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The season is about to end and for those who are wishing to grind some stars or maybe jump ahead of the pack right at the start of the new season. Look no further because we'll be bringing you some tips and insights as to how you can grind stars faster or more efficiently in today's article!

Things to Know:

1)Playing as solo or in a premade? Well that honestly makes a few difference to each player as some works better on solo ques while some works best with a teammate. So why is that?

Playing as Solo: Solo players are often players who would be able to be free themselves from guilt or restraint from playing whatever they want or feel like playing wherein this is honestl a plus for them since the chances of them enjoying the game would be higher because they're more or less playing what they want(excemptions of course for those who favor adjusting towards their team). Although it maybe a pain from time to time to encounter a toxic or unskilled players, they'd more or less be able to pull thru because they've mastered the hero they play.

Playing as a Pre-made: Pre-made teams enjoy a certain extent of guarantee in which the roles they need in the team are filled by reliable players although they'll be restricted to what they can play at the very least they more or less have a good team composition or team synergy which is an important factor in winning games. Despite having a pre-made, it can also be a pain to deal with all because you know them enough that it will shame you if you try to be toxic around them which is why from time to time pre-mades may not be enjoying their games that much but are winning them which after all brings joy to players(after all who doesnt like winning, exceptions of course to those who really enjoy their roles within the team).

2)Playing Meta or Non-Meta heroes? There is actually a debate amongst this as players are either forced to master the meta heroes or ban them out.

Playing as Meta Heroes: Meta heroes are considered to be top tier based on the current patch wherein players who play these would often find themselves an easy game as your enemies may or may not have a difficult time handling that hero(which is why some are forced to ban these meta heroes).

Playing Non-Meta Heroes: Non-meta heroes are often ridiculed for within the community wherein once players see you're using a non-meta hero they'd more or less start to whine/cry about it and say its GG when in fact non-meta heroes are something players should fear as non-meta is something unpredictable and due to its uncommon pick they'd more or less have less idea on what you'll be doing.

*Overall Meta or Non-Meta picks is something you should consider playing as picking which suits your play style would definately boost your chances of winning. Rather than constantly picking heroes that doesn't really suit you.

Grinding Your Stars:

Here are some tips that you should overall know to grind stars more efficiently

1)Consider the time and where you are playing, if you're playing on peak hours and just using data at a public place don't bother playing as you can more or less you'll expect ping spikes or lag which can hinder you from playing a good game.

2)Before you play a ranked game, make sure you have atleast 3 or 4 heroes in mind to play each suited to a role that may or may not be available for you to play because if you only have 1-2 heroes in mind(especially if those are meta-heroes) then chances are they'll be picked before you can pick them so its better to be safe than sorry.

3)Encountering toxic players lately or constantly losing games? Then invite up your friends and play up  into a 3 or 5 man yes 3 man and not 2 man que as 3 man que can atleast cover all your bases where one can cover for front line the other two as damage or two front line and one damage whichever floats your boat. Because if you'd play as duo que only you'd more or less still strugle.

4)Make sure you'd play during an uniterupted time because if you play in a time which you'd constantly be interrupted chances are you'd get irritated and start tilting your games so be sure that when you play a rank game make sure you won't be interrupted for the next 20-35 minutes

5)Make the most out of your situation regardless of how bad the game may look like because imagine that you'd play a game and then just waste it by simply giving up, the next few games you'd more or less have lost the mood to play especially if you see the odds are against you so instead of continuesly playing, take a break to regroup yourself and play again after a while otherwise you'd constantly lose games.

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Thanks, that help me a lot. I play solo. Cuz' every time I play with my squad, the opponents are also squad. I always find that most opponents are top players. I was against Fanny to 5 and Gussion top 3 in one match. The Hell I'll Win! I'm just a Mythic 3 star. I'm an old player. That effect my matchmaking system?
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