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[Share] Is profanity all THAT bad?

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TBH, I think that profane words are something that helps express myself. MANY people playing aren't grade-schoolers, but even if they are, a few of them should already know the words. <- from past experiences. Even if moonton finds a way to censor curse words, it ends in many problems. As many of you know, when you try to type Balmond, it censors the "mond" part. Right now, the biggest problem I'm facing is trying to type AFK, but because Moonton censored "fk", it's not possible to type anymore. And even if they succesfully censor some words, people will ALWAYS find ways to get around the system. Voice chat is one of them. Some might start typing "foookin freya." Just my honest opinion. IDK if you guys have different opinions, but these are mine
Pros of Not Censoring
1. Less work. Moonton developers and employees have to take the time to go through the system and block words
2. A lot less "normal" words blocked. AFK is blocked because it contains FK (abreviation for the f-word). Balmond can't be spelled out because "mond" is in it (whatever that means)

Cons of Not Censoring
1. Exposing young players to profanity (but very few of ML players are "young", and as mentioned above, a lot of people already know these words
2. Disrupting a friendly gaming environment (toxicity and trashtalk)

I understand Moonton is trying to make the game more friendly and less trashtalk-y, but does it really help that much? People can always get around the system, not to mention the voice chat feature which has no protection agaisnt profanity. We already have the mute chat option, so what else is there?
Give me your honest feedback and how you feel
Post time 2018-12-9 02:15 AM | Show all posts
tbh: yes the censoring is messed up, and yea i agree with u about people being older than what most think. but profanity is the base of trashtalk, and if trashtalk is taken way to far, well, moonton loses players+money and the game becomes less friendly/fun. some people are even going through depression and the last thing they need it for someone to de-value their existence even further

i honestly believe moonton has ways to improve censoring, and keep the game as friendly as possible
Post time 2018-12-9 03:04 AM | Show all posts
I think they should create a setting for i you want your words censored or not.


Exactly DPloi  Post time 2018-12-9 07:30 AM
Yes and have it turned on by default so younger players don’t have to see cursing and let those who want it off turned off by choice  Post time 2018-12-9 06:59 AM
Why thank you :)  Post time 2018-12-9 04:59 AM
this guy is smart  Post time 2018-12-9 04:16 AM
Post time 2018-12-9 03:33 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
So OP says “TBH, I think that profane words are something that helps express myself.”.

I say...then keep expressing to yourself...aka keep that sh*t to yourself.

We are not here to partake in your profanity.
We just want to play the game and occasionally troll the team using Jawhead.

Now head to IG and follow me AnnaLove for skin giveaways and sh*t
Post time 2018-12-9 04:16 AM | Show all posts
AnnaStrasza replied at 2018-12-9 03:33 AM
So OP says “TBH, I think that profane words are something that helps express myself.”.

I ...

xD yep yep free skins haha
Post time 2018-12-9 10:17 AM | Show all posts
What you said is true.
But if unblock all words it will create a chaos.
Trash talk already at its best and if moonton unblock those words it will be like giving fuel to fire.
If people can abuse the system with different approach, then we can do same for afk. Like we use abk or apk. For swap we use sawp.
Something is better than nothing.
Some protection against profanity is better than no protection at all.
Post time 2018-12-9 01:57 PM | Show all posts
it aint easy but i don't think its impossible too , feed back to CS let their programmer figure it out.
Appreciate their handwork and give them support.

there is no absolute solution to solve the problem , because people will always figure out a way to overcome it =D

there are 26alphabet but with another 10 digits , it could be hundred of thousands of "synonyms"
Post time 2018-12-9 04:10 PM | Show all posts
Nope ... afk, feeding and trolling is bad ...
Post time 2018-12-9 09:54 PM | Show all posts
profanity especially against own teammates may trigger them and they may intentionally start feeding the other team. they may also leave the game.

in my view I feel Moonton should implement harsher punishments against players who keep using profanity. maybe deduct 10 to 15 of their credit scores.
Post time 2018-12-9 10:03 PM | Show all posts
It would be all waay better if people just stopped flaming, but that will never happen..i think people should decide themseleves of they want a censored chat or not
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