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TIPS 101: How to be GOOD at Mobile Legends

from a player stuck in Epic for 700 matches

Tip 1 (for players in Warrior to Grandmaster V):
- Buy a hero that can carry specifically assassins or mages, maybe even OP marksman. -

- Nojoke, buy a hero that can carry a team. From my personal experience, I've used Lesley from Warrior to GM that can potentially perform a comeback when my team is feeding. I've reached 90% win rate of about 50 matches only. Karina is used also by most players but I don't specifically like assassin role.

Tip 2
- Increase map awareness -

- Look at your map every 3 seconds or even 5 seconds maximum. It can give you knowledge where does the missing enemies go and you could predit where they will go next. Looking at the map as a ganker can give you knowledge where to attack or who to attack first. Obviously, the lowest health opponent that can carry the team (hero that give insane damage during team fights or even one-on-one). It can give you knowledge also who could be potentially hiding in the bush.

Tip 3 (for midlaner)
- Pressure the mid tower but never let the enemy destroy your tower. -

- I'm not saying to tower hug. Well it depends, if you're using Franco then you need to be near the tower. If you're an assassin or mage, you should gank WHEN the minion wave is clear.

Tip 4
- If you're using Mage or Assassin, farm after clearing minion wave -

- I'm serious. If you're using either of these roles, you got to farm after clearing minion waves. Just clear your jungle always because this will feed you gold faster and will make you stronger than the rest. Seriously, we're depending on your damage. But remember that, if you've seen for example a team fight in the bot lane and all of the enemies are there or no one is in your lane in short. Tower is still more important than farm. So use tower lock hit and farm later on.

Tip 5 (if you've reached Epic up to Mythic)
- Learn to adjust and counter-pick -

- These are the things I am looking for a team comp: Initiator (typically Tank and Fighter heroes), Damage (should always have both Physical and Magic) but sometimes you could do 2 mages team comp, CC (DEEPLY NEEDED, typically Tank and Mage heroes). With these three complete, your team comp is pretty good. So learn to adjust. For the counter pick part, there are no specific steps to follow but just counter potential Carry/ies in your enemy team and counter it. For example, Natalia and Helc can counter Fanny. Claude could be countered by any Assassin. Harith, well, he's OP so you can use Burst Heroes like Harley or Gusion.

Tip 6
- Increase in-game knowledge -

- Know when to engage and fight and when to retreat. I've listened to some tips that if all of your team have used their Ults and the enemy still has high health then you should retreat. Special mentions for team fight that can clear low health enemies are Karina, Roger and Alucard. Wait for all the CC's to be used by enemy then jump in to attack especially when they are in low health (same as Fanny).

Tip 7
- Use new-bought heroes in 10 Custom Classic Games against bots -

- To avoid being trashtalked in practicing in Classic, use your hero at least 10 times in Custom Mode. I've used Gusion 10 times in Custom before using in Classic and I've played still pretty badly. What I'm saying is, you'll improve after Custom 10 matches without putting your Credit Score in line and without being trashtalked by some players.

Tip 8 (not for Tank)
-  Learn basic positioning -

- If you are in team fight and seen one hero go off lane. For e.g., you are in bot fighting against 2 heroes and you saw Karina in the mid lane going towards your lane, then you should probably retreat. Learn to take advantage of map awareness and use the longest range of a marksman in a team fight just to stay safe. For assassins and mages, attack in back and always hero lock the damage dealer. This could be a mage or marksman.

Tip 8.1 (For Tank)
-  Learn basic positioning -

- Asa tank you should take damage and shield your carry ALWAYS.Help him/her in farm always and know when to initiate. When initiating, hide in bush or attack from behind and hero lock the damage dealer. But NEVER initiate if you see your teammates far from you. Always prioritize hitting marksman or those in backline heroes to irritate them and to remove the potential damage in the team fight. It will set them off position and trust me, it makes a huge difference if the enemy's carry is out of position while your team's is free hitting others.

So that's all for now. I'll add more tips when I have more time and my brain is not full of works to be done.


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Tip 2, 7 and 8 must..
Although all are important.
People buy hero and practice in ranke which is unacceptable.
Also map awareness and position is very important.
Thanks for writing such an informative guide.
Post time 2018-12-26 08:46 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Makhikoi at 2018-12-26 08:48 AM

Below Epic tier, just use op hero, but still maintained hero role balance. If you are in GM below, Lunox, Saber, Lancelot are most op. Fanny and Gusion if you can master them.

I surprised how poor map awareness for majority player. Even when I just learn the game, I always see the map. Even when I'm fighting, I guess I even walking using the map.

The hardest thing for beginner is  learning the correct items and counter items. For example, once can have very high magic damage, but if having no spell pen, it is not effective when the enemy's tank have at least three anti-magic items.

I suggest the forum post more about items. The minor skill as learning Fanny and Gusion can not be learn by reading, but the items knowledge is possible.

Btw, I have over 3000 match and stuck in Epic.... huhuhuhuhu

 Author| Post time 2018-12-28 08:43 PM | Show all posts
Makhikoi replied at 2018-12-26 08:46 AM
Below Epic tier, just use op hero, but still maintained hero role balance. If you are in GM below, L ...

YEP YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! I am searching for a post about in-depth items guide with their passive. I hope someone has the time to post about that.
Post time 2018-12-29 01:45 PM | Show all posts
lol these are all basic gaming knowledge. if you dont know these things, delete moba asap
Post time 2018-12-29 05:54 PM | Show all posts
another tip is do not keep taking buff if you don't need it especially for tanks or mm in early game. give it to mages or fanny etc.
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