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[Hero Techniques] Yunozaki's Guide To Tigreal

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Edited by Yunozaki at 2019-3-8 11:26 PM

The Moniyan Captain of Knights
Tigreal is a Tank hero that excels in providing consistent damaging as well as long CC time. His ability to control the enemy's position, initiating team fights as well as providing enough space for allies to arrive and assist. Despite being one of the oldest heroes that existed since Mobile Legend's release, he is still considered to be a strong tank to be played on the battlefield.

Synopsis of his Story (Not based on Mastery Code)
As a Moniyan, Tigreal dedicated his whole life since childhood to become a remarkable knight of the Empire. His years of dedicated training has led to him to become the Captain of the Imperial Capital's Moniyan Captain of Knights. Even with that title, he realises that he still needs to improve a lot more after witnessing his mentor taking responsibilities in his mistake for being hesitant. His future development soon given him the title of Warrior of Dawn. Tigreal attempted to convince Alucard to leave the Temple of Light and join his team of Knight, but failed to do so due to Alucard's dark past.

Skills & Play Styles
'Tigreal gains a layer of blessing when using skills or being hit by basic attacks (Those from minions are excluded). He gains immunity to the next basic attack after gaining 4 layers (Those from minions are excluded).

Attack Wave [AoE] (Level 1 - CD: 9.5s, Mana Cost:70)
'Tigreal fires an attack wave in a specified direction, dealing 300 (+80% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to enemies and lowering their movement speed by 65% for 2 seconds.'

Sacred Hammer [Blink] [CC] (Level 1 - CD: 12.5, Mana Cost: 110)
'Tigreal charges in a specified direction and collides with enemies, dealing 0(+100% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage. Using the skill again to launch a second attack, dealing 180(+60% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage and knocking them into the air.'

Implosion [CC] [AoE] (Level 1 - CD: 45.0, Mana Cost 120)
'Tigreal forcefully thrusts his sword into the earth, pulling surrounding enemies to himself, and dealing 270(+130% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. (This skill can be interrupted by transformation or knock up effects.)

Skill Build
This is my Skill Build made in a table.
Skill Build (Updated).jpg
Let's just put this in a simpler term.
Attack Wave - S1
Sacred Hammer - S2
Implosion - S3 (I don't use 'ult' because it sounds weird kek)

Why did I max S1?
In this current meta, you can't really do much early game aside from stealing jungles, team fight or laning phase. Taking S1 gives me a much more advantage in dealing a large amount of damage as well as slowing down the enemies. I could also benefit from clearing lanes faster and proceed to harass outside of the enemy's turret range by spamming S1. I'd like to mention that I can give me or my allies a higher chance to get kills too.

But what if I take S2 instead of Level 1?
I won't be able to deal a lot more than I should be, but I have an advantage in screwing up my opponent's positioning as well as rallying the minions together. There's also a possibility where I can escape just by dashing away. "But that's about it". In this situation, taking S2 means you're gonna rely on teammates to help to gain the upper hand. And for solo players, that's not a good choice as there may be some of their allies who aren't prepared for the enemies getting pushed into their range. It's best to avoid that unless the team understands each other's intentions.

How should I use S3?
The last description of S3 is basically the weakness of using it. There are more CCs nowadays and even if you go in and cast it you will either be interrupted or end up missing almost everyone. And most of the time this issue occurs and ruins the whole battle. So how should it be done?
Be patient about it and time it right, the problem of using S3 is that it impacts heavily in CC with a large cost. You may end up waiting for another cooldown while your allies get smacked into oblivion after missing it. There's no doubt that every team will contain at least 1, 2 or all with CC abilities. So take some hits for your allies and use it once those CC abilities are on cooldown.

This one takes practice, here are some important things I can point out with experience
1. Learn to aim, especially with S2
Never use auto, who knows what forsaken bug will happen to the point where you aim at the wrong neighbourhood. I've been through that phase where I should've taken the kill but I ended up tapping S1 which leads me to cast it after turning 180 degrees for no reason.
For S2, the range is very small, but it's pretty viable to knock up hundreds of Laylas in that small area. Most of the time players will face a problem where they end up losing range and miss the knock up. That's a common problem though, but most of the time auto will end up making you knock up something else. Like lane minions, jungles or plain oxygen in the atmosphere.

2. Too fast, and you just lost the grip
I used to do this thing where I would just press all my skills so fast... My CC time is short. S2 and S3 are good in CC-ing enemies, but if it is used with bad timings, it wouldn't go well.
An example would be the 2-3-2 Combo (S2 > S3 > S2) [Charge - Ult - Knock Up]
Charge re-positions your opponent, Ult to rally them in one place, and Knock Up to extend the CC time.
The last two is a big issue. Most of the time after S3 players will immediately S2, leaving the CC time to shortened severely by 1 second. Remember that 1.5 seconds from S3 is pretty short so it's better to know how to extend that further.

3. Reflex, predictions and positionIn order to fully provide consistent control over the enemy's position, all skills need to be in the right place, right time. Simply by expecting where your opponent will move, cast spells or cast skills; whether they're in bushes, turrets or in the middle of the battlefield. Pretty simple!

The position part, however...
You are in a team fight, considering how your allies will be exposed to enemy fire. Or maybe some of the enemies manage to shorten the distance between you and your mages/assassins/marksman. Be sure to keep them as far away as you can to save your allies. (Unless S2 is on CD, use S1 to slow them down. That is when your allies manage to keep the distance and they [Enemy] starts to give chase)

Here are my three sets of build, but a little note here is Don't be fully committed into this build. I've been giving a habit of changing certain items in the middle of the battle. Either I change the building order or I simply just transit to another item.

I have three build sections:
1. Inspiration (Build from Karahati)
It's basically just a copy & pastes some of the builds from Top Global Players, meant to test out the efficiency when fighting in a team or going solo queue. So far, this build has a strong win rate in a total of 700+ matches. [63% WR]
- Fast movement speed to catch up with S1
- High early shield as well as magic resistance
- Deter, increased mana capacity and slow aura
- Extra survivability with an increase of magic resist
- Return damage, 90 armor
- Brute effect benefits damage, and resistance

2. Cancer
Yes... I named it that because somehow I have an idea of making a Fighter Tigreal. This is just for fun so I'll just put this build in here.

[Feel free to request a guide on how to play as a fighter Tigreal under this build, for now, I'm not going to bother it because it's rare XD]

3. Flexibility
This is where I will transit from item to item slowly while the match progresses. On this part, in particular, building order will be a priority.
At the start of the match, I will determine who my opponent will be in the lane whether it's [P = Physical, M = Magic].
{P, M, PP, PM, MM, PPM, MMP, PPP, MMM} <- In case of Tri-lanes, Dual-lanes, Single-lane
Once I've identified what kind of hero I will be facing, I can finally think of a good building order.
Starting off with a simple boot.
Then proceed to farm a little bit for Magic Necklaces and proceed to upgrade it.
Boots 2.JPG
Next will be me purchasing items based on who I'm facing.
2x Magic Resist Cloak - [MM, MMM] (Can be upgraded to Cursed Helmet + Athena's Shield)
3x Leather Jerkin - [PP, PPP] (Can be upgraded to Dreadnaught Armor, or straight to Blade Armor)

If you're facing a single-laning hero or a dual PM.
This way, I will have a slight opening in the next building phase. I'm open to pre-Cursed Helm with Vitality Crystal and on the other hand, I'm open to pre-Dreadnaught Armor to Antique Cuirass.
There may be ganks planned out and I will have to be ready for it. I may die, but at least I've created enough space to last long and if I'm lucky I may get a kill just by simply outplaying.

"Okay, deeper into the game, I should replace an item now."e
Cursed Helmet > Twilight Armor/Athena's Shield/Immortality/Blade Armor
Cursed Helmet helps you to clear lanes and jungle faster, meaning increasing your last hit efficiency and thus, more gold. Which is the main reason I decided to go for Cursed Helmet; to compensate my lacking in damage and speed to farm in the whole game.

Emblem Analysis.png
Tenacity: When health is below 40%, gains an increase in 35 physical and magical defence.
Brave Smite: Crowd controlling an enemy grants 5% of max HP. This effect has a 10-second cooldown.
Attack and Defense: Converts 0.40% of max HP to physical attack and magic attack.

All Talents are usable
Yeap, there's nothing wrong in using any one of them. It will still benefit the game, but the risk here will depend on how you will use it.
Tenacity helps you last longer in battle once you're on the verge of death, which means you can still contribute at least a bit of damage absorbing.
Note: With the help of Brute Force Breastplate, you can further increase your defence.
Brave Smite heals 5% of your max HP, meaning you will benefit when using S2 and S3.
Note: Only S2's knock up will trigger the heals, charging will not trigger.
Attack and Defense benefit all your skills as well as attack. Meaning you can put good use of dealing more.
Note: Having high health does not mean you're tanky. So be sure to use this under a suitable build.

Thoughts On Tigreal
The recommended learning basics of being a tank
This hero is probably the best choice for new players to play the Tank role as they may not have enough resources to buy new ones. The amount of matches needed to learn and master him is pretty short; meaning you will understand how to use him. However, in higher ranking matches players who play him will have a much different playstyle comparing to the newbies. And he should not be underestimated.

Tigreal is a team player, not a lone warrior
I'll be straight to this fact. It's would be called ignorant if people assume that no mobility/no sustainability/no damage/fragile = Useless piece of sheep. Heroes were created to have weaknesses and strong point of their own, and I will say players should understand that a hero with a weakness requires another who can cover up that weakness. Not just plain putting up roles and lose the game completely.

Of course, proper communication is needed. Most of the time you will have to inform your allies that "Ultimate is ready" or "Skills in cooldown" to let them know you're ready to initiate a fight. If they don't bother reading, nothing wrong in spamming. If they change their mind seconds after you initiate, it's okay, die and get blamed. But in another perspective, you can just run away or create as much space as you can.

Current meta requires more skill than before
I consider Tigreal a high difficulty hero since he's an old hero that needs to adapt to the current meta. Which means you will be considering the following traits of the enemy when playing Tigreal:
1. Positioning - It's obvious, almost all hero has mobility skills that give them the advantage in keeping distance. So try to expect their movements and from there you can get better performance.
2. Mechanics -  Now this is a big hurdle, all hero will have different mechanics. Learn how to counteract the opponent's hero in a way that benefits allies or yourself.
3. CC or No CC? - The hardest part when playing Tigreal, getting CC-ed so bad you can't do anything. But you can still do well if you timed the CC part right.

Change logs:
[22/12/2018 2:26AM]
- Added Skill Descriptions
- Added Skill Build
- Added 'parts' of the skill build and precautions

[23/12/2018 1:18AM]
- Buiild Added
- Added elaboration on "Flexibility"
- Updated on [Precaution] section: "3. Reflex, predictions and position"

[24/12/2018 1:17PM]
- Added information regarding the emblem
- Added personal thoughts on Tigreal

[22/01/2019 10:31PM]
- Minor linguistic changes in sentence.
- Added Tigreal's Introduction
- Added Tigreal's synopsis of his story
- Removed 'Thoughts on Tigreal: He's Useless' to prevent any negative reviews from players regarding this hero.
- Added a new 'Thoughts on Tigreal: The recommended basics...' for new players who want to learn Tigreal.

Author's Note: This guide is considered complete, but additional information can be added under requests or under Author's decision to do so. Don't forget to leave a like to support me in creating guides!

 Author| Post time 2018-12-22 10:10 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2018-12-22 09:26 AM
So far best guide on tigreal on this forum.
But you covered everything including strategy, which and ...

Oh sure! I will update on Tigreal's build and emblem once I've done a quick research.
Post time 2018-12-22 05:17 AM | Show all posts
I'll try Tigreal next season :)
Post time 2018-12-22 09:26 AM | Show all posts
So far best guide on tigreal on this forum.
But you covered everything including strategy, which and why and also secret techniques. But you didn't discuss about build.
I think its a slight misunderstanding and we will be waiting for you to finishing up the guide.
Post time 2018-12-22 11:21 AM | Show all posts
Yunozaki replied at 2018-12-22 10:10 AM
Oh sure! I will update on Tigreal's build and emblem once I've done a quick research.

Thanks and waiting dor full guide.
Post time 2018-12-22 06:33 PM | Show all posts
I've used Tigreal several times, and there's one combo I really like when using him; hides in the bush, waits for enemy that trying to clear lane, flicker to enemy's back, cast skill 2 towards my turret, ulti + knocks enemy up + skill 1 + turret's attack = one kill for Tigreal


"A brave hero would never hide in a brush", ahh the irony xD  Post time 2018-12-23 12:13 PM
Ahhh, good times XD. Yeah that sudden ambush is just so satisfying to watch  Post time 2018-12-23 01:23 AM
 Author| Post time 2018-12-23 01:25 AM | Show all posts
Updated! Enjoy reading O uo)/
Post time 2019-1-4 09:52 PM | Show all posts
Mmmm for me, Tigreal is like Akai, just push to towers and try to get kills by using the skills.
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