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[Item Balance] A Couple of Item Suggestions

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Edited by FALTERWANG at 2018-12-9 02:09 AM

Just some things that I think will help (mostly me) people in-game. Give me your feedback and ideas

New Items (definitely recommended)
1. Some kind of new boots that either increase heal effect or gives hybrid lifesteal. The amount should be small, and I recommend this because, along with Oracle, this item can somewhat counter Deadly Blade/Necklace of Durance passives. It's also good for heroes that rely on regen (Hilda, Bal****, and Uranus) so they can last longer in battle and not return home as much

2. Physical item that reduces cooldowns (basically a physical atk version of Fleeting Time that reduces Ultimate cooldown when you get a kill/assist). This is extremely useful for heroes (even tanks) that have long-ass cooldowns. The heroes that really need this item include Argus (at most 80s and at least 50s) and Helcurt (darkness forever). It doesn't need to be as powerful or effective as Fleeting Time, just something to reduce the cooldown in case we get ambushed after Ultimate. Another option is make Fleeting Time a defensive item so all roles can use it
Item Changes (dont know about these)
1. Hunter Scythe - Its passive is good, but so short. Reducing its actual stats (like+50 physical atk, but keep the 10% cooldown reduction) but improving the passive is a start. Make it something like Brute Force Breastplate, something like "+2% movement spd for every time you deal dmg or use skills, stacks up 5 times. This effect lasts 3 secs." It can help heroes like Argus and Saber that need to escape in case they already used their blink skills, or if you're chasing an enemy hero

2. Immortality - Decrease the cooldown. 180s is so long and it is crazy. Waiting 3m to revive is crazy, especially for heroes that usually tower dive or die too easily. Many reduce it to 100? If it stays 180s, please include something like a skill cooldown reduction upon revival (like basic skills refreshed, or all skills cooldown reduced by 25% of original)

3. Lightning Truncheon - Lately I've been seeing a lot of skill based physical enemies take this item, and it deals crazy dmg when you get a lot of mana. I really don't think this item's dmg should be based of mana, but if it is please remove its effectiveness from Kimmy and any other hero. No, mana, no canca!

4. Sky Guardian Helmet - Reduce the heal a teeny bit. The max amount is currently 3.5% heal, but reduce it to something like 2%. The reason for this is because I want to add an additional effect. Either include the original passive of oracle (8% max hp healed when take dmg) or include the old passive of Bloodthirsty King (aw this item was amazing on Martis, but basically something like heal 10% of max hp when you get a kill, and 6% upon getting an assist

5. Twilight Armor - Instead of HAVING to take 900+ physical dmg first in order to activate it, include its passive ability on the side like Wind of Nature. Upon activating, the highest amount of physical dmg that can be taken is 1000 points (yes I know, I want the amount decreased, but the effectiveness/duration increased). This effect should last about 4-5 secs. This way you won't die by someone crazy like Aldous or Lesley so quickly. It's also more effective than Wind of Nature that only lasts 1 sec for non-marksmen heroes

6. Wings Of Apocalypse Queen - "When HP is less than 40%, physical and magic dmg taken will be reduced by 50%, while any dmg dealt will have 20% lifesteal." Something like that. The new Wings are terrible and duration is so short. It only lasts 5 secs (including the dmg reduction), therefore not that useful for tanks, even though it's a defense item. Also include something like "if HP goes over 40%, this effect will continue to last for 3 secs"

Post time 2018-12-8 09:56 AM | Show all posts
The items that caught my attention are immortality and apoqueen.. i think immortality is fine, but apoqueen i do want this item to be buffed just a bit.. i rarely use other items you mention above tho..
 Author| Post time 2018-12-8 10:16 AM | Show all posts
Vymonchyyy replied at 2018-12-8 09:56 AM
The items that caught my attention are immortality and apoqueen.. i think immortality is fine, but a ...

exactly...thats why they should be buffed and made more useful. what do you think about the "new" items
Post time 2018-12-8 03:29 PM | Show all posts
Edited by seimz at 2018-12-8 01:31 PM

Love the new items idea. Agree with the item changes, love to see some improvements in the build styles coz, all we see are same build for moat tanks and so on. I like the reduced cooldown on immortality, rework on twilight armor, apoqueen etc. Will forward this to our mod's sheet. Ty for the suggestion.
Post time 2018-12-8 06:27 PM | Show all posts
i think they are nice suggestions, especially wings of apocalypse queen since its always used on fighters but i dont feel its effect really
Post time 2018-12-8 09:28 PM | Show all posts
About the life steal boot i think its not needed.
But hp regen boot i totally agreed.
They won't buff immortality item because it will be so op then.
Queen of apocalypse is kinda weak item now. I like the way its before. Fighter and tanks have to go to close combat range.Totally agreed about twilight armor.
There should be a button like wind of nature and the effect should last 5 seconds.
Did you submit this to in game customer support also?
 Author| Post time 2018-12-9 01:30 AM | Show all posts
Edited by FALTERWANG at 2018-12-10 04:07 AM

@seimz  thx for the feedback! these are items that arent used as often and i think they have a lot of potential and effectiveness

@IZxCOLD yea apoco wings are barely useful unless its for someone like ruby who can lifesteal A LOT. not as useful on tanks because of its 5 sec duration and 50sec CD

@BD007 yea the lifesteal boot wont be as effective for other roles (tank/support). but honestly immortality needs a buff because even if you revive, without some cc immunity/escape ability, its very useless. reducing the CD of your own skills or the CD of the passive will make this item more effective. many people are replacing this with athena's shield so i want this item to be improved
Post time 2018-12-9 01:52 AM | Show all posts
No to the lifesteal boots, but maybe change to hp regen effect, because it wont be good for other roles. Maybe make fleeting time into a defense item instead. Every thing else is good in my opinion
 Author| Post time 2018-12-9 02:08 AM | Show all posts
cockadoodle replied at 2018-12-9 01:52 AM
No to the lifesteal boots, but maybe change to hp regen effect, because it wont be good for other ro ... the idea of making Fleeting time a defense item. maybe ill include that. thx for ur opinion!
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