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Author: BD007
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[Poll] Opinion about current mages, mage meta continued?

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Post time 2018-12-15 07:04 AM | Show all posts
Edited by maistral at 2018-12-15 07:09 AM
TheEpicJobber replied at 2018-12-14 10:24 AM
Why no one here talk about Zhask? He is immobile, squishy, had an easily countered Ult, and can't de ...

That is the general trend for the three main zoners (Zhask/Pharsa/Valir); that they work best if you actually pair them with something. Zhask works if you pair it with something that can defend it, although it is easier since the turret can autotarget the moving enemies. Hell you can even pair it with a Rafaela and you get a terrifying push combo.

Pharsa and Valir does work in the same manner as well; but Valir is the most effective among the three because of the push CC. Pharsa is the worst zoner as she is basically immobile while attacking; very difficult to use ultimate especially at crunch times; no CC, and that people can just run Athena Shield and shrug off her hits like nothing.

With regard to difficulty of use, Zhask and Valir are very effective zoners as they can just spam skills without worrying about aiming, and they can also run Sprint/Flicker and run while their entire attack runs are in effect. Pharsa cannot do that as she will deactivate her ultimate when she does this.  For the same or less amount of work, Zhask and Valir are better zoners. And for damage, Lunox and Eudora do better. The loss of CC exacerbates the bird's problem. So yeah, buff Pharsa. A proposed fix is to make sure that the damage actually increases per hit, in order to reward the aiming person in actually hitting. Further, this will definitely force the target out of the circle.

Another problem is Odette. Odette requires VERY SPECIFIC teammates (ie. Johnson, Diggie) to function correctly or she's basically fodder. This is due to the fact that literally every single meta hero has CC to shut her ultimate down. If no one can assure that Odette is able to user her ultimate effectively then she is basically deadweight. A viable fix is to make her ultimate uncancellable just like Alice, then lower the damage a bit to compensate for the massive AOE, but I don't know how people will react to this.

And Change... Just no. Even Eudora works better as a damage dealer. Her passive just takes too long to stack, and unlike Aldous, if Change gets shut down, she actually loses stacks. Buff Change.

So yeah. Buff Change, Pharsa, and Odette.

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Post time 2018-12-15 11:22 AM | Show all posts
✝FatherJohn✝ replied at 2018-12-14 05:03 PM
Ya.... U where right.... For me u are a nab. :'(

1 years 1 savage.... Must be harsh living with su ...

Maybe you will harsh living with such humiliation but not me. You care for savage but not me. I never bother the savage in the game.

You will not hired for a job even you get 1000 savages in MLBB. You will not promoted when you tell your supervisor that you get savage for every single game you play in MLBB. University will never take a look into number of savage you get in MLBB as this is not their intake parameter.

Yes it does mean something in the game. The glory. You glory is to get savage, but my glory is help other teammates. Tbh, we can make a good pair as you care about savage while I care about assists. I can help you achieve higher than now, at the same time you allow me to fully support without worry the losing factor.

No doubt you are the top player in MLBB, maybe you are the best among all of us. Don't be shy, you deserve it. I never seen a solo player has the statistic as you, not since seasen 5. The only problem in you is your manner. You tend to insult other players who are lower than you regardless what situation is. This is the reason why I never impressed by your achievement.

Faithful words offend the ears. Change your attitude and improve your manner, or you only create more hateful among the forum members towards you.

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 Author| Post time 2018-12-15 03:17 PM | Show all posts
maistral replied at 2018-12-15 07:04 AM
That is the general trend for the three main zoners (Zhask/Pharsa/Valir); that they work best if yo ...

What you said is trueZhask need chou or ruby in order to protect him from incoming enemy attack.
And the latest nerf was so bad on him.


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Post time 2018-12-17 10:15 AM | Show all posts
TheEpicJobber replied at 2018-12-14 10:24 AM
Why no one here talk about Zhask? He is immobile, squishy, had an easily countered Ult, and can't de ...

I used to think like that too until i lose from Mythic *2 down to Legend 2 because of Zhask. I don't know since when people start spamming him but Tank and Mages stand no chance against a good Zhask. Johnson hit Zhask only to give him an easy kill.

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