018-11-28 02:53 PM

We need a tank.png

This is one of the situations that a non-veteran player had a hardtime of choosing. One that will predetermine the outcome of the match from the start.

We’ve all been there, that time when you want to use your favorite assassin or marksman but your teammates pick the same role as yours. Should you continue to pick it anyway or adjust according to the composition?

I do have some tips to make it easier for you to decide quickly before the timer runs out. You just need to answer these questions before choosing:

- Did they pick the OP ones?
- Is their win rate high?
- Can the team survive in a team-fight against the enemy?

The more popular rule in ML is to “Pick the most OP heroes if possible” as it is easier to win a game without breaking a sweat. Newer heroes tend to be OP so that should be an indicator. The only problem is that most OP heroes gets banned in Draft.

Now comes to the 2nd important variable: Your teammate’s Win Rate of that hero. It’s always a good idea to know how many games that player has played on that hero. If a player has less than 20 matches with that hero then I think you should go ahead and pick your main in case that person fails to do his/her role regardless of win rate. But if a person has less than 50% win rate with more than 30 games, there is a high chance that he/she will feed especially if he/she is using MM. In which case you have 2 options, Be the carry yourself or assist them.

The 3rd rule that we usually follow is “Do not have 3 of the same roles in a team”. Although this rule can be broken since some can win a match with 3 mages or 3 assassins. It all depends on how good you take out the enemy’s squishy and end the game by pushing. An unbalanced team however can suffer greatly in team fights if the enemy is capable of protecting their carry in which case, splitpushing is your only bet.

The last thing that most player’s tend to ignore is the enemy’s team composition. Sure you can have 3 marksman and 2 tanks but when the enemy has a good (and OP) assassin or seldom a Lolita on their team. Your marksman will be of no use, so you should be better off playing as a fighter, tank, or support in order to improve the chances of winning a team fight.

But if you made a bad decision, It’s important to not argue with your teammate as this will lower the chances of winning due to the fact that they won’t be that much focused and or don’t have the motivation to win the match. Give some advice instead like telling them to “keep farming” and focus more on stealing turrets.

I wish you luck on your next match. And if there is something you would like to add, feel free to do so in the comments.

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It might be bad at first, because the team that was created is not balance, but it doesn't mean that you already lost the battle. I think whatever the component of the team, as long as you don't have a teammate that is a cry baby, you still have a chance to win the game. As they say "pick your best"
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Edited by CloudDevelic at 2018-11-28 01:46 PM


Good point. This is something that I've been observing and thinking for a while....

Let's say you're MM main with three heroes that are 65-75% Win Rate, and have also played a couple of hundreds matches for each of them so you're clearly adept at them. Say your three heroes are Irithel, Lesley and Hanabi which all have different utility and playstyle, and le wild public teammate picked Claude just because he's OP meta.

So in this case, if you're not confident that he can carry or other heroes that you can play decently is already picked, you can question yourself on which of the three MMs to pick.

If enemy has at least 3 squishies (including assassin), I would go for Lesley because:

1. Lesley IS still hands down the best MM to go to for countering squishy enemy team (AKA 2 assassin 1 mage 1 fighter 1 tank for example). As long as you got 2-3 squishies and enemy fighter isn't tanky like chou or aldous, it's safe to pick Lesley.

2. As your other MM is Claude which is AOE, picking Lesley would also be good as 1 deals AOE damage, another do single target locking.

In another case, if your team consists of 1 fighter 1 mage 1 tank + 2 MM, go for Hanabi if your team needs more CC or if you got sufficient CC, go for Irithel. And especially Irithel if enemy has tanky fighter + 1 tank or 2 tank composition. The reason why only Irithel works super well with 2 tank comp is because Irithel has superior AOE damage that can pop enemy squishies to death, and in fact taking two tanks when you face Irithel is nightmare because it's actually detrimental to do so (everyone would end up getting nuked). And the fact that Irithel is also a high skill = high reward hero, so her potential is endless.

You'll be surprised at how well 2 MM can rekt enemy team....... If your team's comp can sustain well enough + suitable picks against enemy comps.

I managed to do this during one Mythic RG. I picked Lesley because another guy took Claude (despite me having higher WR as MM, Irithel 72.7% 656 matches) and other hero that I'm confident (Selena) was banned, and Ruby which is my average skilled hero was taken by a Ruby main who is pro at Ruby.

Given that enemy has 3 squishies and my team is tanky enough on its own, I took Lesley.

And guess what? We won. Despite having 2 MM and fighting pre-nerf Kimmy.

My theory was that Claude was the main DPS, while I'm the Kill Secure (Assassin). So if you study some MMs like Lesley again, she can actually fulfill the assassin role very well. People tend to forget that Lesley is also an assassin, not just an MM. So she should be played like one.

And on an unrelated note, actually Miya is still great. Just be sure to take Flicker and don't ever mid, and make sure you have a good mid laner. If you play Miya correctly (using her ulti to pop out from the bush and burst enemy from behind, basically like a natalia), you can rekt enemies.

The only MM that I find extremely useless are Bruno and Layla. These two just couldn't sit well with me despite trying to make them relevant in this META.
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You are absolutely right about hero picking situation @Kido.
Ban pick also a strategy. At the very beginning most of the 4th and 5th player will ask you yo show win rate. And the first ban of your team will be decided upon showing team's win rate on some specific most banned heroes. In order to give him a chance to pick that specific hero, s4 might ban other op or meta heroes. This alao depends on which team gets first ban. In this situation, if miya win rate is high and he is global, i would ban claude. To give him a fair chance.And in that case i would pick tank or something to support him. This exactly happened 3 days ago with me in rank. And the truth is, miya got mvp mvp and it was mythical glory rank. Ss here.
Summery is, never underestimate any hero.
If someone showing high win rate with many matches, he/sge must be good with that hero.
So instead of making fun of it, give him/her a chance.
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It depends on situations.

If it's ranked, I will choose wisely.. Well, although I'm main tank, I still can use another roles and certain heroes. But you know why bruh.. I can't take a risk my stars in ranked just for my selfishness, so better I gave up the hero.

This problems usually happened to mm and assassin users. If I have to choose in draft pick, when I'm the first. I will decide to swap the hero according to their win rates and matches. I knew it's just a number, but if you have to choose between two or more choices, it does matter.

If it's classic.. Just go for it.. Idgaf about double roles or worse composition.. "It's just classic bruh..."

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In non premade team, never try risky composition. It always better to have safer composition.
Having all tank, 3 assassin, 3 mage, 3 mm, or whatever still can takes u to winning side, but all that need very good coordination & teamwork. Even a pro player find it hard to do unless they are in a good premade team.

For me on non premade team or just soloing, as long their stat is >50 match & >45% win rate i would give the role to them.
Soloing is hard to deal with all those afker, beginner, & kids mentality with many talk or negative playing when he didnt get what he want. So better to give them & fill the empty role.
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no one understands this, but sometimes i like to pick 2nd mm. as many of u know karrie and claude are more dmg-based, meaning they cant push towers as well. i tend to pick a dps/crit hero that can take out towers in less than 5 secs. even if it means i get reported i get 70%+ tower dmg
Post time 2018-12-9 07:32 AM | Show all posts
karrie and claude can push towers very fast if you use demon hunter sword and golden staff in their builds.
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