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Author: irezer
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[Other Official News] Censored words in game

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Post time 2019-1-13 02:41 PM | Show all posts
Can we please just have an option to turn ON/OFF censored words (using the updated list)?
Because i would rather be able to see important information such as AFK rather than A** lol...
It doesn't capture enough words right now, and to be totally honest, it's a waste of time to try capture all the words EVERYONE agrees to censor.

So just an option in system preferences somewhere to toggle CENSORSHIP words ON/OFF(default).
If people want it on, they can opt IN to turn it on. It's too confusing and we lose seconds typing / retyping when we should be focussed on moving/attacking, etc.

I honestly think this would be a massive improvement to the game.


lol agreed.  Post time 2019-1-26 10:59 PM
Post time 2019-1-18 08:25 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Joshua_#04B at 2019-1-18 08:31 AM

you should make a proper directory of foul words and slang word that has foul meaning not the current one which I think is quite sloppy as it only needs to detect 2-4 letters to ban a word even though you don't mean any harm at it at all .

if you don't want to cause its too tiresome then just make a on/off filter for it cause it really hard to communicate when you don't know when will word will get ban, you already didn't pass out your thoughts but they will also suspect that you said something foul to them which is really inconvenient in crucial time in the game.
Post time 2019-1-27 07:07 AM | Show all posts
Joshua_#04B replied at 2019-1-18 10:25 AM
you should make a proper directory of foul words and slang word that has foul meaning not the curren ...

i think this list will take Moonton a lot of time and resources to implement it.

I would rather an option to TURN ON censored words, or leave it off by default.
It's like muting players in-game, by default you can see everyone's chat, and if they annoy you, you can mute them (which doesn't stop them from harassing you AFTER the game though lol... funny implementation of Mute player).

Just have 1 radio button in Settings -> Basics
- Turn ON filter to censor list of words - won't see censored/profanity words
- Turn OFF filter allowing censored words - will see censored/profanity words

Post time 2019-1-30 06:09 PM | Show all posts
Just let the curse words be there...if someone want to curse someone in the game, no matter how much word you tried to censored, people still somehow manage to use other words that still awful.
Post time 2019-2-1 02:48 AM | Show all posts
I couldn’t write "best of luck". It came out as " best o* ****".
Post time 2019-2-1 03:52 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
TELL me why do i have to see filtered words? I want to take to time get any mods attention. I care less about ml's thinking what should be or what shouldn't cause that isn't my concern. I usually play in calls but sometimes when i don't i have no choice but to type. And my words get filtered when they are normal words like ' mage' being filtered. I have no problems seeing words * or other uncensored words. So why do i have to face this censors when  * is open! I want a system where i do get to choose whether i want to see words filtered or not! Lots of games have this sytem. Mods! suggestion given
Post time 2019-2-5 10:57 AM | Show all posts
@irezer I think we also need a poll to gauge how many members actually want to see censorship in game. Afterwards the data can be submitted to Moonton for further discussion.
 Author| Post time 2019-2-5 04:36 PM | Show all posts
RRQ_Jengkol replied at 2019-2-5 10:57 AM
@irezer I think we also need a poll to gauge how many members actually want to see censorship in gam ...

Thanks for your suggestion.
At this moment, devs want to know the list of censored words in the game only.
Later other mod will continue on collecting this as well.
I'm aware and know others opinion and also regarding no censorship as well. So, don't worry.

Post time 2019-2-10 02:47 PM | Show all posts
Exactly! Whenever I say "help me", it always censors it to "hel**e".
Post time 2019-2-16 06:00 AM | Show all posts
@irezer @bd007

Bumping this, i still feel that having an ON/OFF button/switch in settings to turn filtered words ON or OFF is a better idea.
- makes quick communication in game very confusing.
E.g. I want to tell my team mates: mana low = m*** *ow (because of the word.... the asterisks makes LOL).
then my team mates get distracted cuz they're trying to work out what i mean... and then they get killed or they miss an opportunity to kill a creep or miss a kill, etc.  

Maybe have different filtered word sets for each region/server? Because you're dealing with a cultural thing.

Us aussies, well... in GENERAL.... we're pretty loose tongued, so we're pretty low maintenance from that.

Why spend so much time and resources (money) on maintaining filtered words when you can do a simple fix like this?
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